WOO! I'm not a frequent visitor to the MLP wiki, so it might be a bit strange seeing somebody who goes onto chat infrequently do a top 10 list, but meh.

Please be mature with your comments. No flaming or trolling.

This list is my honest opinion. Don't complain if your favorite episode isn't on this list.

Well, better get started!


10. The Best Night Ever

This was a great finale to the first season. When I first saw "The Ticket Master", I wanted to see what the actual gala looked like. And this was what I was expecting. I love the way how it they end the first season in such a bittersweet way, considering that the gala didn't live up to their expectations, but at least they got to spend time with eachother at the donut shop. The episode is also one of the funniest of Season One.

The reason why this is so low on the list might be because there are many good episodes, and some of them are better, but that just goes to show how much of a brilliant show it is.

9. Dragonshy

Alright, I know a lot of you might not like that this isn't higher, but don't worry. This episode was the first actual adventureous episode. While some might argue that Boast Busters and even the opening two parter had some adventure elements as well, I thought that there was as much slice of life as adventure. See, I think that this is an episode that even slice of life fans can enjoy. 

Now, the reason why this isn't higher is because there are some better episodes out there, a similar case to The Best Night Ever, but I still love this episode.

8. A Dog And Pony Show 

This was the first episode that REALLY made me earn my respect for Rarity. I already had in Suited For Success, but this took my respect for her to a whole new level. Also, the episode is super funny. I was probably laughing throughout, which made this the second episode that made me laugh.

I have nothing else to say, other than it was great.