Hi everypony, today I will voice my opinions on some canon and fanon (mostly fanon) shippings. If I don't like a shipping you like or vice versa I'm completely fine with that and respect your opinions. :)

Big Mac and Fluttershy: A lot of bronies and pegasisters seem to ship this, but I feel like they have too much in common. They're both shy, soft-spoken, and kind, which makes this shipping kind of boring to me, and their conversations would likely be nearly inexistent because they're both so quiet. -_-

Carrot and Cup Cake: I like this ship. They make a cute family with Pumpkin and Pound, and it's one of the only canon pairings in the show.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance: Like the pairing above, it is canon, which is part of why I like it a lot. They clearly love each other, and I'm excited to see them appear in Season 3.

Princess Celestia and Discord: I don't get this ship. If Celestia loved Discord I don't think she would've imprisoned him, and it just feels a bit strange.

Rarity and Spike: Spike seems to have the maturity of a 11-12 year old, and the mane six seem to be in their early twenties. But I still think this shipping is cute as the friendship/crush that it is right now, and I loved how Rarity was protective of him in Dragon Quest.

Rarity and Braeburn: Heh, my favourite mare and my favourite stallion! I like the idea of opposites attracting, and Rarity is generous enough to look past Braeburn being so different from her. Plus I've seen some really cute fanart of them, and they look adorable together in my opinion.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin: I'm starting to like this. They're both athletic pegasi, and Rainbow saved Soarin's life and his pie, and she did spend a day with him and the other Wonderbolts when she won the Best Young Flyer Competition.

Applejack and Caramel: Caramel already has a girlfriend. Do I need to say much more?

Fancypants and Fleur de Lis: It looks like they're married (they might not be, as it was never stated). The way Fleur was pretty much draped over him makes me laugh, though. So I'm neutral on this.

Cranky and Matilda: I like how Cranky searched all over Equestria for her, and that she's able to make him happy and kind (in contrast to how irritable he was when he wasn't with her).

Rarity and Blueblood: I don't like this at all. The two of them get along like oil and water, and Blueblood doesn't seem to have any positive traits.

EDIT: These pairings came to mind after browsing fanart.

Sweetie Belle and Spike: I honestly don't care for this pairing, mainly because the whole 'Can't date a girl? Date her sister!' thing is kind of silly to me, and it also seems insensitive. Spike really cares for Rarity, and I doubt that he'd just settle for her little sister once he can't date her.

Golden Harvest/Carrot Top and Braeburn: Aesthetically speaking, they match a bit too much for my taste. Also, it's kinda random. xD

So that's it for now! If you want me to add a shipping I will. Have fun discussing Shippings in the comments. :3