Cadance reads the Spell of Relic Reconstitution S6E2
There's no denying that I have high hopes that Season 7 will be done more than the past two seasons those of which tend to be hit-or-miss with their episodes. Instead of reduxing my all time Top Fifty, which you can honestly just check out my main profile page here on this Wikia, I'm just going to point out my best of the best characters in my highest ranked entries. So I'll be looking at them based on their personalities, backstories, development, and just my own personal opinion... no matter how much I can relate to some of them. (But that won't be a major factor for their inclusion here; and yes, I have actually watched MsMojo's countdown of the show's characters and all I can say is their list is just not realistic or opinionated unlike the rest of us in the fandom)

So with that said, let's now see just who are the contenders for my reduxed countdown as of every season up to Season 6...

Best Characters of the Franchise

Number 10

Princess Ember

Princess Ember "just kidding!" S6E5
A bit of an odd choice to start off my overall Top Ten, isn't it? Whilst I can say dragons are better than any particular ponies concept-wise, does that mean that for Friendship Is Magic I'd instantly consider any particular dragon to be the best character of the series in general? Survey says; no. In spite of that though, Ember still remains one of my favorites of the show's characters for her strong-hearted determination to be ruler of the dragons, and also that she's a brave dragon whom even you'd eventually come to love.

Her father Torch was respectable as well, but clearly despite Garble and the other teen stereotypes still being a bit detestable, there's no denying that Ember's still another lovable dragon in Equestria even after Spike since Day 1 of the series in genreal. Speaking of...

Number 9


Spike "I think your sisters" S4E19
When it comes to development throughout every episode he's shined best in, Spike has done so well, that he's really done good even in terrible episodes (like his understand personalities in both Spike at Your Service and Princess Spike despite all the hatred they often recieve). Whether people agree with it or not, Spike is undoubtably an underrated character even for a primary one. He may have sung possibly the worst song of the series to this day; A Changeling Can Change (The Times They Are A Changeling) (which I also have to call overrated in that manner as well, but as I was saying...) Whilst most of the Mane Six have developed as expertly as him, Spike still proves to be a powerful character through his characteristic traits of what a real lovable hero can be.

Many of his good moments include both times when he saved the Crystal Empire twice, the time he (and Ember) helped save Equestria from the possibly of the other sadist dragons ruling over, and just any other good moment he's had since. I mean seriously, (other than maybe one or two dark spots throughout the show) what's not to love about him?

Number 8

Countess "Rara" Coloratura

Coloratura smiling at the audience S5E24
Beautiful, sympathetic, talented. Great combination, right? For this guest star voiced pony, it's honestly the accurate collection traits to make her both attractive and lovable. She's easy to sympathize with after looking at her backstory she had with Applejack, and her incredible singing talent, especially with The Magic Inside, she's really one to make her tear up with her lyrics within her stellar song.

Lena Hall may not be as iconic as other guest stars the show could have in the near future, but even if she was, she still makes for one of my favorite characters of both Season 5 and the main series in this franchise's fourth generation. Just forget about her sadist manager (a.k.a. Svengallop).

Number 7

Vapor Trail

Vapor Trail "Sky doesn't need anypony's help" S6E24
Even if fans love mainly for her extremely beautiful looks for a pegasus, you also gotta give her points for her sympathetic backstory and adorably lovely personality, not to mention how much of a good friend she proves herself to be for Sky Stinger (an underrated character for this series). But that's not all; she's also realistic in her personality and just how determined she tries to be. When you look at her and Sky, they seem a bit like Mike & Sulley of Pixar's prequel to Monsters Inc.; Monsters University. If people agree that they'd be a great shipping since in some cases even your best friend of the opposite sex can eventually become your soul mate, then I could agree as well, but they will forever be partners in crime, and I'll ship them forever.

I've seen plenty of fan-made artwork for her, and I gotta say all of you who made those pieces of art; RAD!

Number 6


Fluttershy "inside your house?" S6E2
The only Mane Six member in my Top Ten, Andrea Libman's characters during Season 6 seemed to be handled the best minus P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) for Pinkie (although to be fair if did give her enough credit, she'd, spoiler alert, start of my Top Fifteen out all my favorite characters I consider). She's just full of good development when it comes to Season 6; Flutter Brutter, Dungeons & Discords (even if she was only in the first few minutes of the episode), Buckball Season, Viva Las Pegasus. She's even been good in those episodes that ended up being some of the worst of the season (like (uuugggghhhh...) 28 Pranks Later). Even if her old self seems a little underrated, I feel that dishonor goes to Rainbow Dash and the Season 6 persona of Twilight.

But getting back to the good things about Equestria's Element of Kindness, she has to be my favorite pegasus of the series to this day, and for her improved traits of her true character, I'm hoping Season 7 won't wreck it for the worst like Season 5's second half partially did. (Scare Master, anypony?)

