Gaea Everfree giving Old Spice and Dove a warning EG4
You know what they say; not everyone can be a winner. On the other hand though, Friendship Is Magic didn't have to make these atrocities this bad. This is my list decided to by far the worst of the worst for me. The ones that just make me sick for those particular reasons anyone would hate a TV episode; my Top Ten Worst Episodes of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic. For this list, these episodes have to have a weak rating of LESS THAN 5/10 from me so episodes I'm just neutral towards like Applejack's "Day" Off and Rainbow Falls for example aren't included. I should also make this very brief: Every episode on this list (including the dishonorable mentions mentioned here) have been done right at one point or another, but for the most part, they are not, which is why I hate them so much. My Little Pony did indeed air for us a number of great episodes. Don't expect to see any of them mentioned here though... (Or at least for those of you like some of these, then don't expect me to give any of them a fair amount of *good* rep)

The Worst of the Worst

Number 10

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Princess Luna talking to the Mane Six S5E13
If there's anything this overrated disaster has ever done, it's ruin Luna's true character and reputation for even making my worst characters list. And I don't really blame her, cause it's mainly about how Scott Sonneborn handled her. Aside from the episode itself, I feel that since not a lot of people look close enough at Luna's character (as much as a lot Disney fans don't with Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent) even after this atrocity, she's bar none THE most overrated of the show. If you're having trouble getting over your past transgressions that you clearly never meant to do, you don't deserve to go to your friends for help and instead deserve severe punishment that could almost cause you and entire town obliteration. Right? WRONG! Rather than trying to teach even the youngest of children something on what you should really do when you have problems (which is go to your friends for help), this instead just felt like a showcase for an interesting concept of defeating another villain (another unoriginal one at that). Not to mention it completely rips off Lesson Zero's moral before Every Little Thing She Does did. And that's nowhere near in a good way whatsoever. Look, I don't care if you like it (not that I'm talking with an aggressive tone when I say that), but if you think this is what your kids should learn, then I wouldn't show it to them if I were you since it seems more suicidal for a character than it is friendly.

Number 9

Party Pooped

Pinkie looking determined S5E11
Even if you like it, this first episode by Nick Confalone is one of the worst for its irritating and bizarre stereotypes via Prince Rutherford and the other yaks. As for Pinkie's part? Well not only did it miss out on opportunities, it also felt pretty pointless since all she needed to do as shown at the end of the episode was simply just make it feel like a natural home for the yaks and not necessarily Yakyakistan entirely. And what was the deal with Rutherford?! He and the other yaks are also detestable since they're literally immature and ungrateful brats rather than a respectably mature royalty to Equestria. I absolutely loved the layout and visuals of the episode as usual but even with that, the title pretty much suits it and doesn't really help it become something as anticipating as I should have felt for it, with the episode featuring some of THE worst dialogue I've ever heard, and not just from the annoyingly childish yaks, but Pinkie as well when she narrated her deus ex machina-littered journey to Yakyakistan like some cheesy backstory. (Ex. "There we were, face-to-face with Falling Pony Ravine. Down, down, down! And then, suddenly...Pow! We were rescued mid-air by the Wonderbolts! And then they gave me a ride to Manehattan, I joined a traveling band, we played some shows here and there, got popular, almost made it big until creative differences tore us apart.") I get that Confalone was somewhat trying to come off to a good start, but I don't think this installment proved it with irritating stereotypes who are still detestable even after their amends with Ponyville, pointless pacing, a crappy script and a confusing plot. Insert a forgettably poor moral into it also.

Number 8

Dragon Quest

Three dragons laughing S2E21
You can't have a worst My Little Pony episodes list without Spike's worst episode that depicts too much racism and sexism. Immature and bratty yaks are bad enough, but teenage, racist, stereotype dragons is a whole different kettle of fish. They may not be immature in any sense as the yaks were, but they were still sadistic bullies/jerks to Spike which is equally as painful (if not annoying) as spoiled brats ever can be. Garble and this episode may have been fixed up for the most part with Gauntlet of Fire, but even with that, every other dragon in Equestria except for Spike, Princess Ember, and Lord Torch are still pretty detestable. I can't really say much else here as there have been dozens of worst MLP episodes lists I've seen that have best summed up this abysmal episode as best as possible.

Number 7

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Mare Do Well running away S2E08
Oh brother. I honestly tried my best to sit Joshscorcher's review of this unbearable Season 2 chapter, but I've really just skipped to the very end of the video after around the first 20% of the episode since for a plot that tries to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson, I really just can't bear to see all of Ponyville shun RD whether or not she was purposefully taking herself and her fame too seriously. Even if Rainbow Dash's antics and Ponyville's behavior towards her doesn't bother you, the moral is nonsensical, the Mane Six delivered it poorly, and the episode just made it's entertainment epically bad. To add insult to injury, its ending was just as atrocious, and even if I had strong hope that it would be done better, not even 28 Pranks Later could fix it up. Do I really need to explain much else since this has already been panned and ranted about by several other die hard haters?

