Top Ten Reasons Why Discord Is Likable

Discord leans on the fourth wall "oopsy" S03E10

Fourth Wall Break

Whether or not he's one of your favorites, there's still plenty of excuses for you to like Discord as a character. I'm Game Player, and here I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Reasons Why Discord Is Likable. For this list, I'm looking at some Discord's greatest, coolest, and/or most appealing qualities about himself as to why he's a good character in the show. You might think he's done some objectionable stuff, which he has, but looking at these reasons as to why you can look past all of that, it's easy to see how you can like even a character with only a few small flaws. Also, I'm not forcing or saying you need to like him, but I'm honestly just making a few good points here as to why you should.

#10: He's Voiced by John de Lancie

Discord custom plush 3 by createdwithlove-d5fdn7q

Discord's Voice Actor, being Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Q".

For Die Hard Trekkies/Star Trek Fans, Discord has a voice actor who also plays a character that shares most of the same personality and character qualities as him, being a Star Trek Anti-Villain named Q. Although they share similar traits with each other, like snapping fingers to do crazy things with their powers, along with bright light teleporting, what sets them apart from each other is that Discord is considered to be a little more malicious than Q. Though being a neutral trickster, he seems to be more like him in that manner. De Lancie's other character was also considered to be the production's inspiration for Discord, in which they also had planned to find a voice actor who had a similar voice with de Lancie himself, but were thrilled when they later found out that they could have de Lancie voice over Discord instead. I myself found his voice to be quite suitable, that I honestly think Discord's voice should not be replaced at all. Judging from how mortal we all are though, I can say that if his voice actor dies, then to me, Discord himself dies, or maybe even the show in general, cause if there's one thing I don't like or want within cartoons, it's any character's voice being replaced with other voice actors, and if John de Lancie ever passes away anytime soon at an old age, then so would either his character, or the show, itself, since Discord is one of the series' most important "other" characters. But even still despite any of those things that could happen someday or sometime soon, I still would want the show to last for at least a few more years with a few more seasons. You really give good performances, Mr. de Lancie.

#9: He Messed with Fluttershy's Bunny Angel

Discord and Angel "I'm playing your owner for a fool" S03E10

"I'm playing your owner for a fool."

You know how much of a pain in the butt pets can be sometimes? Well, out of the entire show, Fluttershy's Bunny, Angel has to be the biggest of all of them. You'd think he'd never get what he deserves in the show at all, until Discord was left alone with him in Fluttershy's cottage for a little while. While Fluttershy went out for a little stroll and telling Discord to "make himself at home while she was gone", the former troublemaker basically took the "space to be himself" to cause a bit of chaos in the cottage, like in his old days in Ponyville, as well taking the advantage of humiliating her bunny, Angel, by picking a carrot out of his ear, hitting him with it, and scaring him by asking him "how does he like them" with his face on the carrot, causing the bad attitude bunny to scream like a girl in horror. In truth, I love seeing hatable characters get tortured in a "taste of your own medicine" way, and the way Angel Bunny got a little slap in the face was hilarious what with the lady scream. Sure, Discord might have tormented him briefly during Fluttershy's brief conversation with Twilight on how she can truly reform Discord, but this scene of how Angel got what he deserved was just amusing. I just wish stuff like this would happen to Fluttershy's demon attitude pet more often than not. And in the words of Discord during his debut in The Return of Harmony: "It's just too entertaining." You got that right, pal.

#8: He Tested His Friendship with Twilight

Discord shakes Twilight's hoof S4E11

Congratulations to Twilight for passing his test.

