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    Summer Camp

    July 14, 2012 by Super Kami Iddy

    I loved most of it and the staff there. It was a very great week and I remember most of it. So I'll just start from day 1.

    It's Saterday morning as I leave home toward Lowe's (Because that's usaully where the troop meets at) and once everypony got together we made some memorible pics before heading out. Once we left, I stayed with my bronies as we traveled off. Sometime after lunch, we make it to Camp and go to our campsite at set it up. Soon, it's time for dinner and the camp takes down the flag before we eat. To be honest, I didn't expect to see my good friend Madison there at all. We're pretty good friends. Anyway, after dinner we went to the campfire for the staff to introduce themselves to us. It was pretty funny what they did for skit…

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  • Super Kami Iddy

    What did I do?

    April 29, 2012 by Super Kami Iddy

    I mean really did I say something mean or self-centered on the chat that made you all ignore me entirly. As if I'm not there. Personaly I didn't want to put this up becuz you all might think that I'm just trying to grab attention, but I had to put this up cuz I gotta know so I can apoligize for whatever it was. Sorry if I was mean, self-centered, or worse. Plz forgive me. I can't stand being enemies with friends. Heck! I can't stand having enemies at all. Forgive and forget right?

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  • Super Kami Iddy

    Camping Report

    March 11, 2012 by Super Kami Iddy

    It wasn't at all what I was expected. Just saying the names I type here are only Trail names not real names such as Tyler and Drake (just examples not real scouts). I'll just start from Day 1.

    We were in a hurry my father and I, but we got there in time. The troop wasn't all there, but they were on their way. The SPL or Senior Patrol Leader and a few new scouts including my friend Buddy were behing the building we were meeting at playing in the playground. Well when I got there one of the newbies hit his head under the play equipment pretty hard. We got him back to the leaders, and from then on he was named Knothead. XD. Well later we had to clean waterbottles for the hike once we were finished the Troop Leader asked for us to take out what…

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  • Super Kami Iddy


    Once apon a time before Equestria and before Princess Celestia or Princess Luna were around there were three tribes of the land: The Earth Ponies, The Unicorns, And the Pegasi. They lived in peace together under the rule of the first king: King Raziel. King Raziel and his queen had two sons. The oldest was named Merciful for his strong mercy and love for all. The younger was named Joyful for his childish games and glorious smile that makes others happy as well. One day Royal Wizerd Magi (pronounced Mah--guy) made a prophecy that said that since there are two heirs to the throne a sign will appear. It would tell which would be destened to take the throne. One thousand years passed and the princes were still young. The sign came. It …

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