Now for my last Season 6 post. This time, it's all about the characters. (I don't know about this season's songs, but maybe I will, maybe I won't change my mind but for now, here are my favorite and least favorite characters of MLP's 6th season)

Both Lists

Top Five Best

Mrs. Shy 'have lunch with your father and me' S6E11
For this Top Five, I've looked at my favorite characters from some of the most favorable episodes this 6th season of Friendship Is Magic unexpectedly constructed that for whatever reason just worthy of honor as some of the best MLP characters of all time. I've judged them based on their personalities, talents, and their development. Although I'm not choosing them based on which species they are if some of them aren't ponies... which (Spoiler Alert!) a couple of these entries won't be

Best Five Characters

#5: Gabby (The Fault in Our Cutie Marks)

Gabby excited "know who you are?" S6E19
Another lovable griffon after the reformed Gilda from Season 5's The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Gabby is the very definition of optimistic and determined whenever she's willing to earn something like the Crusaders. Even if you don't like her that much for her cheerful personality, you'd have to be determined like her if you wanted something desperately too. And what better way to show her determination on what she wants than with trying everything she can to get a new cutie mark. Look, a cutie mark for a griffon may be impossible unless we're proven wrong in a future episode in some other season, but doing something just to find a well deserved purpose in life is clearly something you need in your's... besides true friends. This is a wonderfully developed character that I wouldn't mind coming back for a sequel with the Crusaders. So I don't really think one episode is enough for her.

#4: Zephyr Breeze (Flutter Brutter)

Zephyr Breeze "come up with some excuse" S6E11
Love him or hate him, Fluttershy's lazy but hilarious brother is one of my favorites because he's a character I can relate to in many ways. I'm often lazy and jobless even if I tried, and that's literally what I meant when I said I can relate to him. I'm also high in height too so if my OC was in Equestria, then Game Player would be like Zephyr, or at least just Cheese Sandwich with a not so funny or weird mane. With Zephyr's character, he's pretty funny when it comes to his affectionate love and interest in Rainbow Dash. I don't ship Dashie with him as that honor still goes to Soarin, but with enough detail in characterization for him and being a personal character for me, I have to give him a better rep for showing me what I'm often like, and for starring in an episode that teaches me to still keep trying at something (or nearly everything necessary) even if I fail at it.

#3: Princess Ember (Gauntlet of Fire)

Ember "dragons don't do friends" S6E5
Just when we thought Spike would be the only dragon in Equestria with actual likability, along comes Gauntlet of Fire's Princess Ember. Not only was she a dragon whom I knew would eventually earn my level of likability, she's also strong-hearted, brave, and pretty much a more royal figure of Gabby who's got a lot more determination to earn something that rightfully belongs to one who's got a kind heart. She helps Spike during their team-up, allowing him to get that scepter to prevent any cold-hearted dragon from getting it as to terrorize anywhere in Equestria, she learns a valuable lesson from Spike about friendship, she understands the importance of friendship and how to be a true leader of the dragons, or dragon lady I should say (not lord), and she's just... well, the second dragon in Equestria would actually has some quality and lovability to herself. I just hope they don't redeem Garble and instead just turn him into some love-to-hate figure of a baddie and not just one I straight up hate.

#2: Sky Stinger & Vapor Trail (Top Bolt)

Sky Stinger "we'll keep working, and who knows?" S6E24
A dragon like Ember may be extremely cool since dragons of course are cooler than any particular pony, but since I have more sympathy for Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail via their backstories, I prefer them just slightly over a dragon princess. If I chose just one over the other, I'd say Vapor, but I'm giving them both an honor here since I love them both, especially Vapor since her looks just give it away while Sky admittedly looks handsome. Sky's and Vapor's voices were even lovely and their development as two best friends only makes them both more sympathetic. Seeing them go through training from Twilight and Rainbow Dash was entertaining and sometimes I can relate to Sky whenever he reminds of whenever I personally slacked off in class which also flashes back to Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 from just 2 seasons ago. Even still, they've developed greatly above other good characters from Cutie Map-themed episodes like Saffron Masala & Coriander Cumin (from Spice Up Your Life), that's for sure.

Before I get to my top pick, here are some

Honorable Mentions

#1: Quibble Pants (Stranger Than Fan Fiction)

Quibble shrugs and rolls his eyes S6E13
When it comes to guest stars, characters like Quibble Pants ultimately come out on top (albeit Coloratura beaten out just slightly by Moon Dancer in Season 5) as my personal favorite of the season. I think Quibble deserves to top this list for his voice actor Patton Oswalt alone. At times when people rant about him, I feel he's somewhat overrated. Other times I just don't see why others have to be too harsh on him when he basically represents any fans who instantly left the show after Magical Mystery Cure (when Twilight got new alicorn wings of course). This may have started with Oswalt explaining just how much his daughter loves MLP in one appearance on Conan, but even if that wasn't any case, it'd still be so cool just to see another voice actor like him make an appearance.

