Top Ten My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes So Far (Seasons 1-4)

Twilight friends S1E02

They're the ones that are definately the most lesson worthy of the show. Welcome to my blog and here I'm counting down one of my biggest subjects on this wiki: The Top Ten My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic Episodes (of the first four seasons). For my list of my favorite episodes from My Little Pony I've chosen them based on their plots, memorably spectacular moments, and their lessons of friendship that they've taught me. And just to let you know the messages/morals of these episodes aren't the biggest focus on them, but mainly for how excellent their plotlines where paced. This is only my opinion, and I've changed it several times overtime, so don't be strongly judgemental or outrageous and just respect my opinion if you don't see your personal favorites on this Top Ten. I'm also excluding any Season 5 episodes cause while I thought about putting like maybe a couple of them on this list, I feel I should wait until its finale since it would kind of be unfair for me to leave out any upcoming episodes that just might make this countdown someday/sometime later.

#10: Friendship Is Magic

Twilight shocked S01E01

Being the pilot episode of this colorful and iconic cartoon, the original episode was quite the way to start this series off as to learning about friendship and how it all began with high IQ protagonist Twilight Sparkle. Starting off with teaching the audience (bronies, pegasisters or not) about how to take an interest in people, or in this case of the show, ponies, Friendship Is Magic was a good pilot plot for this animated show back in October 2010, showing how Twilight and her faithful assistant Spike, along with her other 5 best friends (who are also part of the elements of harmony): Applejack (Honest), Fluttershy (Kind), Pinkie Pie (Laughing), Rarity (Generous), and Rainbow Dash (Loyal), seek out to find the elements of harmony and save Equestria from the eternal night of Nightmare Moon (along with saving Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria). One of those morals that reminds me of the best way to try to blend in with others, this episode also now gave me the best way to start off conversations with others that I've never befriended before (though I've hardly ever done so in my life). It might not have had it's own page on Wikipedia unlike more episodes you'll see on this list but it's by no means not worth watching to start the show off and it certainly deserved all the praise it recieved from some fans, if not any critics.

#9: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

CMC in front of Rainbow Dash S1E23

You'll notice some episodes that you'd probably considered having in your Top Ten, like Lesson Zero and Party of One are absent from my list here. While they were admittingly really good ones, I can't really help but consider them a little overrated. So I've personally found some overshadowed episodes that hardly ever have been on any other Top Ten countdowns about MLP to better than others (Like the two I just mentioned) cause this obivously, as I always annoyingly point out, is just my own opinion. The first MLP episode that got it's own page on Wikipedia, The Cutie Mark Chronicles was one that was full of amazingly detailed backstories, and in this case we get every backstory from all 6 members of the Mane Six (while the Cutie Mark Crusaders go around Ponyville just to find Rainbow Dash). Which also happens to tell just how they had a special connection with each other before they even met. The backstories were intesting to both listen to and watch due to showing how all 6 of our mane characters earned their cutie marks as well. So it definately deserved all of it's praise (and a spot on my list here) as well even if it didn't get or have a page of it's own on Wikipedia. And in my eyes it's arguably the best episode in all of Season 1.

#8: Keep Calm and Flutter On

Discord eyes Fluttershy through magnifying glass S03E10

Ever since Season 2's premiere episode, Discord became well known among both bronies and pegasisters, along with some critics who have learned so much about the show. If there's anything that this series is teaching me, it's that friendships can sometimes be formed with even your greatest and/or worst enemies. And this episode of MLP is just how it says so. After freeing Discord from his stone statue prison, it's now Fluttershy's duty, which has been requested by Celestia, to try and reform the troublemaker for good instead of evil, even giving the Mane 6's Elements of Harmony a protection spell. What gives Discord's 2nd episode a spot on this list of mine, whether or not you know me very well, is the fact that out of the entire show he's my favorite overall character. In other words: I'm basically a Die Hard Discord fan. I think this one deserves to be one of the series' best episodes of all time for him alone. Some might have hated this just cause one of the show's best villains becomes reformed, but that's just because some can't stand having a great antagonist like Discord become reformed. I can see why somepony would hate this one, but I don't even care what they say cause I still love this episode anyway.

A must-watch even if you're not a fan of Discord himself.