One of the biggest reasons why Three's a Crowd is one of my best episodes of all time even though it's really underrated is because of Discord's appearence, for the obvious fact that he's my favorite character in the entire show. And this reason as to why he's so likable is one such example. After seeking help from Twilight to take care of him when he got *sick* with the "blu flu", Discord askes if he can stay at Twilight's place until he's all better. As the plot progressed on, it's revealed toward the very end of the episode that he was faking his sickness all along in order to test his friendship with Twilight since he felt he wasn't *truly still friends* with "one of the most important ponies around." So he felt the only way to prove that she truly still is his friend is by having her go to the ends of Equestria for him by finding an exquisite magic flower that he said can cure the "blu flu" that he used to fake his sickness to trick Twilight into having real symphony for him. All this during her visit with her sister-in-law, Princess Cadence. This episode was one where I was rooting for Discord the ENTIRE time, even if he wasn't faking his "blu flu sickness". I mean the best part about this may very well be that when Twilight went to the ends of Equestria, what with Cadence by her side, the two fought a giant Tatzlwurm while trying to retrieve that giant flower for Discord, and the animation in that scene was incredible and arguably one of the best moments in MLP history, and I owe all to my favorite MLP character of All Time.

#7: He's a Draconquus

Twist Cutie Mark Crusaders Cheerilee's Class2 S2E01

Introducing Discord

A lot of fictional characters have either a unique or crazy design to them. Discord has both of them. Since when you look really close at him, and if you can guess all of them correctly, he's got a Right Deer Antler, a Left Goat Horn, along with a Left Leg, Beard, and Eyebrows, a Pony Head & Ears, a Right Lion Paw, a Left Eagle Claw, a Right Bat Wing, a Left Pegasus Wing, a Right Lizard Leg, a Snake Tail, with a little white fluff on it's end, and a Chinese Dragon-like Body. I mean after all, it's like Cheerlie said:

Cheerilee: "He has the head of a pony and a body made up of all sorts of things."

There's not much else I can say here other than his design is quite cleaver if you ask me.

#6: He Sang a Song (Glass of Water)

Discord holding a glass S4E11

John de Lancie sure does know how to sing for his character.

Ever wanted to hear a little singing out of your favorite character, especially if you've never heard him/her sing before? Well, this song is one such example. During the plot of Three's a Crowd, while he was resting in Twilight's bed, Discord askes for just a little *small* request from Twilight & Cadence: To get him a glass of water. It's also where he starts to sing that song of the same name. (Not to be confused with the Coldplay song of the same name.) This is to where the song is basically saying that his one *small* request is one BIG request. We go from a small glass, to tea, to soup, to warm milk, to various pastries, to even a romantic tone dance of *tenderness* with Twilight. It's even down right hilarious what with all the crazy things that Discord does with his freaky powers. So it's basically Discord asking for more than just one little glass of water. But that's still what makes this song fantastic and even Discord himself harder to dislike. Now if only I could have all of those things that he requested for whenever I'm sick.

#5: He Makes Chaos Look Fun & Funny

Discord, "First changes of Ponyville" S02E02

The *New and Improved* Ponyville.

When you look at real chaos, you'd be seeing just a bunch of explosions, blood, gore, and just down-right nasty violence, like something you'd see out of a Quentin Tarantino flick. But with Discord's type, it's just a bunch of deliciousness and fun. Ranging from cotten candy clouds raining chocolate milk, to long-legged bunnies, to belle-dressed buffalos, and even ginormous cards. Discord's chaos basically makes Ponyville look like a 1951 Alice in Wonderland replicate, aside from the same thing within the inside of Fluttershy's cottage in that dinner party scene in Keep Calm and Flutter On. Even though it's good that things stay calm, sometimes there comes a time when you just have got have wild fun, just to feel alive. I myself sure would feel alive if I caused just a little bit of Discord's chaos at least once in my life. While this certainly isn't Discord's best quality, you still gotta love it for how much it makes you laugh. So someday, make it rain chocolate milk from cotten candy clouds, grow HUMONGOUS apples, make popcorn out of just regular corn, turn dirt roads into soap, make it rain pies, and just give me a wonderland full of chaos.

#4: He Learned & Admitted Two Lessons About Friendship

Main cast and Discord make peace S03E10

You can't always have things exactly your way all the time.