Number 6

Newbie Dash

Rainbow acting like Twilight Sparkle S6E7
All I can say is thank god for Top Bolt. Cause without it, Spitfire and the other Wonderbolts could've very well have remained in my worst characters category. And I should also add that without McCarthy's help with both Flutter Brutter and Where the Apple Lies, Dave Rapp could've been one of those writers that I desperately would've wanted MLP's crew to permanently fire. Now getting back to Newbie Dash, we all know the main reason it makes even my worst overall MLP episodes list, right? The Wonderbolts are terrible in this episode! Even if military bronies like this so much, that's only because they can relate to this situation that they've been in before since even if THEY liked their days in the military, it's always a reminder of all the major times they've had in it. (Correct me all you military bronies if I'm wrong, but that is apparently the way I see it.) Rainbow Dash's treatment is completely unreasonable that it makes her's in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 look as kind-hearted as Fluttershy's usual self, the Wonderbolts could scare children in that sense (even if they do understand what's trying to come across it), and the moral really just teaches you something that you'll eventually regret as you get older by caring too much about what others think. A few more mean-spirited entries you'll be seeing on this list may not be as sadistic as this awful Wonderbolts Academy ripoff, but this has to be one of the worst cases of extreme torture porn for a lovable character like Rainbow Dash.

Number 5

The Cutie Re-Mark

Twilight "there's more where that came from!" S5E26
When it comes to two-parters, it seems to me like one is ruined whenever you have Josh Haber write for it. Case and point; The Cutie Re-Mark. Re-Mark is essentially an episode I was rooting for Starlight Glimmer to get her punishing comeuppance for her actions, but unfortunately never deservingly happened since all we really got was the first terribly unreasonable redemption of the show that completely derailed Starlight's character. That sinister grin on her face that we all first saw in the advertising commercial showing footage of the episode before it aired alone was enough to make me root for something really bad to happen to her. Also, the various time periods of differing villains from previous two-parters (and some normal-lengthers) after each way Starlight messes up filli Rainbow Dash's attempt to perform her Rainboom are both completely confusing and literally make no sense whatsoever. How on earth did the changelings and Chrysalis suddenly invade Everfree if they weren't clearly shown with their evil scheme in mind? What about Nightmare Moon's time period? How about Discord's? Or maybe even Tirek's? This episode clearly gives me no answer to those random plot points. Adding to even more of the episode's flaws is the episode's ending song (which I currently call THE worst song in MLP history for its representation of Starlight's awful unneeded redemption), that I personally would just like to pretend that only the old and original Season 5 Premiere Starlight ever existed. And any of her newer outings? Ugghhh...

Number 4

No Second Prances

Starlight Glimmer "not at that boring dinner" S6E6
Another case of mean-spiritedness, Prances may have impressed you (if you like the episode), but for me? Yeah, not even close. Confalone may have done an admittedly decent job with Hearthbreakers and The Saddle Row Review, but not even Dungeons & Discords can make up for this disaster. As terrible as Pinkie was in Filli Vanilli, along with Discord in What About Discord? (the episode this ripped off), Rainbow Dash in 28 Pranks Later, or even everyone minus the Crusaders and Cheerilee in Ponyville Confidential especially, Twilight was at her worst acting as hypocritical as possible. Trixie's performance doesn't help either since she literally is even worse than the selfish showoff she was in the acceptably neutral Boast Busters and the admirable Magic Duel (which she was only under the possession of that alicorn amulet, but I digress), and while this was another case of Twilight being unlikable, this catastrophe does feature Starlight which is really just as bad. This seemed more like an excuse to bring Trixie back to surprise any die hard fans of her or even many Starlight fans just to develop them both when all it ever did was spread too much cruelty throughout its pacing. Even if Confalone at least tried his best and hardest with his most recent episode after this and Saddle Row, I still just hope he gives up for the last time and just moves because as I similarly quote Rarity when Discord no longer impresses Twilight's friends with his inside jokes; "I think Confalone has run his course."

Number 3

28 Pranks Later

Rainbow Dash sees everypony is normal S6E15
Meghan McCarthy is pretty much the chairwoman of MLP writers and is known as a wonderful one at that but there's a dark spot in her work now; her involvement with this catastrophe that shockingly derailed Rainbow Dash for the worst. As if Newbie Dash wasn't bad enough, we're given another unfunny, sadistic, and unwatchable experience with this sequel to Mare Do Well. It did show some promise for me like McCarthy being a part of writing for its story, but sadly didn't live up to any good expectations I had hope for and all I can do is feel sorry for her for taking part in such an animated abomination. It could've at least fixed up its predecessor. But nope. It instead just earned every last bit of my hatred for Rainbow Dash and also made me feel sorry for everyone else she pranked instead of her. Whereas I didn't think she deserved that harsh punishment in Mare Do Well, I literally though she deserved every last bit of that punishment for herself here. I mean come on. Rainbow Dash isn't stupid nor mean. This may have been the only episode F.M. De Marco's ever written so far, but even still I have no hope for him/her cause all he/she ever did was take everything intelligent, likable, and gold-hearted about Rainbow Dash and flushed it all down the toilet... Good thing Dashie had Top Bolt to fall back on though. Oh yeah did I also mention her punishment towards the end wasn't quite severe enough much like Discord's in his 2nd Season 5 outing? Speaking of...

