This is a blog clearly based off my posts for all 109 episodes (from my worst to best) on my own blog so I think you'll be surprised that I'm only including 50 but anyways, hope you all like the countdown!

NOTE: The Top Ten will have video!

Top Fifty My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes. They're usually great to watch which makes MLP:FIM one of society's best cartoons of all time. And for the fact that the show exists is why this fandom of bronies exists. I mean without it, where would we all be and what would we all be doing today? I haven't posted any immensely long countdowns other than the quickies for each of my Worst to Best episodes of each season, so I've decided to conclude my discussion about the show's episodes for now, revising it from my previous Top Ten episodes before Season 5 of MLP. Meaning this time, I present the Top Fifty My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes

So for this list, I'm looking at every episode by Hasbro, which means fan-made episodes like the much hated Double Rainboom and the nonsensical Snowdrop, both of which are on YouTube don't make the cut. As with all of my lists, I've judged all of these episodes based on a mix of their overall plots, morals/friendship lessons, scripts, and more.

So now, let's bring on the INSANITY!!

#50: Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

Twilight "read any good books lately?" S4E21

Rainbow Dash may have been at her most childish, but this is one of the better entries for The History of the Wonderbolts and how the other main characters' attempts to teach Rainbow Dash were pretty clever when watching them. Pinkie's rap song is still ear-bleeding and is one of MLP's worst songs, but the plot and moral are still fantastic and all-in-all, its one of the best of both Season 4 and Amy Keating Rogers . (And of course the cartoon in general...)

#49: Call of the Cutie

The CMC's first meeting S1E12

I couldn't have my Top Fifty Favorites without the Cutie Mark Crusaders' very first episode. I found it unwatchable after my first viewing for Diamond Tiara (but as always, she's forgivable nowadays), but thinking only good things about it and trying not to think badly about any of its grudges I still may have with it, I can call it terrific and this is without a dobut the best way for the Crusaders to unite as a team for the very first time.

#48: The Ticket Master

Twilight Sparkle overjoyed about tickets S1E03

Considered by some to be boring or dull...or both, this episode looked more clever to me for all of those fantasies from Twilight's friends.

Pinkie's song was pathetic and the moral is good but not great, but to sum this episode all up in just one word: Wonderful.

#47: Power Ponies

Power Ponies S4E6

At times it's been considered to be either good or just disappointing...or at other times even one of the worst episodes of the series (if not THE worst). For how spectacular it was to me for all the great moments of the Mane 6 fighting off the Mane-iac (despite how cliched she was to me) and her minions though were honestly really awesome. So you gotta give it something.

#46: Rarity Investigates!

Rarity the detective S5E15

While I have to admit I'm not a die hard fan of Rarity or her episodes, this one felt like something classic for its setting as a noir episode. The scene of her questioning the guards also felt like something that adults would find fascinating. Assuming it's colorless half the time and how much it is a noir, any romance moviegoer who watches this would probably feel like watching Casablanca afterwards...

#45: A Dog and Pony Show

Diamond Dogs attack S01E19

It's kinda epic seeing Spike's fantasy and the reality aspect of the other Mane Six members trying to rescue Rarity. It's especially thrilling that Rarity was able to get the dogs to do all the work for her and how she was able to get away with more than enough jewels for herself (along with maybe a little for Spike). Every character plays a fantastic role and it's really nice to see a good moral delivered by Rarity when she was a damsel in distress in this episode. So every aspect; well done!

#44: Sleepless in Ponyville

Rainbow Dash takes Scootaloo under her wing S3E06

Camping episodes are fun. This goes for Sleepless in Ponyville because the spookiness was fun and Rainbow Dash's spooky stories were pretty fun. What makes this even greater and more surprising is how much bonding Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo had with each other. As with almost every good episode in spite of their flaws, I loved the moral, the story, the characters, and everything else was done magnificently.

#43: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Pinkie Pie quivering S5E19

I can strongly relate to Twilight since I've been an uncle for nearly 16 years now. Having a niece/nephew is a wonderful thing. And while this might not be the funniest episode of Season 5 or the series, it's certainly one of them. Not to mention it's really underrated. It was half surprising and half disappointing that there was no moral admitted at the end, but the overall story has been done excellently. And the most surprising part about all of this is that it was written by a writer of the IDW comics. I can honestly say I'm really looking forward to any newer episodes Gillian M. Berrow writes in the future (if she decides to keep doing so). So I just can't wait for Season 6 if she writes even more great episodes.

#42: Hearts and Hooves Day

He's your special somepony S02E17

One of the show's most hated episodes, Meghan McCarthy's seventh episode just doesn't deserve so much of its hatred that many gave it. People criticize it strongly for how stupid the episode's humor of that poison joke spell was and that its plot felt a little sluggish, but that's frankly no real reason to dislike it. Its humor for me was existent because I loved how much of that likable corniness Big Mac and Cheerilee had in their lovey-dovey talk. It was nice to see the CMCs try and set things up with their teacher and Apple Bloom's old brother, and for everything great about it, I'd have to call it one of my most underrated episodes to date like TOWPPK.

