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Top Ten Rewatchable Episodes

Twilight "without this rainboom" S5E25

I just can't get enough of them. So I figure you know what?... Let's check them out again. For this list, as with every other personal list of my own, I'm ranking these episodes that I could watch all day a million times over and over again 'til the ends of the earth. So this means, I'm judging them not on how good they are, but on how much I just can't stop watching them. Not that they'll ever get old in that sense...

#10: Too Many Pinkie Pies

Pinkie Pie clones hopping through a field of haystacks S3E03

The only Season 3 episode on the list (since its library has two times less the amount of episodes the rest of the show's seasons have), Too Many Pinkie Pies has given one of Pinkie's funniest acts of her true self, and provided good humor and a message of choosing between one thing or another to do with your friends. The great part about this episode that makes it all the more rewatchable though is how fun all of Pinkie's clones were being and the chaos they caused around all of Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres (although less than Discord ever used to do). How Dave Polsky could make this even more gripping in its storyline is beyond me, but seeing Pinkie make too many clones of herself and learning from her wrongs and the consequences of cloning yourself is what makes a good episode more than enough to keep coming back to.

#9: Princess Twilight Sparkle

Discord congratulates Princess Twilight S4E01

With lots of development given to Celestia, Luna, Discord and Twilight of course in Part 2, this two-parter has shown that backstory makes you wanna keep rewatching it as it's just that memorable when you want to learn more about their true characters and how it all lead down to episodes like the pilot. I don't care if the episode has no real villain during the events of Discord's plants terrorizing Equestria, it makes me keep coming back to it, especially before any real backstory is given to them for all the things we learn and know about the three princess and Equestria's former spirit of chaos turned Twilight-trolling, Fluttershy-fanboy anti-hero. If you're willing to memorize all three of the princesses' and good ole' Discord's personalities entirely, then this is the episode you simply must keep rewatching again and again.

#8: Sonic Rainboom

The bullies make fun of Rainbow Dash S1E16

Considering it's one of her biggest highlights in her life for how much she changed both her friends and all of Equestria (I'm looking at you, The Cutie Re-Mark), Rainbow Dash's event of pulling off her Rainboom was and still will be something spectacular in My Little Pony. After all, it's in her name that she can create rainbows, with or without Rainbooms. And this episode is certainly prof of that. Given the hint that she's done one as a little filli as seen in Season 1's most popular episode, it's half the time surprising that chronologically we get to see her first Rainbom as a full grown mare, before we get more backstory of her (and the other five) in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. (More on that later) Everything that shows Rainbow Dash's power of pulling off her you-know-what, with good humor and a moral added to it makes this Season 1 thriller worth so many watches.

#7: Power Ponies

The Power Ponies looking at the shampoo factory S4E06

Most of the time I never understand why people despise this underrated installment of Season 4. I mean I do know that the Power Ponies themselves are superhero ripoffs of say the Avengers, the X-Men, and those in the DC Universe, but for representing them and showing off how cool they make it look in the pony world (of Equestria...although this takes place inside a comic book of Spike's), I absolutely love them. Seeing that they give nice action of the fight between the Power Ponies and the Mane-iac, the writers were intelligent in making a good ripoff, but only if you include Meghan McCarthy into the teleplay writing if not the story. So you might wanna look on the bright side by seeing how exciting it is every single time you watch those action sequences of the Mane Six (and Spike when he rescues them), cause it's just too stunning for me to call lame, pathetic, or unwatchable.

#6: Rarity Investigates!

Rarity the detective S5E15

How many cartoon episodes aimed solely at the youngest of kids have you seen with an adult-themed joke or two showing off a femme fatale? As one of Season 5's best episodes, this also has to be the one with the most rewatchability since its narrative feels smooth, its toned down quietly feeling even more like a colorless noir, and in spite of Rainbow Dash's more than obnoxious trait, all of the characters were great, although the only thing interesting about Wind Rider was how he was like actor William DeFoe in the MLP universe. But since it's a detective story with a deep if predictable investigation mystery included, there's just so much to keep coming back to when it's one of the last few episodes left to watch of Season 5. Assuming women are into romance though, just about any pegasister in the fandom who watches this would probably feel like watching Casablanca afterwards as I've said before.

#5: Read It and Weep

Rainbow Dash shocked by storyline S2E16

If there's one episode to show your friends or family whenever they're either curious to know about, or willing to take an interest in the show, then based on its major moral of not knocking something until you try it, a little more than its initial concept, it's this. Acting as the Indiana Jones franchise of MLP episodes, Read It and Weep shouldn't be skipped for those who have no interest in Rainbow Dash (whether or not they hate or dislike her). What makes this an episode for me to come back to is how much it digs deep into a storybook (like a few other entries on this list), and for how much more curious even you will be to know more about Daring Do, and why she's strongly similar to Indiana Jones. So if you have somebody in your family or friends (or both) that you'd like to draw into the Friendship Is Magic, then this should be the first episode for you to show to them.