#7: Three's A Crowd

Discord serpent S4E11

Like Keep Calm and Flutter On, this is another one that some have hated (besides the obvious fact that Discord still remains reformed, which to me is honestly the best thing about him) because of how *poorly* the pacing, the story and message was about how even roughly choatic days can sometimes bring you closer to a good friend (and in this episode it was Twilight and her new sister-in-law Cadence's case). But I must strongly disagree and defend this episode! The story was basically all about Discord faking his sickness just to test his friendship with Twilight, but that's not the only reason as to why it's an awesome plot. Besides featuring my favorite character in the show (go figure), it's one that also showed a little singing talent from Discord's voice actor John de Lancie in the middle of the episode as well as a spectacular fight between both of the princesses and a giant monsterous Tatzlwurm. It's also arguably one of the show's funniest episodes ever, if not THE funniest. (I also think Discord is the show's funniest character ever.) The episode's humor starts off right after the first commercial break when Discord does all of the weirdest and craziest things with his fake *blu flu* sickness/cold. This episode was so amazingly incredible that Discord even got an equally sucessful and outstanding Season 5 episode even after his appearance in the Season 4 finale.

#6: A Canterlot Wedding

Shining Armor and Cadance looking down to the crowd S2E26

Most of My Little Pony's two-part episodes are arguably the best this series has to offer. And A Canterlot Wedding is one prime example of that. Like most of the other two-part episodes in this show (and The Cutie Mark Chronicles), its another one that unexpectedly got a Wikipedia page of its own. This two-part story centers around the Mane Six, primarilly Twilight (like with every other two-part plot) as she searchs for the real Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, better known as Cadence, after nearly being fooled by an imposturous doppleganger of her. Among critics A Canterlot Wedding has been stated by Todd VanDerWerff of the A.V. Club to be one reason why it's one of the best programs for children and even recommended it to any skeptical viewers about this series' popularity as well as stated by New York Daily News critic David Hinckley that this episode would also appeal to older viewers and not just the younger ones. This episode even earned Cadence's voice actress Britt McKillip an award for her incredible singing performance of (considered among most to be the best song in the show let alone in this episode) "This Day Aria". Some critics even praised what is arguably one of the best moments MLP:FIM history being the epic fight between the six mane characters and Queen Chrysalis' army of Changelings. With all of these accomplishments and incredible aspects, A Canterlot Wedding is undeniably a beauty for ponies (the way of saying "people" in MLP) of all ages to watch.

#5: The Return of Harmony

Discord with his umbrella S2E1

When you think chaos, and if you've watched any R-rated movies I'm about to mention here, the first things/movies that might come to your mind are blood-tastic films like Django Unchained, Kill Bill, Casino, Goodfellas, or just any ultra violent flicks from directors Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese or just any other directors who direct(ed) some of the most violent movies in cinema history. But when you combine chaos with My Little Pony you'd at least get the appropriate kind of chaos that kids can appreciate watching and experiencing if this ever were to happen at anytime in reality. Also being Discord's debut episode, this plot, as with pretty much every two-part story centers around the Mane Six as they fight him to save Equestria from his diasterous madness by searching for the Elements of Harmony that he hid from them. Besides the humor Discord gave everypony who has seen this two-part plot, he also showed how much of a truly developed character let alone a former antagonist he can truly can be what with how much he lives up to his name. All of these aspects of which were executed perfectly by writer M.A. Larson. Another episode of which also got its own Wikipedia page which has been considered among critics to "plain awesome" as a My Little Pony version of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And it might have been considered to be a little rushed, but who cares? It's still a popcorn thriller. And towards the end of the episode it interestingly made a reference to Men in Black, while the episode's ending resembled the same ending as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. So if you want to give your kids (if you ever have some) an appropriate type of chaos as shown from movies/TV then The Return of Harmony certainly delievers that kind.

#4: The Crystal Empire

Main 6 singing around a table S3E1

Being the most viewed episode of any season premiere opon its airing on any Hub Network (renamed Discovery Family) show back in November 2012, this two-part episode has been viewed by over half a million viewers as well as around 323,000 households as stated on its own Wikipedia page. Starting off by taking place in Ponyville, our protagonist Twilight has been called by Celestia to prepare for an intensely important test which happens to be within one of the newest places we're first introduced to in Season 3 being the Crystal Empire. The test? Saving the empire itself from antagonist (wicked) King Sombra. The Return of Harmony might have been awesome what with first introducing my personal favorite character in the entire show but I had to give this two-part plot a higher spot for its newly creative environments of the empire. The Crystal Empire has even been awarded a full 5-star rating by Unleash the Fanboy critic Daniel Alvarez and even considered it to be "a truly great premiere to a great show" with a "pretty much perfect" premise. But despite admitting that it provided to be a good adventure and comedy, Noel Kirkpatrick of found that between some of the episode's plot elements featured disconnection between our mane characters, Sombra's rule and/or even the events on Celestia's test. Aside from the fact that he also considered Sombra to be an undeveloped villain who was just...there (despite his admittingly good design). With all of these grudges aside though, The Crystal Empire is one heck of a thrill ride that is another must-watch for everypony.

