Twilight "The crystal library is enormous!" S6E2

A lot of episodes may be worthy of praise, but these outings don't exactly deserve the status that they're clearly at. For this list, I'm looking at well known episodes of the show that I feel don't quite deserve that particular level of rep given by fans. I'm not saying all of these episodes are bad, in fact, some of them are admirable. But this list isn't about how good (or bad) they are, this list mainly focuses on my thoughts on them as to why I feel they've gotten too much attention and earned more than they should've gotten upon first airing. This may be just my own opinion, but this is my current status on these episodes now that we've all gotten past Season 6, and that Season 7 won't be airing for another month. So let's begin...

The Top Ten

Number 10

Dungeons & Discords

Discord, Spike, and Big Mac around the Cutie Map S6E17
I think any episode with Discord having a major staring role (minus What About Discord? and To Where and Back Again of course) can be considered good, but Dungeons & Discords isn't quite favorable enough for me to call great. Don't get me wrong when I say I think its concept and plot were both greater than other episodes I personally favor, but my main problem is how it barely lives up to its title and that it takes absolutely no place in a dungeon whatsoever. Instead, for most of the plot we have wonky pacing where the board is basically explained by Spike instead of Discord immediately bringing it to life to make its plot more realistic.

Now I won't disrespect any of you who like any of the episodes you'll be seeing on this countdown so much, but I feel among some of you, all of these entries aren't criticize clearly enough with any flaws they might have. But getting back to Dungeons, thank Celestia though this at least brought Discord's potential back after Neal Dusedau nearly destroyed (or more appropriately, got rid of) it towards the end of Season 5.

Number 9

Green Isn't Your Color

Photo Finish disproves of Fluttershy's outfit S1E20
I find all of McCarthy's episodes to be spot on (at least the ones she's written the teleplay for), but they aren't all favorable or perfect. If there's one thing Green Isn't Your Color isn't, its rewatchable. The reason for this (at least for me) is that Photo Finish has an obnoxious personality that I really can't stand, and that Rarity often gets rejected. I will admit the message that comes across it is great, but the plot really doesn't make for something I'd look back on. A decent effort by McCarthy, but giving Fluttershy too much credit and rejecting Rarity isn't something I like to sit through more than just one time (and one time only).

Number 8

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Luna "I am no better now than I was then" S5E13
Now this is no doubt a divisive choice for an episode. (Or should I basically just say MOST- if not all of these entries are) But this is the episode where Princess Luna lost all of her mojo she once had and instead was derailed into a dangerous crybaby to Equestria for the second time. And to think, she did that just cause she harmed Equestria when she was only possessed as Nightmare Moon even before the show's pilot's plot. And I have to say it no longer holds up as something admirable for me since now that I look at it more clearly, the moral was atrocious - and also something dangerous to teach children. The one and only reason people ever instantly favor this is because of all the action it provided as to making everypony's dreams clever, but really, all of them (the Mane Six's specifically) are all cliched and not very interesting. A TV episode really should not be praised for any visual effects or concept. These are plots I'm talking about. And so if they aren't properly constructed enough to tell a real story with heart, then they fail their purpose to exist even for their shows.

I've also made another comment on Luna's character on my second collab with Zack Wanzer the Railfan Brony, and to sum Luna up best nowadays: "Pinkie slandering about her in Luna Eclipsed is bad enough, not to mention she's often treated like Starlight when it comes to turning characters into nothing but pointless plot devices, but the fact that Magic Sheep completely wrecked her true character is honestly proof enough that even die-hard Luna fans really need to look more clearly at her personality, and not just (and only) the things that she's capable of doing. (Because really, we obviously blame Scott Sonneborn for ruining her)." And no disrespect or offense to any of you who love Luna so much, but for those of you who like only for what she can do, you really should not judge her only for she can do because as Bridle Gossip taught us all; "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Number 7

Sweet and Elite

Rarity's friends meet her in Canterlot S2E9
Meghan McCarthy never ceases to impress me with her writing, but Color and Elite don't earn or win my attention or praise over. Rarity has been a great character despite losing a bit of mojo during Season 6 (see my second collab with the Railfan Brony for more details), but here, she was a little too overracting, and the rest of the Mane Six felt more like embarrassing nincompoops than their true characters as to think about Rarity equally as much as she clearly thought about Twilight at first during her visit to Canterlot. I feel this isn't criticized enough in that one particular sense, and a lot consider it to be the best of the season...or at least better than others that had more humorous and realistic plots than this. I can respect McCarthy's ideas for delivering morals throughout innovative plots, but no writer of any particular TV series in general is perfect. (And the less said about her involvement with writing 28 Pranks Later's story the better)

Number 6

The Last Roundup

Rainbow Dash shouting at Derpy S2E14
Applejack's performance in The Last Roundup is not watchable one despite the clever moral that came across the episode's plot. Unfortunately, it seems a lot people also adore it only because of how writer Amy Keating Rogers gave Derpy Hooves a brief speaking role (of only like a minute or two) that also caused major controversy that, according to the internet, offended the disabled. And frankly many call it better than it should be considered for what it teaches. I do have to admit it's good, but Applejack's performance is one I can't stand here even though mean-spirited acts can be done right when it comes to teaching audiences important lessons about friendship even in the slightest.

