If anypony really wants to get to know me, feel free to ask me questions here. The Description is in the Blog Post (on my own blog). Some questions I'll answer in my blog post on questions you all ask me will be posted and answered next month. You have one month, so ask me away and I'll answer (some of) them in the next 30 days when I post it on my own blog.

...Any personal questions like where I live, what I do for a living or when I was born WON'T be answered and rather ignored. If anything personal, it'll have to do with MLP. I've already answered how I became a part of the fandom and stuff, so check my blog post on that if you didn't know about when I became a brony.

I'll answer both MLP and Mario-related questions if you're a Nintendo fan as well, so once again, ask me away. (And one more time, you have one month! So ask me while you can!!!!)