Hey guys its me Skyler so you may have played guess the charaters already but this is new and this time its gonna get even harder and the first 3 users to get them all right will get a special surprise on there message wall so tell me can you guess the characters!

1.she has yellow/blond hair.  She's five years old. She has special power abilities. She has 2 sisters 

2.he's a total complete idiot. Eyes are green as well as his hair. And always carry's a star with a stick in his hand.

3.he's a bear. He loves honey. Hes yellow. 

4.he's smart. He has his own lab. And has a dog he made himself. Has brown swerled hair 

5.her name is a delicious treat. We'res a big red hat with a type of fruit. Weres pink. Her hair is a dark red.

6.she's smarter then her brother. She's yellow. She plays the sax

Well did you guess the characters? Did you answer right comment bellow who they are thanks for playing