Why This Deserves a Better Rep (and Cut a Little Slack)

Spike and Twilight sees Pinkie and AJ laughing at Discord's little performance S5E22

It's no secret (and rather completely obvious) that Discord is a beloved character of MLP. As you all know (and what I often say), he's pretty much the Q of My Little Pony characters (mainly of this generation since he was introduced first in this series and not any previous generations), although they aren't EXACTLY each other and he's just to be considered a combination of Q and every animal that all of his body parts come. (Like what WatchMojo said in their Top 10 Funniest Cartoon Villains (Discord being #10 on their list): "This spirit of Disharmony looks a character out of Greek mythlogy that Zeus got the blueprints mixed up for.") So getting back to his most recent episode, why can't people seriously give it a break and just accept what it is at least?

What You Need to Understand:

What About Discord? is honestly both underrated and overHATED. For the most part, it just so ranted and criticized a little too much by many and just couldn't be given a little better rep for most of its positives. Getting into why people hate as I already know, most of you as you've told me before make the argument that the other characters weren't themselves for no true reason and (correct me if I'm wrong) just keep on questioning it. It's because they bonded with Discord over the weekend and eventually respected him unlike the last several times when they basically did not and just kept on treating him like dirt (not to mention not giving him a chance just like Twilight didn't in this episode) despite Fluttershy obviously respecting him strongly from Day 1 since Keep Calm and Flutter On. Now to be fair, I do think Twilight getting treated badly is a bummer. But for this episode, I'm afraid I have to say that in the end, she deserved it. And to ThomasandMolly23 (and anypony else who shares a similar opinion with him), I find it very odd of you to consider Twilight's treatment in this episode worse than say The Cutie Mark Crusaders' treatment in Ponyville Confidential or even Spike's treatment in Dragon Quest.

The reason of why Twilight deserved her treatment in this episode and why I find it extremely odd of any of you to consider this to be worse than (once again) the CMC's treatment is PC mainly is due to these big reasons:

Twilight "Must've been some weekend" S5E22
  1. Twilight is not a kid like the Crusaders. (But as everypony, or at least most recalls, nopony knows just how old Twilight really is, nor the CMCs, although it was rumor/stated that Twilight is (probably) a young adult, while the Crusaders were in either they're pre-teen or just teenager ages; in any case, their just kid fillis)
  2. She did something super stupid purposely and was not forced to do so in order to avoid being blackmailed by a used-to-be-hatable character, although it wasn't anything wrong or cruel, but was just a complete and total waste of one's time. (And this is just one of the few things that ruined Twilight as a character for me)
  3. She was being treated badly only by her own friends (not to mention Discord's as well) AND NOT AN ENTIRE TOWN and was only being mildy insulted and not abusively attacked by her own friends (or even having doors being slamed in her face or being yelled at by even a sibling of her's).

But I'll have you all know this; I would have backed Twilight up in defending her instead of Discord (possibly) if either:

Gamer colts S2E17

This is something I would have done for an entire weekend if I wasn't hanging out with my friends.

  • Twilight was playing a super long video game with like a lot of replay value that would take at least an entire weekend or longer to complete, whether or not she finished it up, kind of like what the overshadowed Button Mash did in Hearts and Hooves Day, only that was a coin-op arcade game that would surely drain one's wallet when playing it numerous times. (And this goes just for me at least because I'm an electronic media nerd and would find if very, VERY interesting if the show showed a whole lot of video games just like what they did with that comic book of Spike's in Power Ponies.)
Moon Dancer lists off her fields of study S5E12

I could be bonding with others just to catch up with them as well if I abandoned them a long time ago.

  • Or if she spent those 72 hours bonding with any other friends that she either hasn't gotten along with very well or just needs to catch up with them after abandoning them before she moved to some place like Ponyville. Like what she did with some of her old friends in Amending Fences. (And in that case as you all may know, she went back to her old friends that she abandoned in the series premiere when, just like Moon Dancer was doing in that episode, she was too focused on her stupid studies.)
Princess Celestia "it must've been difficult" S4E01
Princess Twilight Sparkle addresses the delegates S5E10
  • Or most importantly above all else, (as it was intended to be with the episode's original discription) if she was doing something extremely important in Canterlot at that time like what she briefly did in Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1), and partially in Princess Spike despite that I dislike that episode for how it tortured poor Spike. (That of which was also written by What About Discord's (teleplay) writer Neal Dusedau.)

But unfortunately, NONE of these options were the case at all.

What Else Should Be Considered/Taken into Account:

Despite that the episode's message was not very good for how unfriendly it appeared to be while it was being delivered as the episode progressed on, it still doesn't strongly affect too much of how much I love this episode of my favorite character. The thing that makes up for that in my eyes is that even though they're not the same exact thing as I've said and are just massively similar to each other is that Discord delivered it in a strongly similar way that Q usually does in Star Trek: The Next Generation, which resulted in how much more interesting it made him, and how much more development he got in his personality (from at least my own perspective).

And as well as that, and what I mentioned earlier about Twilight, the reason of why Discord should be cut some slack are for these very good reasons.

Discord apologizes to Fluttershy S5E7
  • A: He finally gets what he never got before from the rest of his friends other than Fluttershy (though what didn't make sense was that when they interacted with each other in this episode, it looked and felt a lot like this was the very first time that Fluttershy actually bonded with him cause they've bonded strongly with each even BEFORE this episode).
  • B: Twilight once again not giving him a chance after missing out on the activity and just not understanding that Discord hasn't gotten enough respect from his friends before this episode despite his scheme against her.
  • C: It's especially important for ALL OF YOU to note/understand that Discord is still going through friendship as he said in Make New Friends but Keep Discord: "I'm just so new with this whole friendship thing. It's so much more complicated than it looks." So even though all of this is completely up to the writers and what they want to do with him, you should all consider giving him more time to fully reform himself, unless some writer or two completely messes him up. (But I dobut they ever will...)

My Only Real Personal Flaws with It:

Discord feeling small and sad S5E22

Lastly, grudges in this episode were really just nonsensical to me most of the time. While moments like the others' attitudes towards Twilight were a bummer (but hardly ever a real shock to me), Twilight getting even with Discord what with her own inside joke while getting the others to playfully tease, ignore, and leave Discord out of her joke makes me think of it as them wanting to shun him for an enternity and where even Fluttershy would just ruin him forever even though it might have been for his own good, rather than a deserveful moment for him and was just way too upsetting for me to rewatch.

Discord points at Twilight "You really had to be there" S5E22

And like I said, Twilight's *book-sort-cation* honestly made me criticize a lot more of Twilight's part than Discord's. (Obviously due to it being one THE stupidest things a character like her could EVER do!)

Concluding Thought(s):

Discord and main cast group hug S5E22

I just love it when friends come in for group hugs. (Discord included)

What About Discord. As a whole, I seriously don't think it deserves all of its hatred it got at all (or at least most of it). It might still be flawed what with what I already mentioned, but even then I still is on its positive sides with how much Discord gets what with all of that respect and how interesting of way for him to deliver a moral if once again, a little too unfriendly one at that.

I can obviously see why someone would hate this episode (hey there, Guildmaster Grovyle), but, it's not possible for me to agree.