What if we started doing wiki events... like competitions and games

This idea was sparked by a stray thought within the mind of a beautiful user... I'm talking about myself of course.

So, I was thinking. We're a group, some family to others, all of us here, both in chat and on the wiki, although we usually only interact through text most the time, but what if we went beyond just the chat room?

Competitions and Gaming Events. Dedicate time to spend time with each other as a larger group. Play games like Hearthstone and Team Fortress 2 together. Drawing and writing contests and things like that. Maybe even set up a small slideshow about the community here, made by the community.

So, I wanted to ask what you guys thought about all this, the potential to set up these events, and maybe a calendar to dedicate timeslots to events. Also, feel free to add in some of your own ideas, if this is a thing, we could do with plenty of ideas.