10 Mile hike

It wasn't at all what I was expected. Just saying the names I type here are only Trail names not real names such as Tyler and Drake (just examples not real scouts). I'll just start from Day 1.

Friday afternoon

We were in a hurry my father and I, but we got there in time. The troop wasn't all there, but they were on their way. The SPL or Senior Patrol Leader and a few new scouts including my friend Buddy were behing the building we were meeting at playing in the playground. Well when I got there one of the newbies hit his head under the play equipment pretty hard. We got him back to the leaders, and from then on he was named Knothead. XD. Well later we had to clean waterbottles for the hike once we were finished the Troop Leader asked for us to take out what was in our packs so they can see what we got with us. It's only common backpacking procedure so nothing critical of coarse. Well once they were done they told us to do a few laps on the top floor to see if we have nothing falling out of our packs cause it would stink if something did. Well I put 4 bottles in my pack and the next thing I know while I'm up there the Trail Guide promoted me from Pack Mule to Camel because I held so much water. HA! It was great being called that throughout the hike. So later it was getting 11:00 so we had to go to bed then. Well me and Buddy tried to sleep without our sleeping bags, but it was so cold I had to get mine to sleep.


Well most of us got up on our own, but there was one boy who made us all look silly. Woodnapper slept without a jacket nor sleeping bag made me think of him pretty high even though he's only the shortest in the Troop. XD. Well we left the place toward Bear Country. Buddy and I listened to Evanessence on my music player. Once we got there we put on our packs and went down the trail. Flat, flat, FLAT my foot! The leaders said that the trail was easy, well easier than the 30 miler we had last year, but it wasn't flat; at least it was forgiving. We had to walk beside the road to get to the next trail head. On the way some of us including me did some pushups with our packs on just for the fun of it. Heh. We also saw some deer on the way. When we got to the trail we stopped to rest then kept going. Unfortunately for me I left my boots at home so I could slip in the mud anytime. The leaders also said that it might rain, but it was perfectly blue. No clouds at all, but a lot of mud. On the way we saw a dam and we had no problem saying the word without end as we kept going, but it started to get old too fast. After hours of backpacking and newbies complaining (What!? Did you expect them to not to?) we made it to the camping area. After setting up camp, made dinner and ate the Leaders told us to get ponchos ready for tomarrow. It was gonna rain they said. (Why am I not surprised?) The younger scouts went to bed, but I had to get he bear bag up with some older scouts. We threw the rope for the bear bag over the branch, but the rope wouldn't get down all the way, but fortunatly I hauled the SPL up on my sholders and he pulled it down and we tied it to a tree. Then we went to bed.

Sunday morning

Well the Leaders were right for once it did rain, but that's what makes it more memorable. Heh. WE pulled down camp and got our packs on and left in the rain. Soon we got to the road for pisk up so we could get out of there. We had to wait for we left pretty early for our pick up. The Leaders said wqe hiked 1 mile in 30 minutes. I wasn't really esstatic as I usually am for I was so tired like the rest of them. After some time our pick up came and we left.


Well we went to the Troop leader's house and hung out for a little bit then left for home. I took a shower when I got back and typed this blog.

Some conversations

[Me]: Everybody now!

[My friends and Me]: Old Mcdonold had a farm! EIEIO! And on his farm he had a cat! EIEIO! With a quack, quack here and a quack, quack there! Here a quack, there a quack! Everywhere a quack, quack! Old Mcdonald had a farm! EIEIO!

[Me]: Really man?

[Buddy]: Oh absolutly. (Laughs)

[Me]: (Rolls eyes)

'[Me]: 'All hail the great and powerful hamster lord!

[Buddy]: Oh absolutly.

[Both]: (Laughs)

[Me]: What did you do!?

[Buddy]: I swear I didn't do it Mommy!!

[Me]: (facehoof)

[Woodnapper]: Yay! I get to kill Camel!

[Me]: NO!!!!

[SPL]: Just leave it to the Camel.

[Me]: Eeeyup.

[Troop guide]: It's not how much your carrying that makes me worry' Camel. It's just how you put it on so it won't fall off.

[Me]: Okay dokey wokey.

[Orange Cake]: Here Camel take this. (gives me left over Poptarts)

[Me]: (Takes the Poptarts) Okay dokey wokey.


That is the end of my report I hoped you enjoyed this.