No spoliers here friend! K, lets get this over with!


Must See-An amazing episode

See It-A great/good episode episode

Fine-A decent episode.

Meh-A so-so episode

Piece of Flaming Crap-An episode I dislike

Kill It With Fire-An episode I hate.

Princess Twilight (Both Parts)

This episode is honestly my favorite 2-Parter. It has a tone we have never seen in the show before and is very serious for show standards. I give this episode a Must See.

Castle Mane-ia

This is a pretty good episode. You guys probably don't know this, but I used to love Scooby-Doo so much as a little kid (I still like it to this day), so its pretty awesome to have an episode that pokes at my (and many other people's) nostalgia. I give this episode a See It.

Daring Don't

This is a pretty good episode. It lets us see a side of RD we have never seen before, a fan-girly side. On a unrelated note, I thought Daring Do sounded like Celestia. However, I was kind of disapointed that this wasn't a slice of life with A.K not writing it more because of personal reasons, but that was just my expectations. I give this an episode a See It.


So far, this season is a See It one, so it means it is so far great. I hope this can be consistant!

Cheers, Supertonicmortals