Applejack 'I know I can' S1E13

They definitely deserve more love and praise. For this list, I'm looking at the those episodes of the series that, despite how much they've either been overlooked or underappreciated, deserve a better rep than they have at this point. Once again, I'm not ranking these on how good they are, but rather how much I feel they deserve less hatred or whatever. And keep in mind that this, like my previous list, is before Season 7 if you're ever reading this sometime a lot later.

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The Top Ten

Number 10

Three's A Crowd

Discord 'and she never pops in for a visit' S4E11
Is it a crime to include an episode of Discord on this list? Besides the fact that he's still my favorite character, Three's A Crowd itself just screams 'humorous', I know some might disagree and call Discord's antics for this episode rather annoying, but if you ask me, I think he was just fine since he was his normal trolling-self of course, and that his blue flu and 'Glass of Water' song both crack me up hysterically. I'm even happy to state that one user on Deviantart considered it her favorite episode of the series via her version of the MLP Controversy Meme (at least at this point). There are also three kinds of people in the fandom; (1) those who love Discord's newer redeemed self, (2) those who don't, and (3) those who just find him nonsensical (redeemed or not).

Whether or not Discord's one of your favorite characters of the series, we can all make an agreement that he was phenomenally hilarious in this underrated Season 4 installment. In fact, his humorous antics make this more and more awesome to point where it's even my "rewatchable" episodes category (as you've probably seen my consider it on my list of rewatchable episodes). No matter who else judges it for things like Discord's antics, I'll always have this for the rest of the series as one of the best of all time.

Number 9

Hearts and Hooves Day

Cheerilee and Big McIntosh licking the milkshake S02E17
I could've chosen the first Hearth's Warming episode (aka my most rewatchable episode) since its sequel often overshadow it. But I had to go with Hearts and Hooves Day since I see one too many reviews or ratings for it on the fact that its humor is despised only for how *stupid* it is. Either way, I find it very humorous and realistic when I look more clearly at it. When you look more clearly at the love poison and the details, you can really understand why Big Mac and Cheerilee do a bunch of lovey dovey talk that it would really crack you up. Even the script makes for something both hilarious and rewatchable. I can see why you haters may not like it that much, but since I find its humor and plot more realistic than bogus like Ponyville Confidential or other holiday-themed installments like both Nightmare Night episodes, I don't think it deserves that much rant.

Number 8

Canterlot Boutique

Sassy's first piece of pattern "Beautify the Boutique!" S5E14
Canterlot Boutique is the original The Saddle Row Review, but with more complex and realistic elements of an actual episode with great portrayals of its characters without any really annoying stereotypes. I've already included Row Review as a dishonorable mention on my most overrated episodes list, but Boutique of Season 5 doesn't get much attention since it isn't considered creative by most as other episodes of the show's seasons. By my standards though, I can see an episode that gives a character like Rarity so much potential and hope for her true character traits. If Rarity Takes Manehattan deserves a better rep than some people once gave it (as it didn't do so well with high enough reception- at least among its first airing), then I think an episode with a similar idea to it like Canterlot Boutique deserves better since it made Rarity's character just as great as Season 4 did.

Too bad she's less than what she used to be despite still being favorable after P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View).

Number 7

Daring Don't

Rainbow and Daring lifting final ring S4E04
Now here's an episode I feel is a bit overshadowed by other episodes of the same concept (like Read It and Weep) and of other episodes of the same writer who wrote for it; Dave Polsky (like For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and Twilight Time). I've always loved adventurous episodes involving the likes of Daring Do and Rainbow Dash, but this doesn't get much attention or love thanks to one of Daring Do's untold villains (the greedy Dr. Cabbleron) and for the fact that its predecessor overshadowed it as I said. Honestly though, I think its plot was done fantastically considering it has all the factors an awesome episode should have; a realistic plot, proper character portrayals, and any other elements you'd expect in a good episode all around.

I don't understand everyone's reason(s) for hating it so much (because I'm not a know-it-all), but since this makes my list of underrated episodes, I really feel it doesn't deserve any of the hatred it receives.

Number 6

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

Twilight "Did you see what happened?" S4E21
Despite how terrible she was written (along with Twilight) in Season 6, Rainbow Dash at least had better and more realistic character development throughout the show's first four seasons. And Season 4's Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 is no exception. In some moments, I can relate to it like another brony who also loves Thomas the Tank Engine (like Zack does). Some of these particular scenes include those where Rainbow Dash constantly goofs off without paying any real attention to those teachings and lessons of the Wonderbolts from both Twilight and the other Mane Six members, and even sitting through all that knowledge not even seeming amused or told enough. This may be where Rainbow Dash is like some student of any grade who goofs off in class, but I think it's the perfect way of helping teachers of specific students to learn to help their students to desperate to be taught about the important things of history (and other subjects) by finding the perfect way to teach them; even if it's strolling through a town observing their surroundings.

Number 5

Power Ponies

The Mane-iac pointing the cannon at the Power Ponies S4E06
Too many people shun this only because it rips off a lot of other superheroes - mainly in comics, but I just don't get any of that. Whatever the case of those who dislike this may be, I still like it for its entertainment factor which makes for an entertaining and joyful experience. If you don't like it for being a ripoff of other superhero franchises, you're entitled to your opinion, but that's a bit harsh. The story may not be one of the newest things a series has ever done, but at least we got a fresh formula that really stands out above the first disaster that tried its own hand at this kind of concept (even if you don't see it clearly) known as The Mysterious Mare Do Well. If the villain isn't really good enough for you, then I think the action will be. And yes, I do agree that the antagonist of the episode/Spike's comic book (the Mane-iac) isn't that cool, but on the brightside, she and her henchponies make for some awesome action against the Power Ponies as I said.

