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    Synthesis Loves Vinyl

    March 15, 2014 by Synthases

    By Synthesis

    It was just an ordinary day when some pony walked up to Vinyl Scratch.

    -Vinyl:Its time for my date and...



    -Synthesis:Hey can we talk. a

    -Vinyl:Sorry I have a date to go to.

    -Synthesis:That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

    -Vinyl:Sorry I'm in love with Octavia.

    -Synthesis:but shes using you.

    -Vinyl:Sorry I got to go.

    -Synthesis:Just give me one speech about you.


    -Synthesis:Violet Lynn Scraton

    -Vinyl:How do you know my name?

    -Synthesis:I love you Violet the way your mane flows and electrifies my heart.

    -Vinyl:uh thanks?

    -Synthesis:The way your coat shines so pure and white like silk.

    -Vinyl:*begins to blush*

    -Synthesis:The way your eyes are like magic more beautiful then a thousand suns and past that b…

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