The definition of Untouchable is any episode I don't want to ripped off or remade. And be sure to check out my orinigal version of the post on my blog here in the link of the title. For something else like rewatchable episodes, be sure to check out my list of the Top Ten Rewatchable My Little Pony Episodes.

Top Ten Untouchable Episodes

Fluttershy sticks up for Discord S4E01

At times you really just can't beat the original. So don't even bother trying for that matter. For this list, I'm looking at episodes that I personally think Friendship Is Magic's crew should never ever try to reboot, remake, or make ripoffs of. Because they're that perfect the way they are. Like a couple of my previous MLP countdowns though, once again I'm not ranking these on how good they are. I'm judging them solely based on how much I don't think they should even be touched by other writers. So the more untouchable I view the episode (meaning the higher it is on this countdown), the more I don't ever want them to reboot, remake, or give it a sequel (whatever) all!

I'm excluding any episodes that already got weakly poor ripoffs like Lesson Zero with Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?, or Three's A Crowd with What About Discord?, as well as any episode sequels that were either just as good or an improvement from their predecessors (like say Magical Mystery Cure with its perfected ripoff sequel Crusaders of the Lost Mark), whether or not their's were either bad (like Gauntlet of Fire was Dragon Quest all fixed up) or weakly mediocre (like Keep Calm and Flutter On was a better Stare Master). So as long as the episode does not have a sequel or ripoff of any kind, it qualifies.

#10: Twilight's Kingdom

Tirek "As you wish" S4E26

I really couldn't have made my list without my favorite episode of the series to this day. With a perfected plot having critical praise worthy of The Godfather, and the Dragon Ball Z of My Little Pony episodes, Twilight's Kingdom is the quintessential example of how even a rookie writer should write a two-parter, although in this case for any writer in general (rookie or veteran) of MLP episodes, it never be done entirely all over again. Why? Because if they made another powerful villain like Tirek, then I feel the antagonist would be less clever and nonsensical since Tirek has been around for more than one generation of My Little Pony. We also already got awesome action like the DBZ-style fight between both the main hero and villain of the episode that would be admittedly cool, but wouldn't probably be done equally as good or awesome as TK and Discord briefly turning evil all over again wouldn't make sense at all and would kinda ruin his reputation...aside from making him somewhat detestable, which could destroy and mess up his heartfelt redemption from Season 3 too.

If you know me very well, the only sequel I would except them making though is if they did a new villain as cool or maniacal as Tirek, but not with the same concept as him and rather an evil twin brother of Discord, which brings me to what the sequel should be all about; Giving Discord his own throne like the rest of his friends. In a way, Discord getting his throne should also be done like the six keys to the Chest of Harmony where Discord finds out about another chest in the premiere that would also give him that power to bring down the villain of the finale and would eventually get the first five keys by learning all of the elements that his friends all together are throughout five normal-lengthers (one elemental friend of his per episode), while the last would being somepony that he helps learn of friendship alongside Twilight. So don't even think about rebooting or remaking it whatsoever unless you make its follow up something like say Twilight's Kingdom 2: Discord's Element, which is why this is only Number Ten on my countdown.

#9: A Canterlot Wedding

Chrysalis as Cadance 'care less about the dress' S2E26

If Twilight's Kingdom is like the only episode on this list where I would allow one specific sequel to be made, then others like both two-parters of Season 2 shouldn't be allowed. In this case with A Canterlot Wedding, a sequel or reboot just wouldn't match up with the main villain or the plot and would rather make for something neutral or worse. With some moments I prefer skipping past in the episode like everyone else shunning off Twilight (they of which were only fooled by the disguised Chrysalis while Shining Armor was only under her spell), making something like that all over again would make the remake more flawed and would make it even less watchable than Wedding. It's hard for me to imagine another great episode with the return of Chrysalis while forgetting about her reprising appearance in the mediocre The Cutie Re-Mark, but if that remake proved me wrong, then it shouldn't be strongly similar to her first episode. So while A Canterlot Wedding may be a masterpiece, a remake is destined to be floppy and uninteresting because its wedding just wouldn't be as cool or interestinly epic unlike Shining Armor's and Cadence's. I mean seriously, one wedding-themed episode is plenty enough.

