This is what I want in Season Four, If nothing happends in season 4 about all of this, I suggest my sister more annoying to me... Please just help me! (Spoiler: I is my sister, not my sister want's in season 4. She'll kill me -.-)

Add more Ponies!

I want my ponysona and any other character (Every OC Character) as background ponies so meaning more fan art for My little pony characters, if not well I will add all of the OC characters some love by adding them to my new show History of friendship and if you do I will be so happy and keep on sketching the ponies.

Give the OC's some love, show there love by adding them to the show as background ponies pretty please? DeviantART has so much OC's waiting to be ACCEPTED Lauren!

Needs more... Locations!

I made a fan location, can you add moore locations for every pony to explore to? So it doesn't have to be Ponyville or Canterlot all the time. If not that will be annoying, my brother is getting confused where will they go next in other any places then the Crystal Empire, Cloudsdale, Canterlot and other locations.

If yes ofc more locations, better exploring and Friendship. De lawl I just want more.

Less Twilight, More Luna!

Luna and Celestia are princesses like Twilight, I think Twilight has ENOUGH main character stuff. Time to give Luna a shot as a main character like the main 6 because I'm tired of every one making so much Twilight and Twilight Shipping, and twilight x OC!

Please more Luna, she is my sister's fave pony you know.

Less Shipping

I'm not an anti-shipper but it's for you're own good, I don't sireously like Twilight x OC/BG/Main 6 shippings because she's already taken by Flash Sentry, AJ shippings are okay like RD and Rarity shippings. Fluttershy shippings are a little okay because I think other male ship there OC's with Flutters, saying THAT there the real Coltfriens of her, according to SexyLuna825 she hates SHIPPING more than ever

Pinkie Pie shippings are the greatest ones of all! Pokey Pie is one of my faves! Plz more Pokey Pie shipping!

(Important) Crossovers!

Crossovers are my faves, how about Rainbow Dash playing some kind of game, or Fluttershy caring for any baby/little character or whatever. That will be great because according to SexyLuna825 she loves Crossovers. (Yah yah yah, stop saying stupid dumb words on the comments because it's for my annoying sister -.-)

Now hasbro please make this happened! Oh and one more thing.

(Most Important) A new Mane 6!

How about my main 6? Music Note, Chocolate Cream, Rainbow Splash, Apple Cider, Butter May and Ruby Emerald with there sidekicks (Twilit (Music), Purple Cupcake (Chocolate), Color Rush (Rainbow), Lunarity (Ruby), Flowershy (Butter), Pink Lady (Apple) ) So make it happened!

The other OC's will be showing as the next next main 6 so yeah. (If not I'll never accept anything! I just want to have a happier life without my sister becoming annoying!! IT'S FOR HER OWN GOOD.... And Pinkie now knows what I mean :D)

WARNING: Comments that hate or anything will be ignored, this is all for my stupid annoying sister -.- so no hate or preasure please. Nothing to see here hehe... No sireously this is for Lauren not you guys -.-"

                                                                                  - SunshineFanfictions