Starlight sings and walks by Pinkie and Rainbow S6E8

A Hearth's Warming Tail is okay, but it really could've been done better. (It still has a 6.5/10 from me)

Oh well. They can't all be good. But then again... there didn't have to be this many flops. Welcome to another Super Mario Brony blog post, and here I'm counting down my picks for the Top Ten Worst Episodes of MLP's 6th season. For this list, I'm once again judging these failed episodes based primarily on their morals, plots, etc. (NOTE: I'm neutral towards Number 10, but the rest of the countdown's entries are admittedly bad) Now let's get this catastrophe over with.

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The Top Ten Worst

Number 10

Applejack's "Day" Off

Applejack looking off-screen in surprise S6E10
Yes, here it is. (You can all breathe a sigh of relief now) To tell you the truth though, I'm okay with Applejack's "Day" Off if it was one of the last few episodes left to watch of the season if those that rank higher than it don't exist (although in all honesty, this season would completely fail if this and all the previous entries were the only ones the season ever had). Yes, I know it's sluggishly boring throughout which I'll admit it still is, but sometimes I find it clever while other times I just don't care much about it like I would with Season 4's Rainbow Falls or nowadays Season 3's much hated One Bad Apple etc. So to be fair with all you die hard haters, I'd put this on my Top Ten Worst of this season despite that I don't technically hate it if I was to split this list and just do the very best and very worst vice versa, but since this is were I did a Worst to Best of the whole season, I'd give it a little credit for a few things like not derailing a good character unlike every entry after it.

Number 9

The Cart Before the Ponies

Cutie Mark Crusaders "they're not your carts!" S6E14
The first real bad episode on my countdown, The Cart Before the Ponies was at least a shot for Valentine to try and surprise audiences given the fact that it's like the Mario Kart of My Little Pony episodes. The Crusaders were at least top notch since they come off as mature and intelligent, but the real reason a lot of us just don't like is because the Crusader's sisters (and technically counting RD as Scootaloo's idol) were all just stupid here. No disrespect to you, Valentine, but you could've done it a bit better by not making any characters go a little too OOC. The pacing was also poorly drafted and didn't help as the plot still felt rushed as with every other bad installment on the list, but oh well. Not every episode can be a winner though. Valentine still could've done better with this since he's done amazing with Season 4's Flight to the Finish and Three's A Crowd, but then again, I really can't insult him (and believe me, I try not to just) for (trying but ultimately) failing (unexpectedly) at just one effort.

(Insert a forgettable song and poorly delivered moral into this flop)

Number 8

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)

Pinkie Pie "I might not have seen your note" S6E22
Boring on many levels like Applejack's "Day" Off and partially dull in some of Pinkie's, Applejack's, and Rarity's backstories half of that time they were all on the ship, P.P.O.V. was the episode where I felt the Foxes were just better off leaving for the series. It seems everything slowly fell apart for them during production as they probably just weren't focusing enough after The Gift of the Maud Pie. I'm not exactly sure just how the Foxes could've done better with it, but in a way, they somewhat could have. This could've been a fun adventure of learning how each of the three characters went on their journey on say different paths throughout their way back to Ponyville, but it rather seemed like an excuse to make it some Pirates of the Caribbean wannabe with their views of the same backstory sounding cheesy at times.

All three characters getting into some unreasonable conflict was already strange enough, but that being because of a fight over food only cause the ship was shaken by accident by some tri-horned bunyip that absolutely loves cucumber sandwiches? That's even stranger. Did I ever mention that this gets a pretty sloppy rep from me (and I think for the rest of you as well) for how Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity were all being far too OOC? Cause that is not in a good way whatsoever. So it may have an interesting concept to itself, but beloved characters who just weren't their usual selves at all bruises it badly into being one of the worst this series has to offer.

Number 7

The Times They Are A Changeling

Thorax nervously agreeing with Spike S6E16
I know many of you want to destroy me for considering it to be terrible, but I'll have you know it could've been done better... if only it weren't for two little things; the rushed ending and Glimmy's unneeded pointless appearance. Considering I've despised any newer redemptions since Starlight's, I just can't give it much positivity other maybe than Thorax being respectable enough and Spike's characterization which has been just as praiseful as his in Crystalling has. What may be the worst part of the ending with its poor pacing is that atrocious song Spike sings about how even a changeling can be friendly. Now I do have to admit Wesluck has some singing talent, but it's not even about how good you can sing, its about what you're singing about. And that's were I felt Wesluck's talent was completely wasted on catastrophically terrible lyrics. The rest of the episode could've been at least in my okay category, but thanks to Glimmy and mainly that horrible ending, it's just far too late.