As he was being reformed, in Keep Calm and Flutter On, Discord started to learn and care so much about friendship, which probably began not after he told Fluttershy that he's seriously considering actually being reformed, but when Fluttershy considered Discord a friend during an argument she was having with the others during the dinner party. That is until they find out that Sweet Apple Acres was flooded once again thanks to the former anti-hero brainwashing a bunch of background beavers into building up a bunch a dams to turn the farmland into a lake (which it was also flooded at very beginning of the episode as well), one which he surfed and ice skated on after lying to Fluttershy about promising to unflood the place when she promised she'd never use her element against him. The way Discord learned his first lesson was when she ended their friendship when he didn't do as she requested, which he finally realizes when he recaps to her on the fact that he'd think he'd even care about losing his one and only friendship with her permenatly if he didn't do as she says so. Later on in Twilight's Kingdom, he was soon tricked by series antagonist Lord Tirek into going back to his old routine, causing Fluttershy to breakdown into tears after betraying his true friends, but the same happened to him right after. When Tirek stole his magic, Discord truly felt the same way his friends did about that betrayal. Later on, Twilight frees Discord from a bubble after striking an exchange deal with Tirek, an apologitic Discord thanks Twilight for saving him and apologizes to his best friends for his betrayal. After the trade, Discord admitted his other lesson to his friends about why friendship is so important after all and that there's nothing worth more, which he also rewardingly gave Twilight a medallion as a sign of their true friendship for saving his life. His change of heart was so touching that even to those who aren't all fond of him ended up liking him even more for how much of a great message he delivered through his lesson. It's not everyday that betrayals like that happen, but they sure can teach you a lot of things about more than just friendship. If there's another lesson to learn from it, it's that you should never trust traitors like Tirek, or swap sides with anyone else ever again if it means your friendship.

#3: He Does Fun Stuff with His Magic

Discord and the dancing candles S03E10

Like that one song scene in Beauty and the Beast.

It's fun to see somebody do something cool, whether it's funny, stylish, or just,...well, cool. The cool things Discord does is all the fun and crazy stuff he does with his magic. Whether it's funny & delicious chaos, artistic designs, or just dressing up as certain people like waiters, grannies, or even Mary Poppins, his considerably fun magic is something you wish you could have and do. Some fun stuff I'd personally like to see him do with his almighty powers is maybe dress as some video game character, or maybe do some more things with foods or animals. What gives his fun magic a high spot on this list is how it can be either funny, iconic, or just plain entertaining to watch. His funniest scene of using his powers may have to be his scene from Keep Calm and Flutter On when he was released from his solid stone prison. He turned a squirrel and a brown bunny into giant grown monsters, while flexing and stretching from being frozen in his prison for so long, as well as rolling his eyes out of his face on the ground when he admitted that being turned to stone makes "rolling his eyes a challenge". Whether or not you actually laugh at any of his humorous magic you still gotta love how much of an entertainer he really can be. Speaking of...

#2: His Humor

Discord dressed as French maid S4E02


It's undeniable that what people really like in a character is how funny they can be, so we should be lucky that John de Lancie and Hasbro truly gave Discord some humor for various reasons. From what I've mentioned earlier about his fun stuff in his magic like what he dresses up as, how he acts out with it, and even some his funny jokes and dialouge to go along with it. There are countless things as to what makes him so humorous:

1. He faked his sickness and humorously gave it to Applejack and Rarity, purposely.

2. All of the funny stuff he's done with his powers.

3. His funny dialouge from time to time, despite his magic standing above it in his hilariousness.

All of this just to be humorous? Yeah, that's just how much of a good person it can make you as well.

(I would have a few honorable mentions for a countdown like this. But for this one, I'm keeping it to just 10.)

#1: His Redemption

Discord winking at Celestia S4E26

He's journey towards his new leaf is now complete.

All of the best things Discord has ever done in the show point to one little thing: His change of heart. Whether he's learning new friendship lessons, testing his friendship with others, or just learning to use his magic for good instead of evil, Discord does it all for how much friendship really means to him after his first one with Fluttershy. He always spends his quality time with her just to feel like a real good friend, along with trying to get along with his other friends even though they never gave him a chance or excepted him at first. Despite how much you probably could never trust him at first for how much he kept swapping sides in his own mind throughout his journey to being completely reformed, you still can't deny that redemption in an evil-doer, being a Bad Guy Gone Good, really can make him likable after all.

Could he have done anything better?

Do you agree with my list?

What did Discord do to impress you?

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