#41: Made in Manehattan

Rarity and Applejack happy to help Coco S5E16

Noelle Benvenuti as a writer was amazing with her work on Season 4's Maud Pie. Truth be told, she should definitely be due to come back for Season 6 because Made in Manehattan is another fantastic episode regardless of only (Spoiler Alert!) the other Manehattan episode being better. Coco Pommel returns, Applejack and Rarity make a great collab/team, we have another great moral near the end, and the episode itself just screams intelligence from Benvenuti. I just love that play performed by those citizens of Manehattan and that speech Rarity gives when bringing AJ and Coco up, which makes the plot even more endearing. Excelllent episode overall and as much as Berrow's future episodes, I can't wait for more of Benvenuti's as well. Not to mention more of Coco.

#40: Daring Don't

Daring Do with the ring S4E04

As if Read It and Weep wasn't already awesome enough for an episode featuring Rainbow Dash's idol Daring Do, we actually get a sequel for her by Dave Polsky. And you know what? It's another awesome episode of both her and Rainbow Dash. I think this episode is excellent because both Pegasi make a great team and the fact that we have them go on an epic adventure together like the Mane Six always do in most two-parters. Even if you don't care for them, still give this a watch.

#39: Friendship is Magic (Pilot)

Rainbow flying over Twilight's head S1E02

There was just no way the very first episode of Friendship Is Magic could NOT make the higher half of the countdown. I mean we got a good showdown between the Mane Six and Nightmare Moon, the main characters show off all of their elements, and that powerful rainbow of finishing off the villain was just plain epic.

Nightmare Moon was clichéd in spite of a decent design and Twilight's attitude at first felt a little too harsh at the beginning but hey, she never would have met her friends if the beginning wasn't exactly how it was before she met them. The moral reminds me that it's truly wonderful to have friends and long story short, this is an outstanding way to start a fantastic cartoon off.

#38: Too Many Pinkie Pies

Pinkie Pie clones hopping through a field of haystacks S3E03

It's a close second to being my favorite Dave Polsky episode from Season 3, but Too Many Pinkie Pies also has to be one of the best of that season. This is due to how humorous the other Pinkie Pies were and how much fun the plot felt, not to mention it's so entertaining. The ending scene of that test of Pinkie and her clones staring at that wall was especially funny and did make a call back to a previous generation via the screenshot of one clone making a crazy face. So bottom line, it's humorous on plenty of levels and is an excellent edition to the show.

#37: Make New Friends but Keep Discord

Discord floating around Fluttershy and Tree Hugger S5E7

I just can't call one episode where Discord plays a major part in the plot bad because of how great of an anti-hero/villain he is. Villain or hero, I'll still love him as a whole. Anyways, Make New Friends but Keep Discord is an excellent installment but it is imperfect in a few cases for me. If you've read my review of the episode you'll know that I absolutely despise Fluttershy's new friend Tree Hugger. She's just not likable. She's monotonous, stupid in her personality and is completely underdeveloped. Making up for that however is Discord's plus one, The Smooze (whom, correct me if I'm wrong, you've seen in a previous generation before this). I just love how Discord crashed the gala despite that Tree Hugger and Pinkie's sister Maud made Discord look stupid in front of everypony. I really felt a lot more sorry for Discord that I did for the other main characters. But anyways, still a great piece of work by Natasha Levinger.

#36: What About Discord?

Discord "no matter how hard we try" S5E22

Now this entry being this high is one you'll likely hate me for...but I'm sorry. I still just cannot help but adore most of this episode. Nice enough humor, awesome references to other franchises, and the others finally respecting and defending Discord (until the very end), along with Twilight trying to help the others recreate how their weekend went. And in spite of an unfriendly message, the way it was delivered was interesting since it made Discord a lot more similar to John de Lancie's other character, Q. So despite how much it admittedly was a bummer to see Twilight go through some mild insults by her friends, I still think she deserved it since she didn't give Discord a chance and chose to just reorganize one stupid library of books for an entire weekend non-stop.

Here  is my revisited review of this episode (w/others), and here are my thoughts on both of Neal Dusedau's episodes. (And here are both of my blog posts on this site) If neither of those are reasonable enough for you, then I don't know what else to say other than I'll just keep repeating myself until the ends of this world.

Forgive me all you die hard What About Discord haters.

#35: Bats!

Flutterbat revealed S4E07

This was surprisingly a frightening episode for Fluttershy's Flutterbat transformation (even if it was a bit predictable), but for how much it built up to her spooky vampire pony bat form, it's a much better episode than both Halloween (or Nightmare Night as MLP calls it) episodes. That song was awesome and the moral was great, with some outstanding animation and an awesome concept to its spookiness. Need I say more?

#34: Sisterhooves Social

Rarity and Sweetie Belle playing in the rain S2E5

I really can't say much other than it's perfect for teaching siblings to get along with each other (if they're not doing so well in their relationships).

Oh and that Sisterhooves Social event was pretty awesome, so that's really all you need know here.