#3: Princess Twilight Sparkle

Twilight and Discord "you totally deserve it" S4E01

You might wonder why I'm putting Twilight's first real episode as a princess after the Season 3 finale above most of the others on this countdown; Because out of all of Twilight's episodes of character development I feel this one has given her the most out of it. Starting off with adjusting to her new wings, Twilight later has been informed by some of Canterlot's royal guards that Celestia and her younger nighttime sister Luna have gone missing after a strange invasion of sticker-like plants invade Ponyville which all started from the Everfree Forest. I feel this episode gives not just the show's protagonist more development in terms of who a character is or can be but also to both princesses of Equestria and Discord as well. The reason for this is that this episode has a few scenes of flashbacks whenever Twilight sips a strange potion from Zecora, a zebra who puts rhymes into all of her own dialouge. It might not have been hugely popular enough to have its own Wikipedia page but it still recieved positive reviews among critics who have reviewed other well known episodes in this series. So if you're a die hard fan of Twilight Sparkle and if you really want more character development out of her, then I highly recommend you give this episode a shot. Actually, whether or not you are a Twilight fan, still watch this anyway.

#2: Pinkie Pride

Pinkie Pie and Cheese singing together S4E12

If you've ever wanted to see an MLP episode with a special guest, then writer Amy Keaton Rogers has answered your question surely by giving you a special talented singer guest in Pinkie Pride, which primarily focuses on Pinkie Pie's title as a super duper party pony (of mainly Ponyville) being put at risk during the events of Rainbow Dash's birthaversary. Introducing the audience to argubly one of the show's best characters of all time (and my personal favorite pony in the entire show), Pinkie Pride instantly gave us a another/new hilarous super duper party pony known as Cheese Sandwich. Probably the biggest reason why Cheese is loved among most and why more and more new school music-lovers have watched this masterpiece of a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode is for, aside from his obvious (and sometimes Laugh-Out-Loud) singing talent, (you guessed it) "Weird Al" Yankovich. Pinkie Pride has also made some the best songs in MLP history, the most favorited among some being The Super Duper Party Pony. I personally found none of the episode's songs to lame, unlikable, or just boring to listen to like with most of the show's other songs. And Weird Al is just that reason. This has even been praised by critics as a "really good episode and a very nice look at Pinkie Pie as a character" (Daniel Alvarez), along with Weird Al's character performance being like "a male version of Pinkie Pie" and even a perfect 10/10 rating from Freakin' Awesome Network critic Raymond Gallant. There's no denying that this episode is not only one of the best of Season 4, but also one of the best episodes in all of MLP (by far).

(And in my eyes, Pinkie Pride is easily the show's best normal-length episode to date.)

Honorable Mentions

Before I discuss my top (and probably my most obvious/predictable) pick, here are some honorable mentions:

#1: Twilight's Kingdom

Main cast impressed by throne room S4E26

If you're looking for an MLP:FIM episode that is well-paced, spectacularly stunning, and just plain Epic, look no further than Twilight's Kingdom. A plot that teaches (pretty much) everypony that there's nothing worth more than friendship, this episode centers once again around MLP:FIM's protagonist Twilight while she searchs for the last key to the Chest of Harmony from the Tree of Harmony (as seen in Season 4's premiere episode), while the other 5 have already found theirs in 5 other previous episodes of Season 4. Also introducing us to a new antagonist, being a magic-stealing centaur known as Lord Tirek, this was another episode that truly gave audiences a well told storyline. Stated as having/carrying a "Frozen-y empowering theme" (and a sly Godfather reference) to it, a writer from Entertainment Weekly even gave this MLP two-parter an amazing grade of an "A-". James Zahn from The Rock Father stated that "being an excited pair of of My Little Pony will be discussing these episodes for sometime to come." He also wrote that Tirek was like the Emperor Palpatine to Discord's Darth Vader, and that he was exciting with a dash of that classic 80s evil. Even like Pinkie Pride, Alvarez (from again; Unleash the Fanboy) also gave this masterful piece of work a perfect 10/10 rating aside from pointing out that Tirek is easily the best villain of the series, and also compared what is honestly the best moment in My Little Pony history to Dragon Ball Z, the duel between the protagonist of the series and the antagonist of this episode. This was highly due to those visually spectacular seqence moments of the firing of lasers between the two rivals. Every combination of that is awesome and makes it another popcorn thriller to sit through. With all of this pointed out, the end result aside from being written by writer Meghan McCarthy, who's arguably the best writer of the show, (who also wrote the plotlines for Three's a Crowd and every two-parter after The Return of Harmony), is not only THE best episode of Season 4, and out of all of the two-part episodes of this colorfully amazing cartoon, also featuring the show's best villain to date, and by far the series' best moment ever, but Twilight's Kingdom is EASILY the show's Best Overall Episode to date! (So it's basically like the best of everything this show has to offer...mostly!)

Do you agree with my list?

What My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes so far taught you so much about friendship?

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