I've changed my opinion, and take note; though I don't hate some episodes that you might like anymore, there may still be a few ahead...

Top Ten Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes (Seasons 1-5)

Applejack holding Apple Bloom's face S4E17

I'm giving Somepony to Watch Over Me a break this time, as I think it's so bad it's good (as my favorite bad episode).

Well, you know what they say; Not every episode succeeds on a personal level for everyone. Welcome to my next blog, and today I'm counting down my revisited picks for the Top Ten Worst Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. 

Meaning that for this list, I've picked the most awful episodes that failed miserably. Whether they were corny, gear-grindingly mean-spirited or just down right cliched. For the best episodes (whereas I'm talking rather positive than negative), be sure to check out my list of the Top Ten- or should I say; Top Fifty Best My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Episodes.

#10: Just for Sidekicks

Owlowiscious behind Spike S3E11

It's kinda weird how one episode at first is considered great, but eventually overtime is later considered to be either okay or awful. In my case, this goes for Just for Sidekicks. Like Owl's Well That Ends Well and Dragon Quest (more on them later though), it's pretty bad for how much tormenting Spike went the Mane Six's pets in this case.

It surprises me that people call this episode bad nowadays, but from my perspective, the episode is a teensy bit overrated for how much people consider Games Ponies Play to be worse.

#9: Bloom & Gloom

Apple Bloom under lamp light S5E4

Josh Haber was once intelligent in writing episodes when he started off with Season 4 with both Simple Ways and Leap of Faith, but unfortunately the same didn't apply to him when he wrote episodes for Season 5. Bloom & Gloom has to be not only one of the worst episodes of both Season 5 and the series, but also one of the most overrated episodes of the series if not the most overrated of Season 5. Its just bizarre, cliched, and downright disturbing (none of those aspects of which were done in a good way).

#8: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Princess Luna "I am so sorry!" S5E13

Wait! Why would I put this on my worst episodes list you ask? For this reason above any other (though I know I should give more detail on why), it turned Luna into a crybaby who constantly punishes herself for what she did back then as a villain. Which as the saying goes "You gotta let go of the past before you can move on to the future." Oh that, and it's a terrible ripoff of Lesson Zero, which did this plot a lot better. If Luna would have been at least a little decently done in this wasted mess of an episode, then she should have at least done what Twilight did in LZ; that is talking to her friends about her real problem rather than just keep on allowing herself to be punished. People like The Railfan Brony honestly make plenty enough good points about this, but in the end, it could have been done better,... but really. It's just for the best that writer Scott Sonneborn should just leave the show's crew of writers and just leave all of the show's episodes to expert writers like Dave Polsky, Meghan McCarthy, etc....

#7: Ponyville Confidential

Rarity gasp S2E23

Yup. I hate this less than I used to when I was only so new with the show back then. But oh boy, does this episode STILL grind my gears to the full! So, if you've known me for a very long time since I first started the show on Netflix and finished up the first four seasons before Rainbow Rocks, then you might be surprised that this is no longer Number 1 of my list of the worst episodes of My Little Pony. But why you ask? Well, as I've said plenty of times before, it's because I forgive Diamond Tiara's part as I no longer blame her for her actions as to why she was such a brat in the first place. But that's not enough to at least save this atrocity from still being a part of my worst of all time thanks to Ponyville's behavior of cruelty towards the Crusaders.

And since M.A. Larson is pretty much done with the show as he said in one of his most recent tweets , I feel it really IS too late to make up for what he did here. And all I gotta say is that (and don't even be insulted when I say this, but) if you write mean-spirited episodes for the sake torturing lovable characters in same way Larson did with the CMC, or Cindy Morrow, Merriweather Williams and Corey Powell (at the same time) did with Spike (a lot more than what Neal Dusedau did to Twilight), then you honestly disgust me as a whole, and you don't deserve to be a part of MLP's crew (if you ever become a writer).

#6: Owl's Well That Ends Well

Owlowiscious taking a bath S1E24

Spike seems to get the most amount of torture more than any other MLP character for no reason. Case and point: Owl's Well That Ends Well. It's undoubtably writer Cindy Morrow's worst effort despite Dragon Quest being a worser episode for Spike (more on that later though). Too much jealousy out of Spike, Twilight never tells him about her incident until the end, and Owlowiscious for the most part is just annoying. Could this possibly get anymore mean-spirited than it already is?

#5: Scare Master

Fluttershy bites her lower lip in anticipation S5E21

Now this is a choice that will likely offend many... but I'm sorry. This episode really sucked. Fluttershy went out of her true character from one moment to the next which just ruined her development, a failed plot that was just plain pointless, not mention Fluttershy's first attempt to scare her friends failed badly.

Granted, she did succeed at the very end to give them a good scare, but the damage has still been done here... Especially since it makes Luna Eclipsed look like Hearth's Warming Eve (in terms of awesomeness for a holiday-themed episode). Forgive me, Scare Master lovers.

#4: Baby Cakes

Pinkie Pie getting awkward S2E13

It may look adorable, but it was as gear-grinding as awful MLP episodes can be. This is honestly one of the worst episodes I've watched just for Pinkie's breakdown towards the end. Oh, and let's not forget that the moral was pathetically predictable after only reading the (brief) description (of the episode). I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this mess other than the next three are even worse.

#3: The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Rainbow Dash holds down Mare Do Well S2E8

Anyone else besides me still wanna know how Merriwether Williams seriously thought this was a good idea? Need I remind you Rainbow Dash gets shunned by Ponyville for no reason, the Mane Five make her look absolutely stupid, and as for the moral, it was just as atrocious as Dragon Quest's (although maybe a little less awful but still). So long story short: The Mane Five stealing Rainbow Dash's spotlight and Ponyville's behavior towards her was just abysmally disgusting!

So yeah, I really felt a lot more sorry for -and rooting for- Rainbow Dash than I was for Mare Do Well (a.k.a. the Mane 5...minus Rarity since she only designed the costumes).

Oh,... and speaking of Dragon Quest...

#2: Dragon Quest

Dragon three S2E21

More than even Putting Your Hoof Down (which you'll notice is absent from this list after I viewed Joshscorcher's review of it several times; which means I'm just neutral towards it right now) and the previous entry, this has to be the most hated episode by many. And I know this might not sound too kid-friendly for the youngest of fans of this animated series, but the episode literally reeks of racism and sexism via the teen dragons. And I think for that alone, the episode should be considered controversial and not just for the fact that it's so mean-spirited that not even the cruelest brony would consider re-watching it. So it's literally as upsetting as a devastatingly depressing flick (of either sadness or brutality, or both) and in my eyes, is Season 2's worst episode ever.

Dishonorable Mentions

Before I rant about my top pick, here are a few (honorable, or, in this case-) DIShonorable mentions:

#1: Feeling Pinkie Keen

Spike Applejack & Pinkie Scared S1E15

I've talked about this before, so let keep this brief:

  • Random Torture for Twilight
  • Pinkie's You-Know-What is Absolutely Pointless
  • Non-Existent Humor
  • Awful Pacing
  • Cliched and Unoriginal Plot Points
  • A Terribly Controversial Moral

I just hate this episode...

And the worst part about this is, it's Dave Polsky's FIRST EPISODE Ever. For shame though, Dave. For shame.

The much hated What About Discord? might have done the same exact thing to Twilight, but I think FPK's was even more unreasonable. (This may be just me, but I'm with Lily Peet on this one as to calling it just terrible.)

Do you agree with my list?

Which My Little Pony episodes do you think suck the hardest?

For more answers to your comments from me, be sure to leave them here in the comments below.