#33: Canterlot Boutique

Rarity's friends greet Sassy Saddles S5E14

It was quite surprising to see Rarity get her own shop in Canterlot. Rarity used be just part of my Top Ten, but with this episode, as much as the next entry (when I reexamined it), made her one of my Top Five favorite characters of My Little Pony! I just loved the design of all those dresses in the boutique and that Rarity got something more than what she already has in the show. This just goes to show how Amy Keating Rogers really can make awesome episodes, and that she hasn't made one awful one.

#32: Rarity Takes Manehattan

Main cast looking around Manehattan S4E08

This has to be the best episode centered around Rarity as I've considered it to be my favorite about her in my Top Five Best Rarity Episodes. And with good reason. On top of being one of the 6 episodes where one Mane Six member gets a key to The Chest of Harmony, this episode also showed off Rarity's true personality of her element. Also being Coco Pommel's debut episode, this is one of my favorites for how the unlikable Suri Polomare got what came to her at the very end. How else could Dave Polsky have made this episode outstanding?

#31: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Sweetie Belle "decided to make a grand entrance" S4E19

At times, it's still hard to watch for what Sweetie Belle did to her own sister a little while after snapping at her, which partially ruined her as a character for me even though she's still lovable. But the likable thing about this is how much those dream sequences that Luna takes Sweetie Belle through teach her about how much Rarity was trying to be helpful to her little sister. The moral wasn't anything big and it doesn't have the best plot, but regardless of how I didn't like it that much at first, this episode most definitely is one of both Polsky's and Season 4's most outstanding efforts.

#30: Winter Wrap Up

Spotlight on Twilight Sparkle S1E11

The song, animation, concept, music and voice acting, the plot and everything else were so awesome, that I just can't entirely describe them all here.

On a personal note though, if that song happens to be on your iPod, play it while you're cleaning up snow. Be it in your backyard, best friend's house, or anyplace else. It's just so fitting how that song is about wrapping up winter before spring and that it's super catchy and ear-pleasing.

#29: Secret of My Excess

Spike right before noticing Rarity's ruby S2E10

Seriously! How much cooler can this episode get than with Spike's full grown form as an adult? It's also surprising that episode's moral was based off a bible scripture (Acts 20:35). I think the moral is fantastic because it reminds me of true happiness (but I've already read the scripture it came from before watching this episode). M.A. Larson is not my all time favorite writer because he has written a couple bad episodes unlike Rogers and McCarthy, but he's still good with most of his other episodes.

#28: Pinkie Apple Pie

Pinkie Pie hugging all of the Apples S4E09

Yes. This is still my favorite episode written by Natasha Levinger. It also has to be one of my most re-watchable episodes. I just can't get enough of it because of how hilarious that family road trip was, not to mention it was just exciting. You could say the episode's song was so catchy as well. Now I'm still waiting for that mystery on whether or not Pinkie is actually related to the Apples to be solved. Let us all know before the series is over at least.

#27: Magic Duel

Rarity & Rainbow Dash go time S3E5

While not exactly one of my favorite characters of all time, Trixie is admittedly a great antagonist for a couple episodes of My Little Pony. This episode's predecessor as I said was an absolute mess, with a putrid plot and terrible character traits. But for this episode, Larson thankfully righted all of Chris Savino's wrongs. The best part about this though is the second duel between Twilight and Trixie, which is undoubtedly one of the best moments of the series. I wouldn't call it the best episode of Season 3, but I will call it one of the best episodes of all time.

#26: Dragonshy

Fluttershy faces the dragon down S1E07

Meghan McCarthy sure did come off to a great start with this episode. I just loved how Fluttershy stood up to that giant red dragon, and that the dragon himself did what Fluttershy commanded him to do. For some reason though it made me tear up for the dragon when he cried after Fluttershy snapped at him. I don't know why, but I just feel the dragon could have a soft spot in his heart to become a nicer character. Of course, we'll just have to see in the future if he does...if he gets another episode where he plays a major role in the episode's story.

#25: Party of One

Crazy Pinkie Pie S1E25

Most of MLP's birthday-themed episodes were enjoyable on plenty of occasions (despite that Sweet and Elite is just meh to me). Party of One as the first birthday-themed episode centered around Pinkie Pie has to be awesome, and a bit creepy what with Pinkie's hyperactive attitude when she was overreacting most of the time.

It would have been a better episode to close Season 1, but no matter where it's placed or which episode it airs after, Meghan McCarthy's last episode of the first season still stands tall as awesome and one of my favorites of Season 1. After all, its pretty interesting to see a beloved character like her spy on her friends and find out what they're up to. So the moral, plot and humor were pretty much all well done.

#24: The Cutie Map (a.k.a. Cutie Markless)

Twilight "when we share them with each other" S5E2

You guessed it. The Cutie Re-Mark's predecessor is higher up (on my list of every episode of the series...) and for several reasons. It's still got the greatness that every other two-parter has, it still has Starlight act as a real villain and here true character before her weak backstory and motivations for being a villain in the finale, the plot is paced way better than The Cutie Re-Mark, and even though it does get boring between both parts, it still is intelligent in its storyline, script, morals and all of my favorite moments from it.

That chase scene between Starlight, the town and the Mane Six was just awesome.