Number 6

The Crystalling

Pinkie holds on to Twilight in fear S6E2
Everyone's obviously different with opinions, but mine on this premiere has now changed and I gotta tell ya; it's not in any good way whatsoever as I too find it extremely bankrupt and failed to provide its much desired potential. As I said, it's basically a recycled plot of both The Crystal Empire and Princess Twilight Sparkle, except it took out all the good aspects of those two-parters and just went in the opposite direction. In fact, the whole point I should make here is that after I've made a list of episodes I view as untouchable, Friendship Is Magic should not rehash anymore of their previous episodes... UNLESS they clearly run out of ideas. At this point, it's where sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. But the real case may be that newer writers sometimes try at it but fail. I've always said that episodes like Twilight's Kingdom shouldn't be recycled or givin a sequel unless they answer some small future plot point (possibly) as to giving Discord his own throne which could eventually happen considering he briefly questioned it towards the end of the episode, but I digress.

Getting back to the premiere, when it went with Empire's aspect of saving the empire with another crystallization of the ponies as to helping them put an end to something destructive like Sombra's invasion may have been extremely epic and awesome, but a real villain is what made that moment so great, but Crystalling didn't do so well since they had to put an end to that storm and it could've easily been done away with by all the princesses and every powerful unicorn. Besides, doing away with winter has been done before in Hearth's Warming Eve which was a lot more rewatchable and more balanced with its entertainment factor in its narrative. As for not featuring a villain and rather destroying a differently dangerous cause to Equestria like what PTS did, it was just bland and in a rather uninteresting way with a lack of development on any real characters other than Spike just felt more like an excuse to spice up and beautify its already spot on animation.

Speaking of development, Spike's characterization is pretty much the only pro here and Flurry Heart may be adorable, but she's completely overshadowed by Starlight and the underdeveloped Sunburst. If they can develop the new royal baby and Starlight's childhood friend, fine. But don't include Starlight as to interfering with it, cause she really just messes up a good thing when she plays a major role in it.

Number 5

Every Little Thing She Does

Starlight Glimmer thinking hard S6E21
I know I once considered this to be the worst episode of the series immediately after my first viewing, but after a more proper deal of thought and toning down my hatred for Glimmy, I've decided to quit being so harsh on it and cut it a little slack for not being too mean-spirited as to being entirely unwatchable. Unlike Lesson Zero though, the laughs are still nonexistent. Starlight may been trying to take her friendship lessons seriously as to completing them all at the same time, but in the end, it doesn't really work for me since I feel cramming too many morals into one is confusing and far too much to take into account. Here's my message to recap to everyone at Hasbro who's writing for this series (and I'll do this very calmly this time); "Please (oh please, oh please, oh please) stop using Starlight for more than at least just three episodes per season and give her the same character traits as Discord as to turning her into Discord's female unicorn counterpart... and redevelop her along with that cause if you can't, just get rid of her already." Believe me, I'm sorry, but I still just cannot stress this enough. And as much as redemptions (after Diamond Tiara's), Starlight being overusing is getting old really fast just by this one little season.

But seriously though, collabing with the Railfan Brony, I'm doing a post dedicated entirely to the writers on how not to write an episode. In other words; what not to do when writing an episode.

Number 4

Newbie Dash

Rainbow submissive "yes, ma'am" S6E7
With this gear-grinding trash being the worst case of it, it seems out of every member of the Mane Six, Rainbow Dash got the worst treatment for like half her episodes. Newbie is also a major case of character derailment for the Wonderbolts who literally treated Rainbow Dash like she was Twilight in What About Discord? which was just completely unfair. Seeing her go through a lifestyle of being a Wonderbolt with too much harsh treatment maybe enough to make military bronies satisfied just and only cause they can relate to it since it is a military-themed episode like Wonderbolts Academy after all, but for fans like me, it just took absolutely no effort whatsoever to be funny, watchable, or kind-hearted in any way. If that's not enough to intensely disgust you, the episode flashes back newer memories of when Dashie was bullied in Flight Camp around the academy in her childhood. That of which wasn't funny either. So long story short, (like What About Discord? was of Three's A Crowd) this episode as a whole can best be described as a mean-spirited, unwatchable, and unfunny rehash of Wonderbolts Academy. Seriously this makes Rainbow Dash's treatment in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 look gold-hearted. Yikes!

