Sweetie pie puppy paws

aka Skyler, Sweetie, or Paws

  • I live in in dark places where no one can find me
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is to run wild with the wolves
  • I am Female
  • Sweetie pie puppy paws

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  • Sweetie pie puppy paws

    Hey guys its me Skyler can you guess the charters I will give you some hits:

    1.she loves to fly.  She's a Pegasus. She's blue. She did the sonic rain boom.

    2.he's yellow.  Strangles his son by the neak. Likes eating donuts. Catchfraze is d'oh! 

    3.he's the leader of the peanuts. Never gets a chance to kick the foot ball. Has a crazy white dog.

    4.he's lazy. He's a cat. Orange. And hates Mondays. Loves his stuffed animal named pooky.

    5.a yellow pony. Loves animals. Has a jental voice. Fly's . and has pink hair 

    6.a large bunny. The color gray. Catchfraze is what's up doc. Walks around eating carets 

    Well did you guess the character's if so comment those bellow thanks for playing♥

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  • Sweetie pie puppy paws


    December 16, 2015 by Sweetie pie puppy paws

    Cutely is a small pony with out her cutey mark she has a crown and is pink her favoret color is purpple she weres it all the time and lives in pony vile with her sister fire ball a red and oroage pony that loves to play 

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