Once apon a time before Equestria and before Princess Celestia or Princess Luna were around there were three tribes of the land: The Earth Ponies, The Unicorns, And the Pegasi. They lived in peace together under the rule of the first king: King Raziel. King Raziel and his queen had two sons. The oldest was named Merciful for his strong mercy and love for all. The younger was named Joyful for his childish games and glorious smile that makes others happy as well. One day Royal Wizerd Magi (pronounced Mah--guy) made a prophecy that said that since there are two heirs to the throne a sign will appear. It would tell which would be destened to take the throne. One thousand years passed and the princes were still young. The sign came. It meant that Joyful was to rule the land and Merciful was to serve under him. But Merciful was not pleased. He turned into an entity of darkness. Fueled by jealousy and greed. He was named Envious. On the night of Joyful's crowning Joyful disappeared and Envious tried to take the crown himself. But Magi and five other ponies came against Envious using Magi's greatest creation in magic: The Elements of Harmony. Together they sealed Envious inside a Water Sapphire and hid it far away. Afterward Magi made a prophecy that Envious would return but with more hate and violence than before and he will have the Elements of Chaos. He'll cover the world in destruction and darkness forever. But Joyful will also return and will fight his brother. They will be evenly matched. But the light will defeat the darkness. Six brave ponies will help double Joyful's power by using the Elements of Harmony. Envious will be defeated and Joyful will rule the land in peace as it was intended to be.

Three thousand years has passed...

At the Forevergreen mountain. A large fire ruby sits inbetween two rocks at the top. A thunderstorm is brewing. It hasen't started to rain yet. Lightning hits the Fire Ruby. It begins to shine and crackle with energy. It lifts off the ground and it's light focuses on the ground.The light forms a sleeeping young pegases stallion. He has spiked blond hair with a black thunderbolt in it. He has no cutie mark. He also has a tan coat. A loud sound of thunder starles him. Awake he looks around tired and confused."What happened?"The stallion groans. He gasps and begins to panic. "Oh no! Where am I? And," The stallion stares at his hooves as he gets up. "who am I?" End of Chapter 1. Ididntdoityet2x 17:15, February 9, 2012 (UTC)

Chapter two.

Inside the woods the stallion runs in panic. "There's got to be a nearby town somewhere." The stallion says to himself. "But what if I don't find one? What if I keep runnig through here," The stallion trips over a rock. "Fore--aaa--aaaaaah!" He falls down a cliff and exclaims in pain on every rock he bounces off of. At the bottom of a road the stallion rolls down it and slowly stops in the middle of it. "At least it can't get worse." It rains. "So it," Lightning hits him. "Ca-- ahhhhhhhh!" Once it stopped, the stallion passes out in the mud. Soon a gold carrige stops in front of the KO'd stallion. Two of Princess Celestia's gaurds pick up the stallion and throw him in the carrige.

Later the stallion wakes up in a bedroom of Canterlot Castle. He tries to get out of bed ,but a nurse stops him. "Stop!" The nurse pushed the stallion down slowly on the bed. "Don't get up you fell pretty hard. You should rest."

The stallion looks puzzled. "Where am I?"

The nurse smiles. "You are in Canterlot Castle. You pretty lucky that the princess found you."

"Princess? What princess?"

The nurse gasps. "You don't know the princess?"

The stallion shacks his head.

"Princess Celestia? Bringer of the Sun? Ruler of Equestria?" The nurse asked.

The stallion shrugs.

"Don't you know anything?"

"Well," The stallion thinks. "all I can remember is waking up on the ground. The rest is blurry. I think tripped over a rock or something like that. I just can't remember."

The nurse picks up a clipboard. "It sound like you have Amneisia."

The stallion stares at the nurse puzzled. "Am--what?"

"Amneisia." The nurse explains. "A sickness that mkes you for get who you are, your past, everything."

The stallion closes his eyes and yawns. "At least my cutie mark can help me remember."

The nurse's face turns uncomtrable. "Um-- you don't have one."

The stallion stares at the nurse wide eyed. "Beg pardon."

"You don't have a Cutie mark." The nurse said uncomtrably. Silence sets in the room as the stallion and nurse stare at each other. Then the stallion laughs uncomtrably.

"No cutie mark' huh." Immediatly the stallion dashes out of the bed. Scaring the nurse. He stops in front of a mirrior turning side to side searching for his Cutie mark. "How can it not be here? Everypony has a Cutie mark. Now how am I gonna know who I am!"

The nurse pulls the stallion by the tail and throws him on the bed. She looks stern. "Sir you need your rest."

"But I got to know what happened to my Cutie mark."

The nurse pulls the blankets over the stallion. Her sten look left to a reasuring one. " I know you want to know what has happened, but you need a night's rest. The reason why your cutie mark's gone might be the side effect of the Amneisia you are suffering."

"I guess that makes sense." The stallion said thinking.

"Good night sir." The nurse walks toward the door.

"Good night."

