Ok. There has been an awful war going on. And it seems the sides are divided. So we have decided to make a division to preserve an underrated gem, under the name of Rarity. So I decree that we start our own divison , in the name of the Diamond Dogs! Now let's show those unfashionable, rustic ponies who's the top dog!


  • Supertonicmortals~Leader
  • Poniesrule
  • Unicandy

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Just comment down bellow to join!


  • We are aiming to save Rarity.
  • People we are trying to hurt~

Rainbow Dash


  • If you DARE hurt Rarity when your in this group, you be crushed by Tom! (Jk,but seriously, you will be kicked out. Sorry.)
  • Poniesrule has joined this group! Hooray!
  • We have an peace treaty with The Changeling Swarm, so no hurting chyrasalis, so yeah.
  • We have peace with The Unknown Alliance
  • Unicandy is part of our cause


Let's help this underestimated diamond shine! Come and join us today! Bye!