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    Hi everypony, today I will voice my opinions on some canon and fanon (mostly fanon) shippings. If I don't like a shipping you like or vice versa I'm completely fine with that and respect your opinions. :)

    Big Mac and Fluttershy: A lot of bronies and pegasisters seem to ship this, but I feel like they have too much in common. They're both shy, soft-spoken, and kind, which makes this shipping kind of boring to me, and their conversations would likely be nearly inexistent because they're both so quiet. -_-

    Carrot and Cup Cake: I like this ship. They make a cute family with Pumpkin and Pound, and it's one of the only canon pairings in the show.

    Shining Armor and Princess Cadance: Like the pairing above, it is canon, which is part of why I like it a…

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