#23: Brotherhooves Social

Apple Bloom sighs; Big Mac smiles S5E17

I just can't believe people would hate this episode. I really don't know just what the heck is wrong with Big Mac dressed as a mare. Does it honestly really matter if he did it just for the sake of being Apple Bloom's hero again? No, it does not. This has to be the funniest episode of Season 5 via Big Macintosh's Orchard Blossom disguise, as well as more humorous than Sisterhooves.

I've said it before, but Sisterhooves is practically overrated compared to this. What I also love is Big Mac's speech of when he confesses his feelings to Apple Bloom at the very end. It has to be the most touching moment of Season 5 joined by both tearjerkers from Amending Fences and Crusaders of the Lost Mark. My only question here is: Could Big Mac get even better than this as a character?

#22: Castle Sweet Castle

A teary-eyed Spike hugging a sad Twilight S5E3

How many episodes can you relate to strongly and cry for when it reminds you of all the happy memories you've had in the place where you grew up? It always reminds me of everything great I did in my childhood home. Most of the stuff in this episode felt so personal to me I just can't explain it all. The song was heartwarming, the plot was one I felt related to deep in my heart, and all the characters were just great for this episode in itself. How much more personal could an episode get for me than this?

#21: Sonic Rainboom

Dash Flying Up S1E16

This has to be Rainbow Dash at her best because it's epic on how she preformed that Rainboom. It's so re-watchable for how she was preparing for her event and it's got everything great that you need to construct an awesome MLP episode. Aside from those two things, we get a detailed tour of Cloudsdale, eye-popping visuals of things like Rarity's false wings and those rainbow waterfalls, and not to mention that moment of Rainbow Dash saving both Rarity and the Wonderbolts was immensely incredible.

This may not have been Rainbow Dash's first rainboom, but at least we got to see her first one she did chronologically in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. Speaking of...

#20: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Scootaloo on her scooter pulling Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle on a wagon S1E23

I've loved this episode since my first viewing. Why this is my personal favorite of Season 1 is for all of those backstories by the Mane Six and how they all make a connection with Rainbow Dash before they even met. Out of all of them though, my favorite has to be Twilight's since her's tells how she first met Spike.

That Sonic Rainboom (not be confused with the previous episode entry of the same name) was also tense when it showed off just how powerful enough it was to help RD's friends get their marks. I really think all of that backstory alone should make it the best episode of Season 1, and one of the best of all time.

#19: Hearth's Warming Eve

Ponies shouting S2E11

Re-watchable for how detailed the founding of Equestria was, this episode is one of my favorites because of how beautifully paced the play was and how the tribes were against each other before they eventually named their land they shared. It also gets points for how its backstory was a little more detailed than The Cutie Mark Chronicles in spite of the fact that this has only one story while Chronicles had several.

It's even humorous enough to make me laugh at least once and for its gorgeous concept and animation (as well as its sound department), it's easily one of the finest My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has to offer.

#18: Flight to the Finish

CMC walking with heart in the background S4E05

Ed Valentine may be a minor writer, but for this and one latter entry, he should have stayed for more because this was paced incredibly and he even gave the Crusaders one of the best songs of Friendship Is Magic, not mention he gave them great personalities with determination. This goes to show just how talented the Cutie Mark Crusaders' voice actresses are and how intelligent a minor writer can be. I just love that performance that the Crusaders perform in the 2/3 of the plot.

#17: Maud Pie

Maud Pie with Gummy biting on her tail S4E18

Pinkie's sister is one of the most relatable characters for me for her shyness and hilariousness. She reminds me of when I didn't really have friends or when I'd just ignore them. Anyways, on her part she's an exciting character for how much she cares for Pinkie Pie and what she did near the very end. At some points, Pinkie acts like she understands her sister so well when she assumes that Maud "shows her expressions" considering that Pinkie's not the smartest pony in Equestria compared even to Twilight. That's something as to why Pinkie's not my personal favorite character. So the episode is amazing although Pinkie could have been much smarter to realize that her sister is completely expressionless.

#16: Read It and Weep

Rainbow Dash shocked by storyline S2E16

This Indiana Jones ripoff episode was full of entertainment and spectacular scenes that just scream awesomeness. The greatest thing about Daring Do's story is the layout of that temple and everything else throughout her quest to retrieve that stone.

If there's anything else I have to say about it, it's that it should be the first episode to show your friends if you want to draw them into the show and see just how awesome the show really is. It's just so incredible how seeing Cindy Morrow made another awesome episode after even Sisterhooves Social. What I also liked is Rainbow Dash sneaking back into the hospital to get back into her old room and finish the book which made her look like the Daring Do in Equestria's reality (before Daring Don't revealed to us that Daring Do was actually a real pony). So everything fantastic about this makes it an Indiana Jones-style episode that all adds up to one of the best of all time that not one fan should consider to be awful.

#15: Hurricane Fluttershy

Fluttershy being purposeful S2E22

Fluttershy really needs to keep her bravery and start wising up for an eternity because this episode is prof of that and makes her an awesome character even if she doesn't make my Top Ten Favorite Characters of All Time. I didn't really care for it at first and it wasn't much of my thing, probably cause I found others to be more interesting, but when looking at Fluttershy's powerful personality of true kindness and bravery, I loved it and considered it my new favorite by Cindy Morrow. Whereas it beats out even Read It and Weep after I considered it.