Whether or not he becomes a brony or just another fan in the fandom like his daughter, Oswalt's portrayal of the character makes for great writing and charm to an already incredible episode (that of which is arguably the best of the season). Now I'm wondering who will be the next celebrity guest star on MLP... What about another celebrity who mentioned My Little Pony on his talk show like- I don't know, Jimmy Fallon? (He did mentioned that his kid loves it as well after all, so that could be yet another build up to another great guest if you ask me). Even for those of you who love the sympathetically beautiful Vapor Trail more, Quibble is a close second above her for his voice actor as my personal favorite character who's newly introduced in Season 6.

Top Five Worst

Pouch Pony looking annoyed at Maud S6E3
For this Top Five though, I'm looking at characters of this new season who didn't do so with development throughout the season, and have ranked them based on both that and how much they really irritated me. I've excluded characters that served a purpose in the episodes plot, but were eventually nonsensical while I progressed on throughout the season. So Pouch Pony from The Gift of the Maud Pie (as much as I would put him on here) won't be included.

Worst Five Characters

#5: Flurry Heart

Flurry Heart flying blissfully S6E1
I know what you're thinking, but just let me speak. Flurry Heart is admittedly ardorable, but as with every other character you'll be seeing in this Top Five, she hasn't been given enough development since she was sadly overshadowed by Starlight in the premiere, and like both her and Sunburst, she served no purpose whatsoever in The Times They Are A Changeling. Another problem I have with this underdeveloped but cute little foal is how confusing it is that she was even born an alicorn unlike the other princesses before her. Celestia and Luna hardly gave any detail but I think even Celestia would've known about how a newborn foal as an alicorn before Flurry's birth is possible. So not a bad character, but to describe both her and the next two entries on my list, this Season 6 newcomer "left a lot to be desired" for me.

#4: Thorax

Thorax looking confused S6E16
I'll give him at least some credit for his roles in TTTAAC and TWaBA, but the main reason he sadly makes my list of not-so-good characters is that his backstory in his first episode was hardly anything for the actual plot, and unlike Crusaders of the Lost Mark when Diamond Tiara had development and a reason for being so mean, Thorax doesn't easily earn my sympathy. I really just need to know more about him. He may have been respectable in the finale of this season, but his and the other changelings' newer reformed designs were just unoriginally cliched unlike the Mane Six's Rainbow Power forms in Twilight's Kingdom.

If they're really going to do anything with him as much as they should with Starlight (as I'll always want with her), just develop him more with more backstory than that he hardly ever got in his first episode.

#3: Sunburst

Sunburst pulls a book from his saddlebag S6E2
He may have been introduced as a little colt with a non-speaking role back in the atrocious Season 5 Finale, but his adult-self for this season sadly makes this list for how much of another pointless plot device he serves as in The Times They Are A Changeling. Haber may having been trying to develop him in The Crystalling, but that opportunity felt completely missed out on since the only real silver lining of character development we got was that of Spike. I really don't care about him as a whole, but if they're going to develop him, please do not let Starlight interfere with it in the wrong way; as in "let him tell about his own character, and don't make Starlight do it for him." Because nobody on earth knows you quite like you know you're self, even if everything in your future is completely unpredictable. And that's another thing about Sunburst, don't make him go all OOC like Starlight has since the awful Season 5 Finale.

#2: Zesty Gourmand (Spice Up Your Life)

Zesty Gourmand "create an obvious taste" S6E12
What do you get when you transfer Ratatouille's Anton Ego into Equestria (obviously for the first fact), genderswap him, and take away all of his likability he eventually received from both moviegoers and Pixar fans of all kinds? Zesty the stuck-up and snobby food critic apparently. You could tell that this character was going to be terrible just by her instant reaction to even entering Saffron's and Coriander's restaurant. She could have been done more respectably like Ego got towards the end of the 8th Pixar flick, but sadly since Vogel didn't take that necessary opportunity, she's one you just straight up hate. As much as it pains me to talk about her other black/dark spots of character qualities like not even taking soup landing in her face as an accident from restaurant owners, I do have to admit that despite being unlikable, she did serve a true purpose in the plot without being too pointless... unlike Number 1 cause if she didn't, she would have been on the same level as my top worst... (only of this season though)

#1: Plaid Stripes (The Saddle Row Review)

Plaid Stripes' overexcited smile S6E9
I'm starting to have similar opinions with the Railfan Brony nowadays, with one of those cases being that we have the same least favorite character of the season; the bratty and irritating Plaid Stripes. I may not have listened to this spoiled brat's voice in like forever, but I'm glad I didn't. Prince Rutherford's voice is annoying too although unlike Plaid, his dialogue is completely corny talking often like Marvel's Hulk. Both characters are extremely terrible since they are complete and utter brats without development if I should mention, but Plaid is worse since she's more irritating and feels pointless a little more than she does serving as one here. Don't get me wrong, The Saddle Row Review is decent enough in my book, but it could've been done a little better if this brat was nonexistent. As if the old Diamond Tiara wasn't bad enough, this brat even looks bizarre and slightly ugly the more I think about her. Her father Mr. Stripes isn't a character that interests me, but Plaid herself is just unlikable and has to have THE most annoying voice a My Little Pony character has ever had.

She isn't exactly my new worst character of the series as I find Starlight and the Shadowbolts from Friendship Games to be more pointless, but bottom line, she's definitely one of them and my most hated character of this season above any other new character from Season 6.

Do you agree with my list(s)? Who are your favorite, and also, least favorite characters of Season 6?