Number 2

What About Discord?

Twilight "there's not something you've missed" S5E22
I can honestly say I hope Friendship Is Magic's crew fired Dusedau by now (despite writing only the story for Applejack's "Day" Off). Anyways, everyone has to have at least one small problem with their favorite character. And aside from how unwatchable his betrayal to all of his friends in my favorite episode of all time was, this sadly has to be the other grudge I had with Discord. As every other hater would state it, basically everything minus most of Twilight's portrayal was awful about it. The untold humor, the boring pacing, the sadistically mean-spirited moral, and even Discord himself (and like ILoveKimPossibleALot, he's obviously my overall favorite character of the series). And you wanna know what the worst part about it is? I used to like it just and ONLY because Discord got so much respect from all of Twilight's friends! Now don't get me wrong. That all could have worked, but unfortunately Dusedau wrecked all those opportunities by turning Discord into an unlikable and heartless jerk (alongside all of Twilight's friends), not even bothering to teleport Twilight and us viewers back in time to see just how their three-day weekend went. Even if I was ignoring all of its other flaws, the moral is especially terrible since jealousy (despite that sometimes it can be done right) is one of my most hated feelings! And we all know that Discord's inside jokes would have made sense and made me laugh if he told them a lot more clearly. Not even Twilight's inside joke (that was told clearly) could make me laugh even despite that I changed my views on Discord and Twilight in this disaster nowadays. I will admit the references to Back to the Future and Bob Ross are fascinating (as well as Discord's strange imitation of Applejack), but every other flaw sadly can't be made up for. To best describe this, it's not only an atrocious Twilight torture porn rehash of Three's A Crowd, but also one of those episodes that no longer holds up for me now that I've rejudged my opinion on most episodes. Whereas over the past several times, I've gotten more and more intelligent with my opinion... And you know what the best part about this is?? It isn't the worst My Little Pony episode I've ever watched!

(At the very least, thank god though that Dungeons & Discords gave Discord some reputation to remain a good character)

Before I grudgingly rant about my top spot, here are some (honorable- or in this case,)

Dishonorable Mentions

Number 1

To Where and Back Again

Trixie, Thorax, and Discord look at Starlight Glimmer S6E25
That's right. I'd rather sit through my favorite character being as unlikable as possible than my least favorite character (Starlight Glimmer) thieving nearly every last bit of spotlight from every other major character in To Where and Back Again's plot. Not only that, but what in the name of Celestia was up with those reformed changeling designs?!?! Every episode of My Little Pony may have stellar and spot on visuals, but this episode's graphics were cliched not only with the reformed changelings, but also the castle since it feels more like a copycat replica of the original Crystal Empire castle rather than something new or creative. For another flaw, this was just a lazy way to make Starlight's redemption look good. Die hard Starlight fans and lovers of this episode (which I have full respect for those of you who are either one or both) make the argument that it gives Starlight more reason in her redemption just to make any of us sympathize with her. It does not. I've already bragged on countless times about how much I don't want you-know-who to make more than only 3 necessary major appearances each season and just who I want her to become ASAP so I won't go into that again, but even without her, the episode is still let down for the changelings instantly being redeemed with the touch of button of words of sharing love to defeat their queen. I guess I could say Thorax's redemption would've worked in The Times They Are A Changeling... if not for that song with atrocious lyrics within its rushed ending. (But the ending being the bigger flaw than the song) If I can give even my new worst episode of the series one thing though its (at the same time) both Discord's and Chrysalis' performances cause Discord still makes me laugh when it comes to him messing around with Trixie (whom I also despise like Glimmy) and Chrysalis really impressed me when she did not accept redemption as, like other villains like Tirek, she does not look like the friendly type to me. But even still, both don't make up for Starlight stealing Discord's spotlight (which makes Tree Hugger stealing his in Make New Friends but Keep Discord look good) and the rest of Chrysalis' minions being unreasonably reformed with unoriginal (like Final Fantasy villain unoriginal) designs. And obviously neither of them are in a good way. I mean seriously, this is like a greedy person who becomes greedier and greedier as he/she goes along who can't even be generous enough to be forgivable even when he/she tries his/her hardest. Yikes!

If you like it, suit yourself. But convincing me (in a somewhat forceful way by shoving it down my throat since I've gotten one too many complaints that I rant it just cause of Starlight's appearance) to like it (as in giving it more creditability) just cause it's like Starlight's Twilight's Kingdom episode? ...Not buying any of your reasons. That's why we all have free will of opinions. Besides, if we were all the exact same thing, life would be completely boring! If you don't like or agree with my opinion (which I'm nowhere near asking you to), that's your own problem, not mine. Bottom line though, To Where and Back Again is, to this day, THE Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode of all time. (At least for me)

Do you agree with my list? What do you now think (or still think if your opinion hasn't changed) is Friendship Is Magic's biggest stinker?

With new blog posts (on my own blog and not here) posted every week, be sure to tune in to my blog. And leave a comment or two here if you'd like... or not. I don't entirely care...