#14: Magical Mystery Cure

Main 6 singing "to see the light" S03E13

I just don't why this episode has to get more than enough hatred. Look, I know Twilight becoming an alicorn was not exactly the best idea and that this sometimes feels like a series finale more than it does a season finale, but look at the fact that Twilight's new form at least gave us two great sequel seasons. You might not like it just cause of how much its musical notes overshadow its plot, but I thought they were all pretty catchy and don't really deserve hatred from fans.

What may be the best part about this is that this has to Twilight at her smartest when trying to figure out how to restore her friends back to their normal selves. A True, True Friend has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, if not my overall favorite of MLP. So overall, this is still fantastic and not all too rushed even though I feel I'm just fine with those flaws that some may have with it. It really is an underrated installment that deserves a much better rep than it already has.

#13: Lesson Zero

Twilight Cupcakes S2E3

It still creeps me out when Twilight overreacts a little too much, but Lesson Zero is one of Season 2's and the series' best episodes of all time for its moral, humor and plot. I loved it when most of Ponyville fought over one of Twilight's old dolls and when Rainbow Dash destroyed that old messed up barn for Applejack, in which both moments were just intensely spectacular.

This isn't Twilight's best episode as you may know, but to be clear, it's at least one of them. I didn't really like it at first because of her creepy overreaction to being late for writing a letter to Celestia, but thinking about only the good things and looking past most of the flaws, I still love it... Even if there are a few fans out there who don't.

Twilight may not be my favorite character of all time, but considering she's nearly my favorite, a lot of her episodes are awesome. Meghan McCarthy sure is the most intelligent writer of the show and, like Amy Keating Rogers, has never written one awful episode while I still don't care that much about Sweet and Elite. But for its powerful plot, worthy-of-learning message, great humor and some of My Little Pony's best moments, its definitely likable.

#12: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

Pinkie wants to know where the Idol of Boreas is S5E8

Griffon the Brush Off didn't turn out to be good for how awful of a character Gilda was. She had no real backstory at first and was nearly as hatable as Diamond Tiara used to be. Some of that episode also felt rushed and somewhat a little dull. Even if few fans like that episode though, I'm still just neutral towards it now.

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone is what makes up for that episode as to no longer being one of my worst of all time. Gilda goes from annoyingly atrocious to a sympathetic character once you examine her backstory. Unlike Starlight's however, Gilda's felt more reasonable and not so rushed. She was not that childish and how she and Rainbow Dash met was just touching as to make her a lovable character in MLP.

So as long as you don't rush a character like Starlight's redemption and give him/her more reason to be who he/she was back then, then I'm perfectly fine with a hated character's redemption. Keep it all up and above all else, do it right, writers.

#11: The Crystal Empire

Everyone hears a howl S3E1

People called it poorly disappointing for how randomly unoriginal the antagonist wicked King Sombra was and it also felt rushed a little like The Cutie Re-Mark at some points, but frankly I won't understand that. A cliched villain should not be enough to ruin an incredible episode with eye-popping visuals and an innovative plot about saving the empire from the villain.

Out of every two-parter, this has to be the most underrated because of what I just mentioned. What makes this episode all the more amazing is how entertaining Twilight's, Spike's and the others' search for the crystal heart was in the plot's pacing. The moral was surprisingly mature for all ages and one of the best the series has to teach. So while it didn't get the praise it deserved, overall, I feel The Crystal Empire is an episode of true episode quality regardless of its bits of imperfection. Just ignore any worst MLP episodes lists where this is featured.

#10: Three's A Crowd

Three's a Crowd - Discord's Friendship Test05:17

Three's a Crowd - Discord's Friendship Test

I'm going make this clear and say that most of Discord's normal-lengthers are very underrated. I don't really understand why people have to be extremely harsh on Discord just cause he was trying to test his friendship with Twilight just to see if they're still true friends. I'm not entirely sure just yet about it, but this has to be My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's funniest episode. I mean we got Discord spreading his fake blue flu to both Applejack and Rarity, all that freaky stuff he does in his song, and even that giant Tatzlwurm sneezing on him which caused him to turn green and really sick were just so hilarious.

Speaking of songs, John de Lancie's singing has to be why Glass of Water is one of my favorite MLP tracks of all time. The situation that it played in was humorous as I said and showed some true talent while also making the episode even more thrilling than how it only started off. Getting to Twilight's part, her time she spent with Cadence was a bit boring at first but when Discord got them to go through an intense task for him, their time they spent together looked even more awesome than it has been before.

What I also liked is that it was entertaining when it delivered its moral on how even extremely chaotic days can bring you closer to a good friend. This is due to the princesses' fight against that Tatzlwurm and everything else that made this Season 4 installment so humorous. I could call any episode where Discord plays a major part funny, but looking at Three's A Crowd, I'd have to say I got the most laughs out of it and that its humor still holds up as of today.