The morals were both great even those who hate this don't agree with me that much, and overall for its awesome action, awesome but recycled and overhated plot, and well-delivered messages of friendship, Power Ponies is not as bad as those might think, and I myself think it deserves a much better rep.

Number 4

Made in Manehattan

Applejack and Rarity in Coco's home S5E16
People may hate TV episodes and movies because they lack excitement. With Made in Manehattan though (for MLP), I feel it's proof that excitement doesn't matter in anything as long as you give it a complex and realistic storyline for the sake of either developing characters, add something new to a series, or just give a show much needed potential - and this sequel to Rarity Takes Manehattan does exactly that. Coco Pommel is also an underrated character with a lovely personality and charming traits to her true character, but the main thing that makes this awesome is its new idea of a plot involving them fixing up theater to help Coco herself to put it all together after learning of just how much she loved doing it as a young filli. I will admit more entertaining episodes are better than this, but I still just can't help consider it admirable since Rarity, Applejack, and Coco, all at the same time, develop excellently here, that they become even more charming to this series of ponies.

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Top Bolt, and Viva Las Pegasus were admittedly better installments from my standpoint, but writer Noelle Benvenuti honestly deserves more shots at Friendship Is Magic. Add in the fact that both of her episodes have that "rewatchable" factor to them, and you have two outings that come out as achievements that really don't try to disappoint you. But seriously, I don't think it deserves poor reception just cause it lacks entertainment like some of Season 5's Premiere The Cutie Map.

Number 3

Equestria Games

Spike watching fireworks explode S4E24
Spike doesn't seem to get a lot of good installments or treatment throughout Friendship Is Magic, but he's been superb in pretty much every episode he's taken part in; and yes, even the sloppy ones like The Crystalling and The Times They Are A Changeling. Spike is honestly one of the most sympathetic characters in My Little Pony since he's been getting pretty good development throughout all six seasons and he's really just impossible to loathe...except for maybe very few mean-spirited abominations that made him (and few other characters) all OOC like Ponyville Confidential, but I digress that factor. Considering this was one of Spike's major shining roles, Equestria Games makes him a hero yet again after the Season 3 Premiere and despite Spike's nonsensical anthem song, he's at least proven himself a powerful character who's willing to save an empire in any time of danger.

And for that matter, I can't help but defend any redeeming qualities about it over any bits of its imperfection.

Number 2

Appleloosa's Most Wanted

Trouble Shoes leads CMC to Appleloosa S5E6
It seems episodes centered around Appleoosa don't get much attention or love since episodes in other places like Canterlot and the Crystal Empire (at least for those besides Ponyville in Equestria) get more attention for their ideal concepts. Like Made in Manehattan however, concept still doesn't matter; story and morals (at the same time) trump concept and entertainment in an episode. An episode still needs good pacing and a real story to be good, and I feel Appleoosa's Most Wanted takes both of them into account. Sure, it's not the best episode of Season 5, nor that of episodes that take place in Appleoosa, but with a sympathetic pony like Trouble Shoes having just enough backstory to make you feel for him, spot on performances by the Crusaders, and a wonderful moral Trouble Shoes stated, Most Wanted deserves better than what most give it.

Honorable Mentions

Number 1

What About Discord?

Discord "no matter how hard we try" S5E22
I know I've already included one involving you-know-who, and it may be just me, but I think I've lied this whole time and gone back to liking the most hated episode involving my favorite character of the series. Whilst I can't say it's a masterpiece, What About Discord? did show that it's okay to be jealous (better than Green Isn't Your Color ever could), Discord's trolling no matter how far he goes makes for a humorous experience, and Twilight deserved what she got coming to her for missing out on Discord's weekend with her friends. The characters were all great, the moral was superb, and the plot was so entertaining that I prefer this over...

...HAHA no. Jk.

Actual #1: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Twilight "take a look on the back" S5E19

But, I'm not kidding with TOWPPK. I can't say this is intensely incredible either, but I do have to say this isn't as bad or pointlessly stupid as most people would consider it to be. People say its humor is just plain stupid just cause of the fact that Pinkie tries way too hard to keep Cadance's and Shining Armor's new baby suprise for Twilight a secret. But I think its fun for her to try keep it sealed as best as possible although I wouldn't call this the funniest episode of the show. I also think it's great that writer Gillian M. Berrow tries her hand at the show for once and not just the comics, and frankly I feel as though she succeeded here. This is basically where she handles and balances the humor properly with just enough of it and every other element to make a good episode.

This may not be Pinkie's best effort (whereas that would still be Pinkie Pride), but it was at least something new with quirky performances and laughs, a charming storyline, wonderful moral (despite not being admitted clearly enough even towards the end of it...sadly), and great development for Equestria's Element of Laughter, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows easily earns my top spot as the episode I feel deserves a lot less hatred than many give it, and I really can't wait for Berrow's next two installments in Season 7 this year. So good luck to you, Gillian.