My Top Ten Favorite Characters of the Series:

10. Coloratura

9. Fluttershy

8. Vapor Trail

7. Quibble Pants

6. Cheese Sandwich

5. Spike

4. Twilight Sparkle

3. Moon Dancer

2. Sunset Shimmer

1. Discord

Discord calling himself amazing S6E17

My Least Favorite:

10. Spoiled Rich

9. Prince Blueblood

8. Svengallop

7. Starlight Glimmer

6. Trixie Lulamoon

5. Plaid Stripes

4. The Shadowbolts

3. Timber Spruce

2. Gloriosa Daisy

1. Sci-Twi

The only other 11 (and half) I don't like are Prince Rutherford"Angel" BunnyTree HuggerPrincipal CinchPrincess LunaZesty GourmandSuri Polomare, Pound and Pumpkin CakeOwlowisciousDerpy, and Garble.

Discord showing off his Celestia impression S6E17

Discord's impressions of other characters always fascinate me.

Favorite Episodes (My Top Ten)

Hated Episodes (All 28)