I have made a game called caption the pic! Its a game where you can make a funny caption to a MLP pic! You can only have one caption idea per pic, and the best one in my opinion will win. Please, however, pay attention to when a picture is already captioned, and try and not caption ones that I already chose a caption for. These pictures will go in rounds of 3.  Now, let's get on to the pics!

Round #1

Main 6 and Sunset watch crown vanish EG

Picture #1

Rainbow Dash stretching her face cropped S3E01

Picture #2

SpikeAboutToBelch S01E01

Picture #3


'EDIT~ Picture #3 now has a caption, which is "Twilight Sparkle: Keep working on your blowfish impression, Spike. It's getting better," made by Imperfect XIII.

EDIT~Picture #1 now has a caption, which is, "Applejack: ...Uh... Princess Luna? Ah think your sis outlawed that kind a' "habit" a few years ago...", which was thought up by Guildmaster Grovyle.

EDIT~ Picture #2 now has a caption, which is, "Twilight Sparkle: Oh, and another side-effect of that "Talent-Enhancer" potion is facial distortion. But it's not supposed to happen until... Never mind.", thought up by Portable Asian!

EDIT~ Round #1 is done! Now lets move on to round #2!

Round #2

Applejack stuffs an apple into Pinkie's mouth S1E01

Picture #4

CrushingTwilight S01E01

Picture #5

Twilight imagines Celestia attacked by parasprites S1E10

Picture #6

EDIT~Unicandy has won for #5 for this, "For picture five "I'm scared that I am a princess! Now the whole fandom won't like me. Ahhhh!"

EDIT~ Candlekeeper has won for #4 with, " "Hooves taste funny!"

EDIT~ The Bunker Guy has won for #6 with, "Luna! Did you switch the bug repellent with bug pheromones?"

Round #3-The Final Round

Yes, ladies and gentlecolts, this will be the final round of the caption game! Like many say, take the opprutunity and enjoy it as it still is here, and don't worry about the future until it happens!

Weird Smile S3E11

Picture #7

Princess Erroria with lazy eyes S02E05

Picture #8

Apple Bloom derp eyes S02E17

Picture #9

'EDIT~  'Unicandy has won for #8 with, " I whip my tail back and forth, I whip my tail back and forth..."

EDIT~Ms. Black Ops won for #9 with, "Oh, I'm not feeling to well *Falls on floor* You know, this floor... It's pretty nice... I think I might... is...good..."

EDIT~ ShadowPirateX won for #7 with, "Spike: 'Pinkie, the script clearly says it's MY line now!' "


Feel free to steal my idea, I honestly don't care.