Through out the series of the Mlp franchise their has been speculation as to how many pony species they're are and weather or not they all have magical abilities. I aim to dispell any false thoughts about the basic species and any other I'll conceived notions using information that is sum what logic partly things I've heard from reliable sources but mostly fact and my own enterpitation of thinngs.

Earth ponies- are the strongest of the pony species, with strong back legs and a powerful kick they are built for hazordus plains. When faced with a Challenger they use they're front and back legs to defend and are sometimes know to bite. Diet- Carrots, Apples, Other vegitation and/or fruit, more than not baked goods. They are omnivores as eggs are required in some types of baking and eggs are classified as a type of meat. For the most part they're diet is herherbivorous. Courtship- From what I've observed in Mlp Fim the cortship seems strait forward a Stallion and a Mare date and then get married resulting in one or more fillies