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Top Ten My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Songs (Seasons 1-5)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Whether or not it's your favorite cartoon of all time, brony or pegasister, you can not deny the major status of their music. With lots of songs in its soundtrack, the music of Friendship Is Magic is just downright legendary even if you don't like them that much and just prefer the narratives of most of their episodes (if not all of them). From classic songs with a feel of the franchise's previous generations to beautifully orchestrated tracks from some of the show's best episodes of all time, this show's music more often than not is just plain catchy...

Even though My Little Pony's 6th season premiere has now aired, it's time to celebrate the music of this generation of MLP. Here, I present my personal (Top) ten favorite songs from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic...

So now, sit back, relax, and most of all, enjoy the show's awesome music.

#10: Smile Song (A Friend in Deed)

Smile Song03:25

Smile Song

The rest of the episode for me is not re-watchable (mainly for how personal I can relate to Pinkie's moments with Cranky) most of the time and is rather overrated than it is favorable. But hey, we get an awesome song from Pinkie, as it's just one way of showing how she really can make even me smile while listening to her song's true catchiness.

It even surprises me that Cheese Sandwich copied some of it in The Goof Off song in Pinkie Pride (but more on him later), and you know what? It was just (as Rainbow Dash would say it) 20% cooler...

#9: Apples to the Core (Pinkie Apple Pie)

Apples to the Core02:31

Apples to the Core

As much as I could re-watch this episode over and over again for various reasons, I could listen to its song countless times since it just suits the feel of going on a family road trip. Sometimes it makes me think of going on a trip myself, whether or not I take my family or friends... or both, with me. Those banjos are especially an addition that makes this all the more awesome and super catchy on so many levels. So yeah, Levinger and the orchestrators of this song just KNEW it was going to be good.

#8: Welcome to the Show (Rainbow Rocks)

Welcome to the Show With Lyrics - My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Song05:54

Welcome to the Show With Lyrics - My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Song

More than that Goof Off music battle between both Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, we get an even better battle between both the Rainbooms and one of the franchise's best villains ever, The Dazzlings. Its song is just so intense, that you're practically glued to the edge of your seat to see if the Rainbooms can win the battle, especially considering that moment where Sunset Shimmer steps in to help her friends finish off the three baddies. So overall, it's an epic and wicked cool song that suits the battle very well...

What more do I really need to say here?

#7: The Super Duper Party Pony (Pinkie Pride)

The Super Duper Party Pony Song - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Season 401:52

The Super Duper Party Pony Song - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Season 4

Weird Al Yankovic may be one of the main reasons why I became a part of the fandom unexpectedly, but does that automatically mean one of the best songs he's ever sung in Pinkie Pride make it my personal favorite of all time? Survey says: "No!" I mean yeah, Weird Al is obviously talented, but there wasn't anything new within his talent in any of his songs despite the situations in which they all played in were suited perfectly.

I didn't want to make my list extremely predictable by giving The Super Duper Party Pony a really high entry on this list. Plus, because other voice actors had talent in their singing that I've never heard before (those of which each surprised me), I thought I might give them something more since Weird Al has obvious talent that we've heard before. But despite this, his performance is worth winning an award for (which I believe it already has, but anyway).

#6: Glass of Water (Three's A Crowd)

Glass of Water01:54

Glass of Water

Not to be confused with the Coldplay song of the same name. Glass of Water has to be one of My Little Pony's most underrated music tracks. Hands down one of the best things about this has to be all of the crazy things that Discord does to Twilight and Cadance while the song plays out. And you know what's even more awesome about this song? John de Lancie gives a fantastic sprechgesang-style performance of (both) singing (and speaking) in the song which was just outstanding for an old-timer.

So yeah, an awesome song from an awesome character in an awesome episode!

#5: This Day Aria (A Canterlot Wedding)

This Day Aria 1080p02:12

This Day Aria 1080p

Yes, for your sake, I AM including the best song considered by most to be on this list! There's a lot for me to explain, but to be clear, as I said before, I did not want to make this list so predictable so that most (if not all) of you would instantly guess just what I give the cake to. (At least if you haven't heard me admit my actual favorite on PLENTY of Friendship Is Magic-related websites.) I would have put this maybe a bit higher, but I'm not really into Chrysalis' reprise of the song (without Cadence's real voice of course).

