Heyyo, i'm here to do a random blog post, to very jokingly put 3 possible explanations for animation errors. I hope you guys enjoy and put your own in the comments.

The Types of Explanations and What they mean

Logical~A very logical and show accurate explanation.

Random~A very strange and weird explanation.

Another User's Thoughts~ Another user's explanation of the error

The Errors and Explanations

Rarity's Disapearing Eyelashes

Rarity animation error S3E10


Ok, so this is a very strange error. Here are the 3 explanations
  • Logical~ Rarity forgot to put on her false eyelashes
  • Random~ Her eyelid ate them.
  • Another User's Thoughts~ "Um a ball hit her in the face and she got a bruised eye" ~ Ugly Turtle

Lightning's Missing Eyes and RD's No front hair

Animation error Rainbow Dash upper mane S3E07
  • Logical~ Lightning has her eyes closed and RD has the front of her hair kept in her training gear.
  • Random~ Lightning's eye popped out while flying and RD has started balding
  • Another User's Thoughts~ "RD has a wig" ~ EHAN

Element of Disapeering

FANMADE Pinkies disappearing necklace error S01E02

Logical~ The element flung away for a stray second when Pinkie jumped up.

  • Random~ Pinkie's Element dissapeered and got lost in the void of space and time. 
  • Another User's Thoughts~
    "All humans derp sometimes." ~ The Candlekeeper

Toung Biting News

  • Logical~ She bit her toung
  • Random~ Her toung fell off inside her mouth
  • Another User's Thoughts~ "She was snogging Rarity." ~ Guildmaster Grovyle

Apple Bloom mouth error S2E17

Giddy Up

Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Error S01E16
  • Logical~ Her fast movement is just showing an allusion of falling off.
  • Random~Her cutie mark is as intergetic as her.
  • Another User's Thoughts ~ "Pinkie Pie's cutie mark is actually a sticker" ~ UnknownProdigy

TwilightError S01E01

Apple of My Eye

  • Logical~ A touch of squash and strech.
  • Random~ Her eye is actually not an eye but a living organism living inside her eye socket.
  • Another Users Thoughts~IDK