#8: Tanks for the Memories

Rainbow "the most exciting time of the year" S5E5

If people think it's like Winter Wrap Up all over again, they'd be so wrong. Because that episode was more about all of the town wrapping up winter for the holiday and not trying to prevent hibernation for the animals. In the case of Tanks for the Memories' untouchability, there's no point in giving it a reboot since it's already heartwarming enough for one character like Rainbow Dash to try and save her own pet from hibernation. A remake wouldn't make that much sense and would feel less heartwarming since it would possibly focus on an unknown background character with no development for him/her or their pet. I'll already have TftM because I just love how motivated Rainbow Dash was to save her pet from a long sleep but then emotionally accepted it in the end which made for one of the most emotional moments in all of Friendship Is Magic. So I don't think we'll need another similar plot to it because one version of these episodes for various reasons as I'll always say is plenty enough.

#7: Flight to the Finish

CMC singing with heart in the background S4E05

How many good episodes can the Cutie Mark Crusaders seriously get? With the exception of M.A. Larson writing for them (and Diamond Tiara) for only one flop from Season 2, and One Bad Apple being just nonsensical after Diamond Tiara's reasonable redemption and explained motives for being her old self, the CMCs have been written greatly with every episode that came across them including Ed Valentine's first episode Flight to the Finish. The way Valentine gave it the true heart it shows with the Crusaders is when they show off yet more talent and singing through their determination with as they'd say: have "Hearts Strong as Horses." Any attempts to do this with other characters may sound interesting but really wouldn't succeed as new characters trying to get their marks really would not make for a very gripping storyline as you'd honestly have to develop them throughout the show first before making another realistic FttF. (That of which is all about them)

But even with all of that, I still wouldn't have an interest in the latter remakes of it. Which I hope there really won't be, as nothing will be as memorable or so darn awesome as the Crusaders themselves showing and having this much determination to represent the nation for the win.

#6: Pinkie Apple Pie

Pinkie Pie singing with pans hitting each other S4E09

I've given this episode plenty of praise for calling it various things like it's one of MLP's funniest episodes, MLP's second most rewatchable episode (for me at least), one of Pinkie Pie's best episodes, and the list goes on. If there was a reboot to this though, I feel it wouldn't have that same excitement or rewatchability as Pinkie Apple Pie would. It's already great that we have the Pie family on a family road trip with Pinkie along for the ride, but I'd view anything similar to that as blatant and as awful of a ripoff in the same manner as both Newbie Dash was with Wonderbolts Academy, and of course What About Discord? with Three's A Crowd. Pinkie's connection with the Apples is already destined to be a legend with a question that we all still want to be answered, but doing something similar like finding out if Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are related, or even if Twilight and Rarity are would feel too much like a gimmick to me. A gimmick of which I don't think should ever happen...

#5: The Return of Harmony

Discord 'Oh, this again' S2E02

Since Discord's been redeemed in Season 3 and there are no other villains even I can think of that would make someplace like Equestria look this crazy and chaotic like its spirit of (former) chaos, it's a huge suggestion from me that anything similar to The Return of Harmony should honestly never happen. I would also say the same thing to any voice actor replacing John de Lancie for Discord's ever iconic voice as he just wouldn't be the same without his original Q-inspired actor, which makes for the fact that Discord in my eyes is also the show's most untouchable character in terms of a voice actor. While it might not be all too much of a problem for the bad guy to win in Part 1 of that particular two-parter, the untouchability in this episode comes from Discord's personality and his personal motivations for being a fun, hilarious, and above all else memorable lives-up-to-his-name villain turned anti-villain one season later. If the reboot did this, I'm pretty sure it would be flopped with an uninteresting villain being a pathetic wannabe of him.

It's always fun to both rewatch and look back on Harmony since Discord's debut and portrayal was suited perfectly when he was introduced to audiences of all kinds besides those in the fandom back in late 2011. But just because a near-expertise writer like M.A. Larson has made something this good does not mean it should be ripped off anytime soon...even if the show does run out of ideas but on the other hand, I could be somewhat fine with it if that was the case. In modern standards though, Friendship Is Magic should keep coming up with new ideas and just look ahead to a bright future cause they to me are in a serious jeopardy of peril with floppy new writers like Nick Confalone and Dave Rapp. But to my extent, let's just hope they all pull their act together and do what's right to get the show back into stellar standards.

#4: Castle Sweet Castle

A teary-eyed Spike hugging a sad Twilight S5E3

In terms of personal episodes, I feel Friendship Is Magic doesn't really need to give me any other than just one. Writers Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco were both brilliant in making an ever so heartwarming plot with a moment or two that just have a strong sense of feeling and just keep on giving liquid pri- I mean, tear-shedding emotion to. Okay, I have had another episode I can relate to strongly (A Friend in Deed), but this one just feels a lot more precious to me. A reboot just wouldn't feel the same since Twilight and Spike's library has already been destroyed and told clear enough that anyone else's backstory just wouldn't be the same as it could be rushed and not very intense as Twilight's and Spike's situation. I'll always hold on to Castle Sweet Castle and will never let go of it.