#4: The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Scootaloo sees Rainbow Dash S01E23

Looking for more backstory to hear about and learn from the Mane Six? Well, Chronicles is just the episode for you even if you're not a Cutie Mark Crusaders fan. Giving audiences the full detail of how Rainbow Dash performed her first Sonic Rainboom in the first place and strangely helped her own friends get their cutie marks, every backstory from the other Mane Six members makes this more and more rewatchable, because for some like me, I'd just like to fully take into account every last bit of their marks and how they earned them. With the most interesting being Twilight's as to how she first found Spike as a newborn baby dragon. So if you're willing to learn more about our main characters, then this is one I strongly recommend to you, because you'll be watching it over and over for an infinite amount of times for that particular reason.

#3: Three's A Crowd

Rainbow Dash facing towards Discord S4E11

While Keep Calm and Flutter On remains one of my highest ranked episodes of the show in my Top Ten Episodes of All Time, it's ultimately Three's A Crowd that makes my list of rewatchable normal-length Discord-comprised episodes instead. With both episodes being the funniest of the series in my eyes, Three's A Crowd just comes out on top because how less disrespectful it was being towards Discord and how we truly saw bonding between both him and another character like Twilight (with Cadence during their visit together), unlike its awful ripoff What About Discord?. Which felt both pointless and confusing, considering Discord's bonding activity with Twilight's friends and his inside jokes with them just weren't told clearly enough.

But anyways, getting back to Three's A Crowd's rewatchability, the humor was taken it to a whole new level with Discord's sickness making for some funny moments like spreading it to Rarity and Applejack and the glorious talented song from Discord's voice actor John de Lancie (Glass of Water) with a sprechgesang feel to it. The fight with the Tatzlwurm might be so darn awesome, but for how hilarious his fake illness made the episode, along with a fantastic moral, and a nicely done ending, it's Discord himself that makes this a part of my list. I mean action sequences may be cool, but all I really need was a little humor from Discord to make this a part of my rewatchable episodes list/countdown. And I'm pretty sure you'll be thinking the same if you love humorous episodes.

#2: Pinkie Apple Pie

Pinkie Pie and the Apple family together S4E09

Another one of My Little Pony's funniest chapters and not just of Season 4, Pinkie Apple Pie is one I can come back to for its plotline of a family road trip with both the Apples and Pinkie. I don't think we'll ever find out if Pinkie's related to them or not, but either way, I'd still like to find out before the show finally comes to a close. I especially love the song of the Apples where it stands tall as one of my favorites of the series. Providing Laugh-Out-Loud moments like The Scariest Cave in Equestria scene and the Apples falling down the waterfall, chances are you'll be laughing nearly everytime you watch them. Making it all the more rewatchable for me is how interesting it is to watch the family road trip, which makes for a Season 4 classic that will still hold up in the future...

I'll still be waiting for the one question of both Pinkie and the Apples to be answered anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions

Before I rewatch my top pick, here are some honorable mentions...

#1: Hearth's Warming Eve

Unfrozen friends reunite in cave S2E11

Whether or not you guessed it correctly, the first Hearth's Warming episode is the one episode I could rewatch over anything else (including my favorite episode of all time, surprisingly). I've been a part of five plays during high school (only one of which I was only in the crew and not the cast), meaning I can partially relate to this episode. None of the episodes on this list may be about mysteries that can only be solved by watching them at least a second time (unlike various hollywood blockbusters like most Christopher Nolan flicks...Inception, anyone?), but they're all about how much I could keep memorizing them for the amount of times I give them a viewing. I find this the most rewatchable of My Little Pony for all of the detail put into its backstory of the founding of Equestria. The Mane Six also play their roles magnificently, resulting in a well paced plot and reasonable acts of the three tribes of Equestria.

It never escapes me when the tribes eventually make up for each other, while also going on treks and adventure to find someplace new across the land, kinda like the road trip of Pinkie Apple Pie. For good humor provided if not the most hilarious episode of the series and how great it is to hear more of the tribes and how they were all formed, it's a heartwarming tale from start to finish. And that's what makes more and more rewatchable that you just can't get enough no matter how much it ages, but one thing's for sure. Above all else, it's my Number One most rewatchable episode and I think it's one I don't think you'll get enough of else cause it'll never get old and will always remain a classic. That's right. I'll even keep on watching it until Friendship Is Magic disappears into thin air.

Do agree with my list? What's your most rewatchable episode?

For more answers to your comments, be sure to leave them here below.

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