July 17th 2014: The Day I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Today is the anniversary of when I started watching MLP and wanted to celebrate it by sharing my descripition on how I became a Brony as I posted on Instagram.

How it Started (Instagram Photo Description)

It started off when I was just watching Youtuber - #joshscorcher (aka Joshua Burner/#TheFieryJoker...who's also a brony, but a military one at that) (and I often view some of his videos on YT) and one day [4/19/14] he posts a countdown of his personal #TopTen #Music #Battles, which is about two bands or just two people alone dueling against each other to see who's the better music player/performer, and the Num. 7 spot on that list was when he showed The Goof Off between #PinkiePie and #CheeseSandwich. And after watching and listening to it continuously over and over again for 3 months straight, I got into it (right after I turned 20) just and only to watch that one scene with Cheese & #Pinkie dueling against each other mainly because of #WeirdAlYankovich portraying him, but then I though to myself that I should watch ALL of the previous episodes before it to fully understand how it all led down to this episode, which I was dying to get that episode only, while watching all of the 75 others before it, which I felt bored at first while watching the first few episodes, but while I was progressing on through the show...ON #NETFLIX and not TV (cause I had no cable for the channel that the show itself was on), I personally started to Love the show in general (despite some flaws and a few hatable episodes), even after I watched (and when I got to) the episode of #Cheese #Sandwich, "#PinkiePride". So there you have it, and now you know why, and how I personally became a part of this fandom (which I never want to leave). And at first I didn't want to collect its other merchandise, cause I thought I'd look like an idiot if I did so, but after I watched that documentary of bronies on Netflix ("#Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of #MyLittlePony") I decided to collect some of it and then I no longer felt embarrassed to try to collect, or to look at #MLPFIM's merchandise and now I'm going to try to collect as much of it as I can someday (cause right now I currently can't afford anything). Also, Josh's pony's name: #Firebrand, Mine: #GamePlayer.

Wish me one by saying Happy Bronyversary here in the comments.