#9: Princess Twilight Sparkle

MLP FiM - Princess Celestia Banishes Nightmare Moon "Princess Twilight Sparkle" HD04:43

MLP FiM - Princess Celestia Banishes Nightmare Moon "Princess Twilight Sparkle" HD

This still has to be the episode with the most amount of character development for some of my favorite characters (despite Luna being just overrated and not a character I like or dislike in any sense). Twilight slowly develops as a true princess as to learning more, which makes her even smarter like she became in the most recent episode before this, Nightmare Moon's origins are revealed along with the first time Discord ruled over Equestria before both returning to his old ways in the Season 2 finale and being reformed in the next entry, and let's not forget The Tree of Harmony's origins.

Everything about this episode's concept was innovative and eye-catching, the plot was detailed despite not having a present villain and only showing flashbacks of previous two-parter villains, and especially that moral at the end was just amazing and is worthy for all to learn. I feel this is another one of Friendship Is Magic's most underrated two-parters and it deserves more recognition, but underrated or not, Princess Twilight Sparkle is one that is arguably re-watchable in plenty of senses and overall, it's one I just cannot get enough of.

#8: Keep Calm and Flutter On

Discord's dinner party - full scene03:32

Discord's dinner party - full scene

I could talk endlessly about all of Discord's episode and how much I just love him as a whole. But it's the best thing the show ever gave him that makes this episode part of my Top Ten. Let me just explain why...

Discord's release was extremely humorous when he was causing all of those transformations on those animals with his magic, Fluttershy becomes a better character being at her kindest showing it off in the most powerful way with true determination (not to mention it's the best episode centered around her as I already mentioned once), that tea party scene was fun, Fluttershy calling Discord a friend and standing up for him was just so touching that it makes my eyes watery all the time, she got him to realize that friendship's the most important thing in life, and even the friendship moral was great for Discord to learn while changing his ways which is truly how a villain's redemption should be made. (Which is also the best way to teach mean people to focus more on friends rather than any regretful things to do in life.)

So there's just so much to love about this Dave Polsky installment (let alone that it's my personal favorite written by him), that all I can say is just ignore any negative reception some fans gave it and give it a shot whether or you're a die hard fan of Discord. Chances are you'll be pretty satisfied and surprised by the end.

#7: The Mane Attraction

Song The Magic Inside (I Am Just A Pony) - My little Pony (The Mane Attraction)02:21

Song The Magic Inside (I Am Just A Pony) - My little Pony (The Mane Attraction)

This episode felt completely original. Likable or not (in which I didn't like him), Svengallop was admittedly necessary for Rara's part to be quite conducive to a fantastic My Little Pony episode. There's just so much to love about this that there's just no way I could not put this in my Top Ten.

Besides the fact that (unless you've seen her on broadway before) most people were introduced to Lena Hall (and her talented voice work), the songs and soundtrack were as pleasing to listen to as Rogers' Season 4 episode with Weird Al Yankovich. It's sad that Amy had to leave the show after this episode, but even still, I wish her the best of luck while working for Disney. Rara even had just enough backstory to be in my Top Ten Favorite Characters of All Time and her relationship with Applejack was just so realistic and original via that backstory of them when they were at friendship camp.

Hall should be given an award for her talent in this episode and even the show itself deserves another award for sound design in its music like it's been given before in the past. It's still the best episode focusing mostly on Applejack and while she's not my favorite member of the Mane Six, this Season 5 chapter is prof of why she's so awesome...and not just her newly introduced friend. One user on the MLP Wikia calling it bad for so called *clunky exposition*? ...What nonsense.

#6: A Canterlot Wedding

MLP FiM – The Main 6 vs The Changelings "A Canterlot Wedding" HD03:13

MLP FiM – The Main 6 vs The Changelings "A Canterlot Wedding" HD

Really, anything with Meghan McCarthy as the teleplay writer is bound to be good.

The plot was greatly paced when it was building up to an unexpected plot twist of the villain, the songs were just so catchy (especially This Day Aria), the second part was extremely epic via the fight with the changeling army and the way Shining Armor and Cadence finish off Queen Chrysalis, the script was written excellently, the backstory of Cadence and Twilight were just adorable and the moral was impressive considering that Twilight acted the smartest and most suspicious as she always does.

It doesn't get anymore awesome than this. Entertainingly epic for kids and mind-blowing for adults, this is an episode worth showing your friends and family, even if there are a few bronies and pegasisters out there who hate it for really odd reasons...

#5: Amending Fences

Party for Moon Dancer - MLP Friendship Is Magic HD04:28

Party for Moon Dancer - MLP Friendship Is Magic HD

After his big disappointment that is Slice of Life, M.A. Larson seemed to have felt in luck when he wrote Amending Fences. When we're first introduced to Moon Dancer, one of Twilight's old friends besides the others and one of her old classmates back in kindergarden, we get a look at her current life as she's exactly like Twilight in this episode what with focusing only on her own studies and nothing else like Twilight herself was in the pilot episode.

Towards the very end, this episode has to have the most emotional moment in My Little Pony history: Moon Dancer's heartbroken breakdown after enraging at Twilight. It's simply heartbreaking to see an innocent character like Moon Dancer go through all that emotional pain. (*sniff*) I think something like that alone should make it an incredible episode of the series. It also teaches audiences to not let others' mistakes be the reason you can't be friends with anypony else. It's a moral that came across as heartwarming and made the story itself all the more enlightening.