#4: At the Gala (The Best Night Ever)

The Gala Song (At the Gala) MLP Friendship Is Magic HD03:18

The Gala Song (At the Gala) MLP Friendship Is Magic HD

This is what makes The Best Night Ever a good episode for me since we have THE ENTIRE GALA singing with the Mane Six. From the beautiful orchestration at the start of the song, to the smooth tone of Rarity's part, to even the epic rock guitar tone on Rainbow Dash's part, and the bouncy feel of Pinkie's, and another calm tone on Twilight's, (and of course the obvious background ponies singing as a choir with our Mane characters,) there's just absolutely nothing to despise about this beauty of an MLP song.

#3: My Past is Not Today (Rainbow Rocks - Animated Shorts)

MLP Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "My Past is Not Today" Music Video03:02

MLP Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks - "My Past is Not Today" Music Video

I've never heard of this song before until I saw it on Zach Wanzer's/The Railfan Brony's favorite song section of both the actual series and the EG spinoff films as well via his most recent controversy meme of My Little Pony on Deviantart. And guess what? It's just THAT awesome-tastic!! It really captures the feel of Sunset Shimmer expressing her true self and why she's willing to let go of her past and move on, even though it can be difficult most of the time.

Okay. So this is technically a song that is a part of Rainbow Rocks in a certain sense, but only being in the shorts instead of the actual movie is just enough for the song to qualify for this list. There's literally nothing wrong with this song and the more I listen to it, the better it gets in every sense of the way.

#2: The Magic Inside (The Mane Attraction)

Song The Magic Inside (I Am Just A Pony) - My little Pony (The Mane Attraction)02:21

Song The Magic Inside (I Am Just A Pony) - My little Pony (The Mane Attraction)

Lena Hall is just THAT talented. Since I'm one who's never heard anything about her until this episode of Friendship Is Magic, it unexpectedly just goes to show how powerful of a singing voice she has within this fantastic and downright touching song. I mean, it's just so moving that you'll be shedding a tear or two once you hear the beauty of Rara's voice as it plays out.

The problem that keeps it from being Number One though? There's nothing immensely beautiful or soothing enough in the situation it's used in (unlike the song) (not even some beautiful choreography) when Rara doesn't do much but play her piano, which is a bit of a waste if you ask me.

#1: We'll Make Our Mark (Crusaders of the Lost Mark)

We'll Make Our Mark - Song MLP FiM02:37

We'll Make Our Mark - Song MLP FiM

Whether you either guessed it correctly or you already found out about it before I even published this countdown, there are plenty of good reasons why I put this at Number One. But this of course really has nothing to do with the rest of the episode before the song in general.

This song basically gets everything right. Tearjerking beauty, great orchestration, well done lyrics from both the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their sisters, and like Hearts Strong As Horses; INSPIRATION! The Cutie Mark Crusaders have had plenty of awesome songs in the series... with some exceptions. But this as you now know tops my countdown of my favorite songs from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic for everything I just mentioned about it as to why it's my personal favorite.

It's tearjerking like Rara's song (like I said), the use of it was inspirational and just suits the mood of it very well, it's just everything I like in a My Little Pony song that this technically/arguably IS My Little Pony. It's also nice to see a bunch of flashbacks from previous episodes of the Crusaders, cause this tune perfectly captures their true reward of earning their marks in this episode and showing that they truly tried their hardest and ultimately succeeded in the very end of this Season 5 masterpiece (which is, as you may know, one of the biggest reasons why it's undeniably the best installment of the season, let alone one of the best of all time).

All of this once again not only makes for one of the best MLP songs ever, but easily my favorite song of the series to date for EVERYTHING I love about it. It's absolute perfection.

Honorable Mentions

Do you agree with my list?

What's your favorite My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic song?

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