Heyoo guys! Its me Tonic, and I have come up with a game! Its game where you get to choose all kinds of possibilities when you play. It goes like this....

  • Person 1: It's cold and dark outside in an alleyway. Unexpectly, you see Trixie come out of the dark depths holding a violent looking dog on a leash. She wears a smirk on her face, and then says "Feast your eyes before its too late to do so." You can either run back into the street in terror in possibility of her following you or get out anything you have and fight her off.
  • Person 2: (in form of reply) I choose to fight her off. I take out my water bottle and hit her in the eye, and then get into the nearby ditch. She stares down at me with a glare. I can either go to the other side or stay down there.
  • Person 3: (in form of reply) I choose to go to the other side. "Not so fast," she says, picking me up with magic, "Your coming with me. You better give juicy info when we get to the hideout or else I'm gonna go all Queen of Hearts on your plot." You can either try to speak sense into her or just try to get out of her magic blob she put him in.

And on and on. You can start your own in a seperate comment. Now lets begin, shall we? :)