Why It Deserves Something

Rainbow continues to laugh S5E22

I think he deserves even more of it.

As you may know, What About Discord? has been strongly hated among fans. I can honestly see why for the fact that it was being a bit too *abusive* on Twilight most of the time, along with humor that didn't really make much sense and even Discord's scheme on delievering a poorly unfriendly message, which I do have to (and hate to) admit partially but not entirely on some of them makes this a little flawed since it went just a little too far.

I know you might ask of me: "Tell me one reason why I SHOULD give it a positive!" As a matter of fact, I'll give you MORE THAN JUST ONE! (Besides the obvious animation and sound departments.)

If there's a reason to accept it though, it's that it made Discord A LOT more like de Lancie's other character with a similar personality Q. Since they both regularly pop both in and out of their shows, the things that Q usually does is teach lessons, act as a villain or help - and all of it, just for kicks. So I think when you look at that statement and that both characters share the same traits (besides the same actor) obviously, then I think that it's like the most interesting thing about Discord delivering a friendship moral despite that it wasn't very good and that Q did it much better. Unless of course you're a die hard hater of Discord, and have NO REAL HEART for him whatsoever, or at least can't accept or respect the fact that he's reformed, then if there's something I think you should praise about it, it's that this was Discord's chance to share a bond with the other 5 Mane Six members since he's had no real respect from them which I thought was truly surprising enough to be good on my occasion. Sometimes I know some of you would say that "What About Discord? is every die hard Discord fan's dream come to life. It's also every die hard Twilight fan's worst nightmare come to life." And trust me when I say that I've had brief discussions with some of those who hate this episode on Deviantart. Another thing I must state is that while Twilight was shunned by her friends, between if she did or if she didn't deserve it, I'd say half-and-half.

The Half No: Twilight's my second favorite character in the whole show, and that it sucks to see one of my favorite characters go through shunning. (But that doesn't mean that I prefer her over Discord ANYday!)

The Half YES: She didn't just give him ONE chance to bond with her like the others did instead of just wasting her ENTIRE weekend organizing her stupid books. (In fact one user on Deviantart that I've had a dicussion with stated that "she DID make Discord realize that nothing's more important than friendship, but didn't apply that to what about Discord when she chose to reorganize books for three days straight instead.")

I've already heard that user Prince Goldstreak say: "This is now the "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" of Season 5" , and I guess I'll agree on that, but honestly this was like a little more reasonable version of that episode and was more comfortable to watch than Mare Do Well. MDW was bad in my eyes because I was rooting for Rainbow Dash (and I believe, correct me if I'm wrong about you, you were as well) even though she was letting a little too much praise go to her head. And I just wanted to give her friends a GINORMOUS slap in the face since their aspects of showing their abilities to save Ponyville made the town shun Rainbow Dash when SHE tried to help them. The same thing could be said about the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Ponyville Confidential. While TMMDW is worse for me nowadays since Crusaders of the Lost Mark made Diamond Tiara lovable and fogivable now that it gave a reasonable explanation as to why she was a spoiled bully thanks to her unlikable mother Spoiled Rich, PC is still one of my worst episodes only for all Ponyville shunning the CMC. I mean come on, THEY'RE JUST KIDS!! Blaming little kids just cause they were only being FORCED by a used-to-be-hatable-character and not doing it purposely still does not mean it should be considered a good episode. I should also point out that Twilight deserved it unlike the Crusaders since she's not a kid like them. And I'll have you know that The Mysterious Mare Do Well had an entire town shun RD thanks to her disgused friends which was still unreasonable to me.

I'm not even trying to gossip about any of you here, or trying to yell too much, and I still respect your opinions and I'm not going to mess with your free will, but I just think some of you are being a bit too harsh on this episode like saying you still want Discord to be treated like dirt. I will admit the episode's humor was at times a teensy-weensy bit cliched, like when his inside Orange jokes was repeated and the whole "snake, hose, or stick" joke which wasn't really explained properly enough for me, while the good ones for me were when Discord imitated Bob Ross and partially Applejack, though his AJ imitation was a bit creepy for his usually yellow eyes and fang. What sucked a bit more to me than Twilight being shunned a little too much though was when Discord felt down and left out from Twilight's inside joke despite that the ending of them joining together in a group hug was satisfying to me.

Now to make a very, very good point here, I would like to back Twilight up for the entire episode, but I still think she deserved her shunning HALF the time only (and JUST ONLY) in terms of a not giving Discord a chance to bond with her instead of reorganizing her stupid books the entire time despite that Discord was trying leave her out of him and their friends' bonding with each other in order to teach her something. Even though this delivered a poor message, I still think the interesting thing about it was that the way it WAS delievered kind of made Discord a lot more like Q like I said.

So I think it's a good plot seeing Discord get more attention and respect from his pals despite breifly leaving him out of Twilight's inside joke at the very end. In all fairness though, while it might not be as good to me as Make New Friends but Keep Discord, another positive I have to give it is that thankfully there's NO Tree Hugger. (Yeah, I still hate that pony for stealing Discord's spotlight.)

Grade: A-

Discord appears behind main cast S5E22

Yeah, it's fine by me and I love a good ending like this.

Story: A-

Writing: B-

Animation: A+

Message: C

Final Thoughts

My opinion on this episode is a lot like Youtuber Joshscorcher's opinion on The Mysterious Mare Do Well. So maybe (Just maybe) you should reconsider thinking a little more about its positives (and more positive about it) than you should about its negatives.