Summer Camp at Camp Rockefeller!!!

I loved most of it and the staff there. It was a very great week and I remember most of it. So I'll just start from day 1.

Day 1

It's Saterday morning as I leave home toward Lowe's (Because that's usaully where the troop meets at) and once everypony got together we made some memorible pics before heading out. Once we left, I stayed with my bronies as we traveled off. Sometime after lunch, we make it to Camp and go to our campsite at set it up. Soon, it's time for dinner and the camp takes down the flag before we eat. To be honest, I didn't expect to see my good friend Madison there at all. We're pretty good friends. Anyway, after dinner we went to the campfire for the staff to introduce themselves to us. It was pretty funny what they did for skits (Small plays). Then we went to bed soon.

Day 2

Monday. I wake up early for the mile swim I planned on going on with some scouts from the troop. We had to pass our swim test in order to swim the mile swim. (Swim Test: Jump in just above head deep water and swim 75 yards followed with a quick turn and swim 25 yard backwards, and then float for however long) It turns out that the pool is 50 yards vertically across and a lap in that pool (swim to the other end and back) would be 100 yards. So, Monday we swim 200 yards (2 laps), Tuesday we swim 400 yards (4 laps), Wedsday we swim 800 yards (8 laps), Thursday we swim 1,200 yards (12 laps), and Friday we swim 1,600 yards (16 laps). After that, I went for morning flag ceremony and ate breakfast. Soon, I left to the waterfront for lifeguarding class. We only had 4 students there so it was a breeze. We had to finish the four repromats before we could keep going through the week on lifeguarding first. (1: Over the age of 14. 2: Swim 550 yards with each stroke: Forward crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke [Nothing inappropriate about the name], and Side stroke. 3: Dive in the water feet first. Swim 50 feet and surface dive to retreive a weight, submerge, and then swim back to starting point and GET OUT. THe 3rd we had to do under 1 minute 40 seconds) I almost slipped pass the 3rd one by 1:39.8. So I was VERY lucky. The rest of the day we just chilled.

Day 3

Tuesday. There wasn't much excitment on this day. Just Mile Swim, Breakfest, Lifegaurding class, and you get the idea.

Day 4 (Now this one had excitement)

Wedesday. After the morning thing, I was having a good time at lunch when they put on Party Rock Anthem (My jam, bro) and I danced to it, and then they all started tell me to jump on stage and dance there. At first I was like no, but then I just did it anyway. Everpony was even cheering me on as I danced epically. XD They even video taped me and told me they were gonna put it on youtube. I was like: "YES!!!" Since then, I'm called the Famous Guy, or Crazy Dancer.

Day 5

Thursday. The end's getting closer as the week goes by, but I still had the strenth to keep my enthusiuasm. After lunch some I was told some kid wanted to face me in dance off. I faced him and I won by default because the kid called me gay. So he was kicked from the pool.

Day 6

Friday. Afternoon, some kids had to leave early. My family was there and I was glad to see them and what's more at dinner they played Party Rock Anthem again and my Pinkie Pie side wpuldn't allow me to just sit and eat. I danced again on the stage and grabbed more fame and video recordings. Then we had the night campfire, and then we went to bed.

Day 7

Saterday. Morning Party Rock Anthem again, but I needed to leave. So we left back home for the week to rest.

Other conversations and jokes

[Me]: Dolton, don't get ideas with the manican. This is CPR class know what.

[Dolton] (Laughs)

[Eon]: So we kill other robots with our robots.

[Buddy]: That sounds painful.

[Buddy]: My naughty clone came through here. I'll have to kill him like the rest before him.

[Me]: Can I watch?

[Buddy]: No. You wouldn't like it.

[Me]: I can handle gore.

[Buddy]: It's....nothing close to...gore.]