Everyone has to have a likable episode with an awful moral. If not then it really seems a little odd to me. I kind of depict a moral like it as "so bad it's good".

(My) Favorite Episode with a Poor Moral: What About Discord?

Discord as Bob Ross "just a happy accident" S5E22

I've already explained it several times before, and you'll likely be offended by it... but I'm sorry. This episode is just too good for me. The moral might be awful for the fact that I hate jealousy, but how it was delivered was pretty clever if even nonsensical to most. So I'm with (most of) everyone's opinion that say yes, What About Discord's moral is pretty bad, but at the same time as I said, I still love it. WAD also happens to be my most underrated. And besides the moral, I feel I should say that episode DOES have plenty of other flaws for me as I have with every other underrated episode in my "underrated episodes" category, however for the most part, I just don't. Which is why I defend it so much. So What About Discord's message might be pretty bad, but at times, it doesn't entirely matter to me if an episode's moral is awful while its plot (and everything else) was just fantastic.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Tell me in the comments about your favorite episode with a moral you thought was terrible.

(NOTE: This is not about underrated the episode is, it's about how much you like the episode despite that you just hate its friendship message.)