The Chaosbringer Tonic was in chat one day. There were conversations and roleplayers. Tonic was chatting with Jorge , when loud banging was at the door. Tonic ignored in it until it got louder.

"What?"~yelled Tonic.  The door opened with magic. "Hello."~said lady rasberry Rarity. "OMG!!!! RARITY!!!!"~Tonic screamed. Rarity picked me up with magic,~"Now lets go!"

After 5 minutes an hour, Tonic asked where they where. "In Starbucks Cavern Cove"~Rarity said, "Now pick me up, i dont want to get my hooves dirty!"

Tonic as a weakling complained. Then they came to the old dingy loveshack cavern. "That old dingy..... thing is in there."~Rarity said.

"What does thou 3   2 musketeers speak of?"

We turned around

End Of Part 1