Number 5

Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer looks at Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts S5E12
Undoubtably the most sympathetic character of the show, she's one character whom can bring you into tears thanks to her mental breakdown near the very end of Amending Fences after learning of her tragic backstory. And for Season 5 characters, to me, this pony and Coloratura both had what other characters like Tree Hugger and Svengallop didn't - realistic charisma and development. Despite that Coloratura's episode (The Mane Attraction) being slightly better than Fences, Moon Dancer has to be the better character simply because I can relate to her, and that she clearly knows how to make an audience feel for her.

I mean sure, she may not be extremely hilarious, but does humor in characters entirely? No. As long as you give them the charm and charisma they deserve, then they're good. And yes, she does seem like another Twilight wannabe what with her similarities to Twilight's old personality in the pilot episode, but all good things considered, she really deserves more than enough love as it's really just impossible for me to hate her.

Number 4

Quibble Pants

Quibble Pants "she did way more of that" S6E13
Now he's what you'd call a decisive choice for a character. Why? Because he's often hated for his bizarre personality on judging the newer Daring Do issues in Stranger Than Fan Fiction. If you ask me though, even if he's a good character you love to hate, I personally just love him for how relatable he is to my own self on the show's current mojo nowadays. Adding to his charm and charisma is the voice that Patton Oswalt provides for him and this just adds to more of his awesomeness as a favorable character in my book. There's just so much to admire about him for me even if he may slip up at least once or twice. (But really I digress) And whether or not it feels weird for me to say this; it seems I can't help but include characters who have majorly iconic guest star celebrities. (Although I still don't even know about Mr. Obnoxious Space Captain (a.k.a. William Shatner) since he's rude both to his fans and his co-workers as I've moaned about countless times)

No matter where I rank them though, I feel they all deserve a special place in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere for their sense of charisma and their awesome minor voiceovers by guest stars. And Oswalt certainly delivers that for Quibble excellently!

Number 3

Cheese Sandwich

Cheese pops out of Equestria map S4E12
Speaking of guest star actors, Oswalt's and Weird Al Yankovic's characters are both on the exact same levels of awesome traits and personalities for themselves, but Cheese is also more entertaining Quibble (not to brag), and though Fan Fiction may be slightly better than Pinkie Pride for it's plot feeling more like that of a brony convention, the episode and pony that made me a brony nearly three years ago, deserves a spot among the best of the best episodes/characters. Oswalt and Yankovic are both who you'd call celebrity nerds, but between the two, the main reason why Cheese is slightly higher is because... I wouldn't be in the fandom without him (as you all know) via the Goof Off scene with Pinkie. I may not relate to him quite as much as I do Quibble, but with talented vocals as Yankovic has always had and a charming personality, Cheese is the character who deserves all the love he receives whether or not I can relate to him and his antics strongly.

Number 2

Sunset Shimmer

Sunset "that's really impressive" EG2
Oringally lower on my countdown of favorite MLP characters only starting off my Top Fifteen, I feel that's a bit harsh to put a character that low on my favorite characters list. The reason is because Sunset's a strong character in the main franchise that was handled properly in both her redemption and her arc throughout the spinoff films, unlike Starlight Glimmer (whom I've moaned about already, and am currently just neutral towards only for the fact that I'm mainly having hope that she'll be handled much better in Season 7 obviously). She wasn't instantly forgiven immediately after her change of heart in the first film unlike Starlight in the painful The Cutie Re-Mark, which means redemptions really need time to develop properly, and that her personality gets better and better as she progresses over the years.

Even if the EG sequels after Rainbow Rocks aren't even good, Sunset Shimmer is still the only silver lining to them as Discord is to To Where and Back Again, not to mention Spike in the bankrupt The Crystalling (as I said). The only other problem I have with her is her cliched demon form (which I really hate demons in that manner), but other than that, I just have absolutely no complaints about her overall character.

Honorable Mentions

Number 1


Discord "you say 'doomed'" S6E25

Should it be any real surprise that the comedic, Q-inspired, legend still finds himself untouched in my category of my favorite characters even after how Neal Dusedau derailed him for the worst? I don't think so... Since most of you who've come to know me for the past two and a half years, there's still the same reasons why he's just that impossible to loathe (except for What About Discord?, but let's just forget about that); his humor, John de Lancie's voiceover work on him, and soooooo much charisma/personality. Even if you hated him whether it was because he was reformed eventually, or because of his worst performance back in Season 5's second half, you're entitled to your own opinion (which I still respect no matter what) obviously, but that's still kinda nonsensical by my standards.

He also gets major points for being redeemed back to his normal self in Season 6 as I said, and on the fact that Confalone was surprisingly good at writing for him as everyone else, including Haber and Vogel, who made him a major character in any episode he made an appearance in (minus Dusedau of course). So even if he's still lost just a little bit of mojo after his only unacceptable role, he's still my overall favorite for everything else that makes him who he's meant to be. He started off great as a villain to live up to his name as first before being reformed, so there's really nothing wrong with that. Extremely humorous, an attractive personality, and one heck of an iconic voice, sometimes I still wish that he'd make more appearances before the show comes to a close. (I still respect de Lancie's choice on not playing him more often though)

Do you agree with my picks? Comment below for answers from me.