Hey all, this Tyler Smith the SM Brony, and have I got a good post for you guys; three categories of episodes I've chosen for you all to make a choice on:

  • Best Worst Episode
  • Least Favorite "Favorite" Episode
  • (and) Favorite "Non-Favorite" Episode

Just to be clear, the definitions of

  • Best Worst - So Bad It's Good. (Favorite Bad Episode/A bad episode you think is the least bad than any other.)
  • Least Favorite "Favorite" - Your lowest ranked episode in your favorites category like in my case, my favorites have a B- or higher.
  • Favorite Non-Favorite - Your highest ranked episode that just barely made your favorites category, like my case is any episode that has a C+ (both of these two of which are in terms of grading).

And I'm gonna make all of these quick so I just can't really explain it all here as you'll have to read about them in some of my blog posts on my own blog.

Let me hear about your choices in the comments...