This post has been taken from my own website blog, so just take that into account. Plus, like The Railfan Brony, I'm doing only thirty for this new post, so just take that into account as well, but without further delay, he are my favorite characters from the series.

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Top Thirty My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters

There's just so much to talk about in My Little Pony that makes for huge countdowns, that nearly half of the show's episodes just aren't enough for me to talk about. That's why I've made another big list, only with the show's characters instead. The Top Thirty specifically. I do have my personal worst characters of the show, but here, I'll only be focusing on the ones I think are the best.

Now there are a few rules for this list:

First off, no characters from other generations. This is all about MLP's 4th generation only, and this list is currently about the show's characters before any new ones to be introduced in Season 6.

Second, I'm not necessarily looking at them based on what race they are; like alicorns, earth ponies, pegasi, or unicorns, whatever (or what they're capable of really). This is mainly about great moments they've had in the series and how great of personalities they have.

Last, I am not looking at MLP characters for their comic book moments...meaning no comic book characters either, although I will be including (a few) characters from The Equestria Girls Trilogy.

And as always, have fun reading, and I hope you all like the countdown.

#30: Scootaloo

Scootaloo "Because it looks like a" S5E19

Some like Zack Wanzer The Railfan Brony may include every Crusader at the same time (in one entry) to be the very best, but as for me, I'm including them all separately on this list... For Scootaloo, I loved how much of a great little sister she can be like for Rainbow Dash (although it's either obvious...or just a little unknown whether they're related or not), as well as her great personality in spite of how a little too harsh she was acting in The Cutie Mark Chronicles. So don't get me wrong, all of the Crusaders are great, and she's no real exception...

#29: Iron Will

Iron Will glare S02E19

I felt like I wanted to hate him for what he turned Fluttershy into at first, but to say the least, I just couldn't help but adore his design while also considering myself just neutral towards him at the same time. After watching Joshscorcher's review of Putting Your Hoof Down a few times though, I liked him and thought he was at least trying to help Fluttershy pony up (the MLP way of saying man up). I'm still just neutral towards PYHD nowadays, but really. What else can I say about it?

#28: Soarin

Soarin happy again S4E10

The Wonderbolts are great characters. If I were to consider Soarin anything, it would be THE perfect mate for Rainbow Dash. I mean they've had great interactions with each other and really do know how to be the greatest fliers in all of Equestria...

Fleetfood is the only member I'm just neutral towards since both Soarin and Spitfire have more development and screen time than she does... But I will admit that isn't much of a bad thing, but getting back to Soarin; overall, he's a true match for Rainbow Dash, and a great member of The Wonderbolts for his memorablity he showed off during his time in nearly every episode he's appeared in.

#27: Coco Pommel

Coco 'You won' S4E08

She makes a great Manehattan citizen for her lovable personality and how great of a character she proved to be in both episodes based around Manehattan. Cathy Weseluck portrayed her greatly as she always does with Spike, and I have no problem saying that if she reappears a lot more often in the show, I'd be strongly impressed. Her backstory between her interactions with somepony named Charity Kindheart makes me curious to know more about that pony, but what more do I really need to add to Coco other than she makes a great earth pony?

#26: Big Macintosh

Big Mac "Uh, no" S4E20

Up until now, he hasn't been much other than just a main member of the Apple Family and didn't get much out of the show. But when Brotherhooves Social aired, it just went to show that he really does have the potential to act as a loving brother to Apple Bloom, which made for one of my Top Favorites of Season 5... Plus, he makes a perfect shipping for Fluttershy.

And does it really matter if he dressed up as a mare in order to compete with his baby sister?!?! No, it does not! It's called sibling love for pony's sake!

#25: Spitfire

Spitfire blows her whistle S3E07

She may be flawed at some points since she can be a bit too harsh for a leader in say Rainbow Falls, and her lack of a tough threatening military tone in Wonderbolts Academy, but whether or not you like her anymore, you can't deny that in other episodes like Rarity Investigates!, she's a character with true heart for the Wonderbolts' biggest fan, Rainbow Dash...

