Part of My MLP Controversy Meme (on Deviantart)

- Best Character: Discord (The Q of MLP only much cooler)

  • Honorable Mention: Twilight Sparkle (Intelligent and makes the best episode ever...well, the best episode ever)

- Worst Character: Tree Hugger (The Sack Lodge to Discord's John Beckwith; in an emotional manner)

  • Dishonorable Mention: Derpy Hooves (She's just...THERE!)

- Best Season: Season 4 (Other than Somepony to Watch Over Me, the rest of the episodes were spot on enough)

- Worst (or in my case Least Favorite) Season: Season 2 (Not horrible, but disasters like Dragon Quest and The Mysterious Mare Do Well are prime examples of why it's not even close to perfection)

- Most Overrated Character: Derpy Hooves (She needs A LOT more personality as she really has NONE)

  • Dishonorable Mention: Fluttershy (Her cowardliness and hoofing Rainbow Dash to the ground {Dragon Quest} are reasons of why she's my least favorite of the Mane 6; But trust me, I don't hate her)

- Most Underrated Character: Iron Will (A cool concept and honestly deserves a second chance)

  • Honorable Mention: Flash Sentry (He didn't do anything wrong and is THE perfect mate for Twilight)

- Best Villain: Tirek (Just downright maniacal)

  • Honorable Mention: Discord (A great antagonist even though he's reformed as to why he's only my honorable mention)

- Worst Villain: Principal Cinch (Like ThomasandMollyfan23 said: The Professor Umbridge of MLP characters)

  • Dishonorable Mention: Garble (Such a horrible stereotype type)

- Best Song: We'll Make Our Mark (Fantastic song to close a perfected episode)

- Worst Song: Cutie Mark Crusaders Song (They can do A LOT better than that, and the lyrics are really terrible)

  • Dishonorable Mention: Snips and Snails Rap (Uggghhh...)

- Best Episode: Twilight's Kingdom (You tell me why)

  • Honorable Mention: Pinkie Pride (The episode that made me a brony)

- Worst Episode: Dragon Quest (What was Williams thinking?!?!)

Added Categories

- Most Overrated Episode: Slice of Life (Talk about false advertisement)

- Most Underrated Episode: I don't have one now...

- Most Re-watchable Episode: Hearth's Warming Eve (A backstory that I just can't get enough of)

  • Honorable Mention: Pinkie Apple Pie (I just love rewatching that hilarious, fun and entertaining family road trip)

- Best Worst Episode ("So bad it's good"): Somepony to Watch Over Me (I prefer this over any other bad episode and it's my only disappointment of Season 4)

  • Honorable Mention: The Show Stoppers (May be sluggish and ear-bleed in music, but I can take it sometimes...)

- Least Favorite Best Episode (Lowest Ranked Episode with an 8/10 a.k.a. 4/5): Suited For Success (I mainly just watch the end of over the rest of the plot despite that it's one of my favorites and I still like it)

  • Dishonorable Mention: Filli Vanilli (Pinkie at her meanest, and not in a good way)

- Most Personal Episode: Castle Sweet Castle (I miss my old home and want to go back to it) :'(

  • Honorable(y Dishonorable) Mention: A Friend in Deed (I can't believe I didn't give my old friends (who just acquaintances to me now) their own space... -_-)

- Most Personal Moment: Twilight and Spike looking back on their own home. (*sniff*)

  • Honorable(Dishonorable) Mention: Pinkie stalking Cranky.

- Most Neutral Character: Sci-Twi (Not developed like her counterpart)

  • Dishonorable Mention(s): Snips & Snails (Annoying and uninteresting)

- Best Moment: The Twilight and Tirek Fight (Twilight's Kingdom)

  • Honorable Mention: The Cutie Mark Crusaders' New Marks (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)

Worst Moment: Ponyville's Hypocrisy against the CMC (Ponyville Confidential)

- Favorite Writer: Meghan McCarthy (3 Episodes/Examples: Twilight's Kingdom, A Canterlot Wedding, and Princess Twilight Sparkle)

- Worst (Or in my case; Least Favorite) Writer: Merriwether Willaims (Dragon Quest; 2nd Worst Episode Ever)

Dishonorable Mention: Charlotte Fullerton (Baby Cakes and A Bird in the Hoof)

- Favorite EG Film: Rainbow Rocks (Best EG villain(s), fantastic songs and powerful traits and personilties; Need I say much else?)

Do you agree with my picks?

Who's your favorite MLP character?

Who do you think is MLP's worst character ever?

What's your favorite season of MLP?

What do you think is MLP's weakest season?

Which MLP character does not deserve so much likableness?

Which character of MLP do you think deserves more respect and a greater rep from fans of all kinds?

Who's your favorite MLP character villain-wise?

Which MLP antagonist do you think sucks the hardest?

Which song of MLP is your all time favorite?

What MLP song makes your ears wanna bleed?

What's your favorite episode in all of MLP?

What do you think is MLP's biggest stinker?

What MLP episode(s) do you find overrated?

What MLP episode do you think is exaggeratedly underrated?

Which MLP episode can you entirely re-watch over and over from beginning to end?

What's your favorite bad episode?

What's your lowest ranked episode in your favorites category?

What's your favorite bad episode?

Which episode in your favorites category ranks as the lowest?

Which episode can you relate to the most?

Which particular moments are strongly relatable to you?

What MLP character do you have no interest (whatsoever) in?

Who's your favorite episode writer of MLP?

Which MLP episode writer do you think failed with most (or all if you think about it that way) of his/her episodes?

What's your favorite film in the Equestria Girls trilogy?

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