Like Maud, Moon Dancer is a character I can strongly relate to, and like Trouble Shoes, having suddenly strong sympathy for her is what makes her one of my all time favorite characters. There were plenty of great characters for Season 5, but Moon Dancer still has be my personal favorite. Even beating out Countess Coloratura.

So in the end, Amending Fences is something of true inspiration that'll make you laugh and cry, and is another episode worth showing your friends who are curious to know about just how great of a series Friendship Is Magic truly is.

#4: The Return of Harmony

Discord corrupts the Mane Six06:42

Discord corrupts the Mane Six

Now how could I have not put Discord's Very First episode in my Top Ten?

People might consider A Canterlot Wedding to be better, but while it might be action-packed via that brawl between both the Mane Six and Queen Chrysalis' changelings, if action in an episode still isn't entirely necessary (especially for two-parters), in terms of having beloved characters, The Return of Harmony ultimately comes out on top for me.

I mean Discord's debut in this episode is the perfect introduction to him as a villain. He lives up to his name by causing wonderfully hilarious and crazy chaos that a kid, or just any die hard fan of him (like me) would want to live in. But while this still would be awesome, it's still a great thing that he has his own freaky residence after his reformation (in Keep Calm and Flutter On) as we've all seen in Make New Friends but Keep Discord.

What may even be the best part about this is that Discord was able to come out on top in Part 1. Not only that, but the others being brought back to their old selves by Twilight was immense and powerful in order to reverse Discord's spell he put them under by corrupting them. Sometimes I feel this episode is extremely overshadowed by others which makes it underrated in that case (and some others as well). Admittedly though it's not the MOST underrated of all the two-parters.

Part 2 has to be so powerful for both Discord and the show's main characters. I mean we got violence between the characters when they were corrupted by Discord, the other Mane Six members were trying to chase and catch Rainbow Dash just before taking on Discord, and the way Discord got defeated clearly was a satisfying way to re-imprison him. So in conclusion, I feel this was once again the perfect debut for Discord since he lived up to his true name here before being surprisingly reformed in Season 3...

Now I'll still just be waiting for Discord to get his own throne in Twilight's new castle (as I always say)...

#3: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

CMC Get Their Cutie Marks & We'll Make Our Mark03:42

CMC Get Their Cutie Marks & We'll Make Our Mark

How much better of a Season 5 episode can you get than this? And what better way to celebrate Friendship Is Magic's 5th anniversary than with The Cutie Mark Crusaders finally getting their cutie marks?

Even reforming Diamond Tiara makes this awesome and surprising because reforming hated characters is a wonderful thing as long as you don't rush their redemptions like Josh Haber did with Starlight Glimmer. It's even surprising that their marks are nearly the same as each other (but with different symbols in the core of them). All of the songs were just as catchy and fantastic as with say Magical Mystery Cure's soundtrack and the situations they played in were pretty touching and intense. This episode's soundtrack's so incredible that I practically have to consider We'll Make Our Mark to be my all time favorite song of Friendship Is Magic (more on that song another day though).

This was the way to celebrate the show's 5th anniversary thanks to the obvious plot twist that was full of great surprise, making one or two hated characters forgivable, and even giving a great moral about helping people discover who they're truly meant to be and not worrying all about yourself. As much as McCarthy, pretty much any episode by Amy Keating Rogers succeeds on so many levels (though The Cutie Pox and Bridle Gossip as I said, if you've seen them on the list before, are just ones I don't care that much about and rather stupid for the most part). This also makes all of Diamond Tiara's parts back in previous episodes extremely forgivable now that I don't blame her for who she was back then so there's more than enough to make this episode awesome.

Besides the fact that DT even mentioned my favorite character in this episode, and the Mane Six at least celebrating the CMCs getting their marks at the end, though neither of those aspects of the episode were necessary for the plot, it's just complete with everything I like in an MLP episode besides the final two entries on this list after CotLM.

#2: Pinkie Pride

All Songs from MLP FiM "Pinkie Pride"11:03

All Songs from MLP FiM "Pinkie Pride"

This is the episode that made me a brony since watching Joshscorcher's Top Ten Music Battles nearly 2 years ago, although as I said I didn't start watching the series from the very beginning until nearly three months after watching Josh's list just to see how it all led down to this. Oh, that and Weird Al was an artist I really liked that a lot his songs were annoying in an awesome and catchy way.

There are plenty of songs to like in this Season 4 masterpiece that even both "The Goof Off" (The song scene that made me a brony) and my personal favorite "The Super Duper Party Pony" are some of the best songs in the series bar none. I found not ONE song to be awful and were just so good that I could listen to them all day. Yeah, they're all just downright additive and especially ear-pleasing.

Cheese Sandwich is especially one of my favorite characters of all time for his personality like Pinkie's besides being voiced by you-know-who. His introduction was perfect, his gift to Pinkie was suitable, his backstory was detailed enough when told throughout both his confession song and of course my favorite song in the 1/3 of the episode, and he's just as humorous as Pinkie can be.