Number 3

No Second Prances

Trixie "saying that didn't help" S6E6
Has there ever been a good episode with too much unnecessary mean-spiritedness? As if Party Pooped wasn't terrible enough, Confalone had to disgust me even more with a spinoff to What About Discord? only it should appropriately be named "What About Trixie?" instead. Confalone may not have made all of his episodes bad, but this disaster did not have to recycle a plot from Season 5 that was already terrible enough in its own right. It basically makes Trixie and Twilight act as terrible as Discord back in you-know-what, forces its moral through mean-spiritedness, has Trixie do a so-called *magic trick* that really looks more like suicide since she gets into an intense breakdown with Starlight during their argument with Twilight, and Twilight acting corny at those points of when she suggests new friends to Glimmy that were all recycled from previous installments from previous seasons. Talk about a mess.

It's another that I considered to be my overall worst at one point... until I revisited other disasters like the previous entries or even its predecessor it ripped off What About Discord?, what else can I really say here?

Number 2

28 Pranks Later

Rainbow looking terrified near Fluttershy's cottage S6E15
Rainbow Dash may have had plenty of flops and bruises within her character, but above any others, I had to go with the episode where she though sadistic pranks against all of Ponyville for no particular reason would actually turn out as something comedic. I couldn't have found anything more uncomfortably cruel from this season than watching her push her pranks too far and her punishment from a prank from all of Ponyville wasn't severe enough to make her feel even worse, much like Discord's treatment when feeling left out of Twilight's inside joke in What About Discord?. If this was McCarthy's idea to purposely derail Dashie, I'd sit down and have a major talk with her. But if this was all Marco's idea, then I sure hope MLP's crew fires him/her!

I'm still trying to be as calm as possible, but you make me absolutely sick if you think unreasonable cruelty against other characters who did nothing wrong is hilarious. Sick! (My apologies to those of you who love this, but I just can't stand watching anything that's unreasonably sadistic)

No (honorable- or in this case) dishonorable mentions this time around.

Number 1

To Where and Back Again

Trixie, Thorax, and Discord look at Starlight Glimmer S6E25

Yup, I hate these two atrocities more than No Second Prances. Anyways, I've bragged on countless times on Starlight being a pointless plot device due to how atrocious her redemption obviously was, but there's more to it with this animated atrocity. For a brief discussion I had with the Railfan Brony, the real reason above any common flaws an episode often has is for the episode representingly trying to make a badly redeemed character look good, in which it tried way too hard to do so, and yet it made everyone else completely clumsy compared to the redeemed character. Is Starlight really a know-it-all unlike every other pony (or creature) in Equestria?! Uh, no! She may have been trying to be intelligent in trying to save everyone who was captured, but Vogel & Haber did not have make it all completely rushed with Starlight just forcing the episode's abysmal moral on Chrysalis' minions when defeating the Changeling Queen herself. In the category of a plot, this fell entirely flat on its face thanks to its clear representation of trying way too hard to make a character's childishly stupid redemption reasonable with great reason when it clearly failed.

Visuals? Cliched with Chrysalis' fort and the newer designed changelings. The script? Hit-or-miss with each character. Characterization? Poorly handled with Discord and Chrysalis being the only exceptions. Humor? Hardly any. Seriously, Starlight's redemption still contradicts Sunset's since she was forgiven easily unlike Shimmy's which you need to make up for your mistakes to eventually be forgiven! Not to mention Discord's since her change of heart took only a a couple minutes while Discord's reasonably took some serious time over one episode and just kept on developing greatly despite how Neal Dusedau minorly wrecked him near the end of Season 5. So if they're wanting to impress me with her redemption, I'll still be waiting for them to take my suggestion into account (once they hear of it).

Do you agree with my list? What do you think the worst episode of Season 6 was?

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