The nurse turns out the lights and closes the door. The stallion falls asleep. The next morning the sunlight awakes the stallion. He yawns and gets out of bed. "That nurse was right." The stallion chuckled. "All I needd was a good rest." He enters the hallway and stares amazed by the design. "Wow! I've never seen such beauty. Then again maybe I have." He spots a servent trying to balence a tall tower of towels on her back. He also spots a cart beside him. Thinking. He pushes the cart toward the streesed servent. "Need help?" The servent looks releived.

Soon the stallion enters a kithen. His stomach growls. "Guess I'll find a snack." He spots another servent in front of sink filled with dishes piled high. She looks sad. The stallion waiks up to her. "What's wrong miss?"

The servent turns to face him. "I forgot to clean the dishes yesterday." The servent points out.

"Oh' I see." Said the stallion.

The servent sniffs. "Now' I'll never get them done before breakfest. Who knows what princess will do to me."

"Let me help."

Later that day the stallion walks through a larger hallway. "What a place! I never thought that the castle would be so huge." The stallion walks into something white. He falls on his back. Once down he looks up to see Princess Celestia but dosen't know her. He gets up. "I'm so sorry miss. I wasn't watching where I was going."

Celestia smiles. "That's quite allright 'sir. I've noticed that you've helped some of my servents with their duties."

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"I've been watching you." Celestia explains. "Such selflessness rarely seen in many a pony and because of that your name shall be Helpful the Selfless."

Helpful (still the same stallion) stares at the princess oddly. "Okay. What are you talking about because it's just creeping me out and who are you?"

Celetia giggles. "I'm sorry. I seem to have forgot my manners. My name is Princess Celestia."

Silence sets in the hallway then Helpful busts on the floor laughing. Celestia looks at him puzzled.

"What's so funny?" Celestia asked.

Helpful calms down and stands up. "It's the fact that I didn't know you were the princess. If I knew you were the princess I would have a reason to be scared."

Celestia smiles then she reliezed something. "Oh. I almost forgot." Celestia gives Helpful a scroll using her magic. Helpful stares at it curious.

"What is it?" Helpful asks.

"It's a list of things I want you to do at Ponyville." Celestia explained.

"Where's Ponyville?"

"Follow me. I'll show you."

Helpful followed Celestia to a balcony. There he saw a small village filled with lively little ponies at the bottom of a valley.

"This is Ponyville." Celestia pointed out.

"Amazing." Helpful commented.

Soon Helpful is walking through Ponyville. Staring at the houses and little shops around him. He soon stops to take out his list.

"One go to Sweet Apple Acres to help pick apples." Helpful reads aloud then puts the list under his wing. "Sounds easy enough. But where is Sweet Apple Acres?" Helpful looks around confused. "I'm lost."

A vioce behind Helpful makes him jump. "Excuse me."

"Ack!" Helpful turns around to see a mare.

"Opps. Sorry to scare you."

Helpful sighs of relief. "That's okay."

"I heard your looking for Sweet apple acres is that true?" The mare asked.


"It's just around the corner." The mare points out. "Trust me. You can't miss it."

"Great! Thanks." Helpful walks off. End of Chapter two.Ididntdoityet2x 22:13, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

Chapter 3

At Sweet Apple Acres. Helpful approches the front gate and spots big Macintosh approching pulling a large wagon filled with apples. Helpful stops to greet him. "Hello sir."

"Eeyep." Big Macintosh continues to pass Helpful leaving him confused.

"Hmm. Must be some greeting the townsfolk say. Weird."

A voice behind Helpful spooks him badly.

"Heheh. That's just Big Macintosh for ya." The voice said. "No formal greetin'."

"Ack!" Helpful spins around finds another pony behind him. He sighs of releif. "Oh. It's just you miss--uh."

"The name's Applejack." Applejack replied. "And you are?"

"Helpful 'Ms. Applejack." Helpful answered.

"Just call me Applejack."


"So tell me Helpful." Applejack walks through the front gate. "What brings you to Sweet Apple Acres?"

Helpful follows. "The princess sent me here with this list of things to do in Ponyville."

"You don't say. And Sweet Apple Acres is you first stop 'huh?"

"Yes 'mam."

"Yeehaw! that's just terrific Helpful. We gonna need all the help we can get to harvest all these apples."

They stop near the barn and Granny Smith approches.

"What's all the comotion over here?" Granny Smith stops in front of Helpful. "And whose this handsom hunk of muscle? Where'd you find such a beast Applejack?"

Applejack explains to Granny Smith about why Helpfuls here. But Granny Smith was busy examining Helpful by opening his mouth wide and sticking her head in it. Muttering gibberish as she continues the exaimination. After that she pulls on his cheek.

"Uh. Granny Smith?" Applejack tries to grab Granny Smith's attention.

Granny Smith lets go of Helpful's outstreched cheek. once it moves back into place it makes a snapping noise. "Is that so? Well mighty kind of ya to help around the farm." Granny Smith lifts one of Helpful's arms. "Including with such big arms." She puts the arm down. "I reckon you can pull eight wagons at a time."

"Now Granny Smith don't you think thats a little too much for him." Applejack protested.

Granny Smith walks away."Nonsense! I knows what I'm talkin about."Ididntdoityet2x 15:10, February 15, 2012 (UTC)