Equestria's Evil Eight (Idea)

Nightmare Moon glaring at Twilight S4E02
Queen of Changelings S2E26
King Sombra's eyes at the top of the shadow S3E1
Tirek rises up S4E26
Starlight charging her magic S5E2

I came up with this idea that they should use for probably the show's finale of either season 6 or 7. My inspiration for this idea happens to come from a couple event matches I've played, but one of which I haven't played yet, from the extremely popular Nintendo crossover franchise Super Smash Bros. On one co-op event before the final one in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (My favorite Video Game of All Time), you have to fight all (5) of the playable antagonist characters in the game, including Two Dopplegangers of Two Nintendo Protagonists. I'm personally thinking that this show should do, or at least try doing something very similar to that. We unite 5 previous villains from the show, and make 2 dopplegangers out of the show's two antagonists that have reformed, Luna (when she was Nightmare Moon) and Discord. The reason I've excluded Sunset Shimmer is because she was only a part of the Equestria Girls Movies. I've also excluded The Dazzlings for the smae reason as well, so they don't qualify for the team-up. So this team is only comprised of the series' main 2-part episode villains. This would also be a great episode for me just for how much I love the Super Smash Bros. Series. So I'm thinking Luna's doppleganger clone should be her old Nightmare Moon self, Discord's should be a dark version of himself, Dark Discord, and so far we have our 4 other antagonists: Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, and (of course our most recent one) Starlight Glimmer. Yeah, we all have yet to find out just who the next real 2-part episode antagonist truly is, but still that dosen't mean somebody like me will just scrap this idea, cause honestly, it would be a really good and interesting one if you ask me. Even though it's seen onscreen in The Crystal Empire that King Sombra was killed/destroyed, it's obvious that Hasbro even admitted that they would not kill a even a villain in a TV-Y rated program like this one. If that was the case in that episode, then they should resurrect him in some particullar way (And the same should be for Queen Chrysalis if the same thing was the case for her). So think of this team up like that one Super Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U) Event: Final Battle Team-Up. (Event Description: It's you against a veritable who's who of villainy! Give it all you've got, and win the final battle: As for the 8th villain, I'd consider him to be a false male alicorn who bears a resemblance to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's primary antagonist: Tabuu (, and Super Smash Bros. 4's true Final Boss: Master Core ( All 7 villains team up with the most powerful and deadly forced 8th villain to take over, or destroy and then take over all of Equestria. I think this would be an idea worth trying. And as I said earlier, two more villains (or one more before my idea of a referencing villain) have yet to appear later on in the show. So come up with the 7th one, Hasbro.

Do you agree with my idea(s)?

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