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    WOO! I'm not a frequent visitor to the MLP wiki, so it might be a bit strange seeing somebody who goes onto chat infrequently do a top 10 list, but meh.

    Please be mature with your comments. No flaming or trolling.

    This list is my honest opinion. Don't complain if your favorite episode isn't on this list.

    Well, better get started!


    This was a great finale to the first season. When I first saw "The Ticket Master", I wanted to see what the actual gala looked like. And this was what I was expecting. I love the way how it they end the first season in such a bittersweet way, considering that the gala didn't live up to their expectations, but at least they got to spend time with eachother at the donut shop. The episode is also one of theā€¦

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  • SweetieBotXLS

    Trivia Section?

    July 1, 2012 by SweetieBotXLS

    I think that a trivia section should be added to pages. Lots of episodes have interesting trivia and we can't just leave those in the synopsis. Is anyone with me?

    ~The Night Owl

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