It's easily the best birthday-themed episode for everything I just pointed out, and for how great all of the characters were for their traits in this episode even if this doesn't necessarily make it part of my most re-watchable episodes, it's yet another one you must show you're friends, especially even to those who are die hard fans of Weird Al Yankovich and just love to be goofy in every sense of the way. Number #1 although just happens to be a little more awesome besides that it features my favorite earth pony.

Quick Recap

Number 1 is just about here, but before I move on, let's recap real quick...

50. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

49. Call of the Cutie

48. The Ticket Master

47. Power Ponies

46. Rairty Investigates!

45. A Dog and Pony Show

44. Sleepless in Ponyville

43. The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

42. Hearts and Hooves Day

41. Made in Manehattan

40. Daring Don't

39. Friendship is Magic (Pilot)

38. Too Many Pinkie Pies

37. Make New Friends but Keep Discord

36. What About Discord?

35. Bats!

34. Sisterhooves Social

33. Canterlot Boutique

32. Rarity Takes Manehattan

31. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

30. Winter Wrap Up

29. Secret of My Excess

28. Pinkie Apple Pie

27. Magic Duel

26. Dragonshy

25. Party of One

24. The Cutie Map (a.k.a. Cutie Markless)

23. Brotherhooves Social

22. Castle Sweet Castle

21. Sonic Rainboom

20. The Cutie Mark Chronicles

19. Hearth's Warming Eve

18. Flight to the Finish

17. Maud Pie

16. Read It and Weep

15. Hurricane Fluttershy

14. Magical Mystery Cure

13. Lesson Zero

12. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

11. The Crystal Empire

10. Three's A Crowd

9. Princess Twilight Sparkle

8. Keep Calm and Flutter On

7. The Mane Attraction

6. A Canterlot Wedding

5. Amending Fences

4. The Return of Harmony

3. Crusaders of the Lost Mark

2. Pinkie Pride

#1: Twilight's Kingdom

HD MLP - The Finale Fight between Twilight and Tirek (Twilight's Kingdom)02:40

HD MLP - The Finale Fight between Twilight and Tirek (Twilight's Kingdom)

Twilight's Kingdom. Since even my Worst to Best/Top Ten list of every popular MLP episode with their own Wikipedia page, you just knew that this would be the ultimate winner! I could say so much about this that I just can't get enough of it. It is so much better than even Pinkie Pride, and not even Crusaders of the Lost Mark can top it. And along with the other three that I mentioned before them are all masterpieces and they're all a 10/10 (a.k.a. 5/5 stars each). Twilight's Kingdom is like a 100,000,000,000,000/10!!!!

Everything about this episode was perfected! The morals, the plot, the villain, the voice acting, the Incredible eye-popping animation and visuals, the Mane Six's, the Princesses', Tirek's and Discord's roles as themselves, the pacing, the backstory of Tirek, and let's not forget That Dragon Ball Z Style Fight Between Both Twilight And Tirek (as shown in the video up above)!!!!

Nobody had to have expected a villain such as (Lord) Tirek to be downright maniacal, nor Discord betraying his own true friends before Tirek did the same to him. Whether or not Discord's a villain, I still admire him as my favorite character ever. And while he might not be my favorite character villain-wise since Tirek has been around for more than just one generation of the My Little Pony franchise, his part was executed masterfully. (Like Tirek was the Emperor to Discord's Darth Vader.)

Honestly, who doesn't love this episode period? That's right. Nopony! If there's anything else I want out of the series and for the next episode that's like this, combined with Magical Mystery Cure (and kinda like Crusaders of the Lost Mark at the same time), should be where Discord gets his own throne with his friends in the castle. In fact, that episode might just even beat this one out. Even if it's in the series finale, I still want Discord to become a regular character like the others although putting it in the series finale wouldn't exactly make him a regular throughout the series since it would be the very end of this awesome cartoon.

Looking at it entirely clear for everything masterful about it, Twilight's Kingdom in the end for everything that's makes more than just an absolute masterpiece (which above any other incredible episode on this list deserves practically an Oscar) comes out on top as my favorite My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode of all time, and there's still one that has yet to beat it. It's masterful in every sense and I don't care whether or not you predicted this as Number 1, It's Still My All Time Favorite!!

Honorable Mentions

#0: Rainbow Rocks

Sunset and Twilight "Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow" EG2

Not even its predecessor or sequel could beat it out. Because Rainbow Rocks has the best of pretty much everything of an MLP spinoff flick. We got one of my Top Ten Favorite MLP Songs (Welcome to the Show), the best villain(s) (The Dazzlings) of the spinoff aside from being one of My Little Pony's best villains of all time, the best plot with excellent pacing and even the music battle within my favorite song. Besides its obvious graphics, concept and sound design, the characters were all likable and even Sunset Shimmer was made as an even better character thanks to how helpful she was to her true friends. What more can I say other than; it's just awesome?

Lastly, ranking it on my list as the best of the trilogy, I'd put it between The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Sonic Rainboom as #20.5 for being mind-blowing for both kids and adults of all ages.

Do you agree with my list?

What's your all time favorite episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? (Tell me at least your Top Ten in comments below, or not it doesn't really matter to me...)

For more answers to your comments from me, be sure to leave them here in the comments below.