Number 5

A Friend in Deed

Pinkie Pie and Cranky "it's awfully pretty" S02E18
And here we have an episode I can relate to strongly via Pinkie's process of stalking Cranky. The moral is also too predictable and is a reminder of all my days of not giving my former friends in school enough space (but all of them are just my acquaintances nowadays) - something of which I don't like to be reminded of. Now sometimes I can and sometimes I can't let go of my past, but if there's anything I'd like to forget, it's all of the embarrassing and stupid aspects of my life like stalking some of my former friends. This may be worth showing to those who went through those similar problems like me, but I don't really like looking back on it. Plus, Pinkie already knows better than this and other plots in Season 2 have been more complex and gripping. On the flipside of the good stuff that make it at least admirable enough, this doesn't act mean-spirited in the wrong way and makes Cranky an understandable character for his own personality and backstory.

Number 4

Stare Master

Screaming CMCs S1E17
I was tempted to include Scare Master, but Stare Master hasn't gotten quite enough judgement in a few aspects like the second Nightmare Night episode has. First off; the moral's pathetically predictable that even the most naive kids would figure out just by reading the episode's plot description. Second; the Crusaders were rather annoying and completely stupid here than they were their normal selves. And third; Fluttershy really knows better than what was going through her head when making the decision to watch over the Crusaders here. Honestly, even Keep Calm and Flutter On did this plot better since Discord was more humorous as his usual self during redemption than the Crusaders were for this averagely fair effort by former writer Chris Savino. Discord also has more humor to himself than most other characters do. And I've seen the Crusaders act as mature as possible throughout everything they've ever starred in, but here, they to me were nothing but irritating four year olds.

Besides, when it comes to Fluttershy-centered episodes, this is often the first thing even besides die hear Fluttershy fans that most people feel like watching. Seriously though, other outings like Hurricane Fluttershy, Dragonshy, and Flutter On were more realistic and charming than this annoying but acceptable chapter.

Number 3

The Times They Are A Changeling

Cadance extends friendship to Thorax S6E16
I may be sounding more and more similar with the Railfan Brony on opinions on the show's episodes (minus others like Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Cutie Mark Chronicles, and Baby Cakes), but The Times They Are A Changeling makes my list because I think too many people praise it even ignoring how the ending just ruined its possible decency. Spike's song also hasn't gotten at least a small bit of real criticism since Cathy Wesluck's admittedly talented singing was wasted on A Changeling Can Change's lyrics on what the song itself represents. Starlight's part seems nonsensical and most people like it cause Starlight makes a pointless appearance, but it also gets major "overrated" points for not developing Thorax enough as to making him a decent character. If Hasbro's really going to fix this episode up, they're going to have to at least avoid using a stupid song to rush its ending (with or without pointless roles like Starlight's, Sunburst's, or Flurry Heart's).

And I see this on dozens of best episodes of Season 6 episodes lists, and really thought it would've deserved it... If only Kevin Burke, Chris "Doc" Wyatt, and (partially) Michael Vogel... Did not. Rush. That. Ending.

Number 2

A Hearth's Warming Tail

Twilight talking about Snowfall Frost S6E8
I was tempted to include Confalone's Hearthbreakers instead, but A Hearth's Warming Tail earns this dishonor instead since it may have had a decent plot with rather hit-or-miss construction, but does it seriously deserve to be considered the best of the season? Or even the best holiday-themed episode of Friendship Is Magic? My answer to a big fat "no." It's also nothing exciting since it just rips off other Christmas-themed films like the franchise of A Christmas Carol and Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas with no new elements to make it something original of the franchise. I haven't watched A Very Minty Christmas from Gen. 3 of MLP, but I am not curious to watch that at all, as I prefer just to stick with this current 4th generation of ponies. Sure, it's the only exception I have to Starlight's forgettable and nonsensical roles in Season 6, but since a lot of people call its plotline gripping, it really doesn't even deserve to stand amongst the greatest Friendship Is Magic episodes of all time. All I really need from holiday-themed episodes of MLP is a newer idea of a plot like my most rewatchable episode (the first Hearth's Warming episode) with a gripping backstory of Equestria; Hearth's Warming Eve.

Dishonorable Mentions

Number 1

Slice of Life

Gummy watching ponies go flying S5E9

Pretty much every entry on this list is put on here for the fact that they overshadow and are often ranked higher than other episodes of their respective seasons by most, and Slice of Life is another example as one of the worst efforts of Season 5 by my standards. If you think it's cheating for me to include the show's so-called 100th *special* (when, in terms of a plot, the underrated Made in Manehattan is clearly the real 100th episode), then hear me out on just why SoL is far, FAR too overpraised.

Most people call it even the best episode of the series since it's very humorous and that the background ponies of Ponyville all get a shining role while the Mane Six get less than 5% of that screentime to at least be in the background. If I compared this to movies, it'd be the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of My Little Pony episodes. To put it precisely, basically everything about it was rushed. All of the background characters were given very little detail about them, their personalities aren't told enough like Discord's inside jokes in you-all-know-what, and to add insult to injury, Gummy's speech in that one scene was nothing but pointless and corny. The same can be said for Legend of Everfree, but Slice of Life's moral is harmless while Everfree's are all rather dangerous for those of all ages. The plot is uninteresting, and the laughs are nonexistent. I can praise its animation and sound design, but the fact that its plot is majorly confusing with too many personalities and stories crammed into one is enough proof that some of you should seriously judge an episode more by its story and not just its humor and facts about what it tries to do for once (like the fact that it just gives most background characters at least a few seconds of shining roles).

And it's also like Jack and Jill where it clearly has no real plot whatsoever.