FANMADE Octavia checking her strings

Octavia Melody Playing the Double Bass Or playing the Cello incorrectly.

Octavia Melody ID S1E26

Octavia Melody next to her instrument.

Octavia's Instrument

Octavia Melody is a Backround pony who has appeared on the show a few times and was given her name from the toy's and card's sold of her, but she is not officially mentioned on the show. There is an argument in the community,(a small one at that, but it exist) between the fact of what instrument Octavia plays. I would like to state I believe she plays the Double Bass. I am going to defend why.

The Facts

Octavia is shown to play an instrument taller than herself (Average Pony is about 3 feet, and Cellos are smaller than that.) The only instrument that is even similarly close to Octavia's "Cello" is the Double Bass. I actually play the Double Bass myself, and know the mechanics behind both instruments. The Double Bass (Average 3/4 size) is about 6 ft. without the end pin. Now, this is a problem since Octavia should be about 3 feet tall, but the bass seems to be only 1 1/2 ft taller than her. This can be solved by assuming they are 3 feet taller when on all four's. 

Cello's are played (standing up at least) by crouching and putting the Cello between both legs. Then leaning foward. Basses on the other hand, are just standing up and meeting your first finger on the note F# (E string), B (A String), E (D String) or A (G String). On a Cello, you would be leaning over to play, even if you were a Pony, a Cello is no more than, let's say, 2 feet.

If you notice, her stance is played by standing a little to the right of the instrument and then looking up at her positioning. This is the correct way to play an Upright Bass. Cellos are played differantly, like I mentioned on my previous paragraph. 

Another Argument is that the strings are very thick, TO thick in fact, to be a Cello. They are of Bass origin. Now, to support it is a Cello, there is no Bass in the Music she plays in the episode The Grand Galloping Gala, but there is a Cello. Not to mention the trading cards say Cello, as well as the toys. I may be saying that she plays a Double Bass, but if I am wrong, then the animators of the show are wrong as well. 

Perhaps she does play a Cello, but if she is, then she is playing it incorectly, or the animation of her instrument is wrong. She plays it like a Double Bass and the design clearly shows it is a Double Bass. Now perhaps it should be a Cello. I don't think it HAS to be a Double Bass, in fact, Cellos are more popular anyways, like Princesses are more popular than Queens (Princess Celestia changed from Queen Celestia because Princess sounds better and is MORE POPULAR). Cellos are more popular by trait and by acknowledgement of the instrument. So, make it a Cello and fix the design of it, or make it a Bass and fix the cards. Either way, there is deffenitly a problem some where in here.

I may sound insane, but I play the Double Bass and have played a hint of Cello. I know what I am talking about and even though it is a pointless argument, I would like to set the record straight.