Okay so, as i have been seeing, in many blog posts you guys have been making 'wish lists' about what you want to happen in season 3, because the finale is nearing. One thing that i saw on the majority of the lists was 'The CMC get thier cutie marks'. I understand why you all want this to happen, as we hall have been anticipating this event. Thus, this blog post was born. :)

When they finally DO get thier cutie marks, what would they be? Think long and hard about it. Post suggestions in the comments. Here are mine:

Sweetie Belle= Microphone (because she sang in "Stare Master")

Apple Bloom= An apple blosson (It's in her name,duh)

Scootaloo= a Scooter (because she is always riding on it)

Those are my picks. Have any ideas? Post, post, post!!!

TSCovergirl3 20:59, March 22, 2012 (UTC) Eat pie like there is no tomorrow.