#3: The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Pinkie Pie takes a deep breath S5E19

The youngest entry on the list, The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows has earned a special place in the hearts and minds of fans like me because it was a great first episode by a writer of the comic books based solely off the main series, which I felt didn't deserve the hatred it received by some. It may not be the funniest episode of MLP, but it solely has to be one of them. If this was ever ripped off it'd be missing the good humor that comic book author Gillian M. Berrow put into it and someone else who's not Pinkie keeping a secret from somepony else would be really lame as no one knows how to be more hilarious in struggling to try and keep a secret from some other specific character like Twilight better than her. A lot episodes try to make Pinkie very humorous in some sort of fashion, but this one probably has to be the best. So if they're going to make Pinkie as funny as she was here, then just think of something that doesn't involve keeping a secret from someone else that's hard for her to accomplish.

And another message I have to Berrow: "I'll be waiting with bated breath for any more new episodes you have in store with or without Pinkie involved just as much as I will with any episodes of Season 4 rookie writer Ed Valentine, as well as any episodes of my favorite character later on. So good luck with it."

#2: Hearts and Hooves Day

Chin rub S2E17

Holiday-themed episodes might be fun and wonderful if not perfect most of the time, but if the writers invent more than one episode of the same holiday, then that'd be where those types of episodes would really get out of hand. With both Halloween episodes (Luna Eclipsed and Scare Master) for example being flops (even if M.A. Larson at least tried his hardest while Natasha Levinger to me didn't) and both of Hearth's Warming Eve's sequels (Hearthbreakers and A Hearth's Warming Tail) being nothing as interesting as the original. Meghan McCarthy's episodes always manage to add some true charm, even if one or two like Green Isn't Your Color and Sweet and Elite just don't attract me.

To recycle Big Mac s and Cheerilee's lovey dovey talk would honestly not be very humorous like Discord's pathetic inside jokes in you-know-what, and the love poison edition of a spell being reused would just make it another bizarre copycat of this rewatchable, underrated classic. So while some holiday episodes may look cool and interesting, in terms of Valentine's Day, I'll just stick with Meghan McCarthy's, thanks.

Honorable Mention

#1: Amending Fences

Moon Dancer tearing up at Spike's gift S5E12

If this and/or The Return of Harmony aren't broke, don't fix them. Because I'll tell you one thing: Larson handled both of these episodes perfectly...even if neither one of them are my Number One favorite of the whole series, but hey. They still deserve a spot among them in my Top Ten Overall Best. And while Larson is not the most intelligent writer in my eyes and has had downs like rebooting (and obviously ponifying) one Spongebob episode, his final episode Amending Fences was definitely a good farewell to his membership with Friendship Is Magic's crew, as much The Mane Attraction was for Amy Keating Rogers before Season 5's mediocre finale. As both writers put heart and cleverness into their last episodes, one I feel is more immortal than the other and it's Larson's.

Since Amending Fences from my own perspective at least has more of that heartfelt feel to it than The Mane Attraction (by like a teensy bit), I think this would be another one of the first few episodes (aside from others like Read It and Weep) to show your friends if they ever take an interest in MLP. Anyone can argue that this could use a reimagining solely because another member of the Mane Six could do the same thing for another character equivalent to Twilight's old friend Moon Dancer. In my case however, that's something I could just never reimagine or recreate if I was a writer. Because Moon Dancer is the My Little Pony character I can relate to the most, her backstory and extreme breakdown just breaks my heart and makes me sympathize with her, and Twilight was probably at her best in this since Twilight's Kingdom. I don't think anything could ever get as heartwarming to me as both this and my most personal episode Castle Sweet Castle, and since it's moral came across wonderfully and is already worth telling to any of your friends who can relate to Moon Dancer's situation, I don't think it needs to come across again in another episode as delivering it is (for the third time I'm saying it) plenty enough.

As I quote WatchMojo in their Top 10 Untouchable Movies, "instead of trying to reinvent the past, lets look ahead to the future." And to other newer writers like both Confalone and Rapp: Don't you dare reboot this or any of the others!!

Do you agree with my list? What MLP episodes do you view as untouchable?

Be sure to comment below for responed answers from me to you. (Or not. I don't really care)