You never how much better of a character she can get in say Season 6 (if she and the Wonderbolts reappear, but I strongly doubt they WON'T), but we'll just see about that later on...

#24: Queen Chrysalis

Chrysalis pleased S02E26

She's not my favorite antagonist in MLP and a few others you'll be seeing on this list were better, but for A Canterlot Wedding, she was pretty intelligent like Twilight. I also really liked her brief comeback in The Cutie Re-Mark, and I don't know if she could get much better than this as a villain, but even still, I love her as a whole. Her reprise version of This Day Aria though, isn't my thing in terms of an MLP song.

#23: Daring Do

Daring Do sweating S4E04

She's like a bigger, more tomboy-ish, and more adventurous Rainbow Dash, but she's by no means a bad character just for her sometimes "a-little-too-tough" attitude. I just love how brave she was when facing her foes in both episodes she played a huge part in when fighting against them (especially in Daring Don't with RD). Is there really anything else I need to say about her? ...Not really.

#22: Zecora

Zecora "it's an abuse of power!" S3E5

She was an interesting character since Bridle Gossip in Season 1, which in her rhyming sense, she's pretty fun. Sure, BG might be stupid and weird, but her wonderful personality comes across quite clear. I even give her so much praise and accord, for her small parts in episodes like Secret of My Excess, Princess Twilight Sparkle and What About Discord?. So to sum her all up as little as possible with debate, she's a character who's just that great, both in her personality and all her episode traits.

#21: Flash Sentry

Flash Sentry smiling at Twilight EG

I do stand by the Railfan Brony when I say Flash is truly an underrated character and just deserves less hatred every disliker of him. I'd like to see him in more than just the EG films too because he never did ANYTHING wrong in Rainbow Rocks, and I can't wait to get to know more about him (with more backstory in the series)...that is if it ever happens, which I seriously hope it WILL!

And I don't care what the rest of you die haters say (about him), He's. THE. Perfect. Soulmate. For. Twilight!!!! End of story.

#20: The Dazzlings

The Dazzlings singing together EG2

Sunset Shimmer might be a fantastic character for the franchise, but she wasn't really that good of a villain thanks to her sympathetic redemption..., and I absolutely hated her demon form in the first EG film. The Dazzlings in Rainbow Rocks however were just awesome because of their songs and motives, especially considering that Adagio Dazzle is the most determined of the bunch to win that music battle near the end of the sequel.

I've seen Zack Wanzer separate them on his list to see which ones rank higher than the other in the group, but rather than the Crusaders, I'm including ALL of them together in one.

#19: Fluttershy

Fluttershy 'the Breezies!' S4E11

I know what you're thinking; Why's Fluttershy only THIS low? Well, as great as she was when reforming that one antagonist in Season 3, it's other moments like hoofing Rainbow Dash to the ground, her cowardliness, and how she was ruined in Scare Master (Season 5's worst episode). Because really, it's not just about how great of a personality characters like her have, it's also about some of their biggest moments they've had... and not JUST the specialties or anything else they have that I personally like.

But don't get me wrong, she's still a great character, so let's just forget about anything that ruined her.

#18: Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom blushing S5E20

Three things she's got:

  1. Determination (like her friends)
  2. Cuteness (like other foals)
  3. (and) A great personality (like tons of other characters from Friendship Is Magic).

The end.

#17: Shining Armor

Shining Armor's helmet disappears S4E26

I couldn't have this list without Twilight's older brother. His appearance in A Canterlot Wedding was pretty amazing and other episodes where he shows himself off as a great prince for both Cadence and the entire Crystal Empire was just fantastic as he makes a great ruler of somewhere in Equestria with his wife, as much as Celestia is with all of Equestria. He deserves more like his sister and he's honestly the best brother Twilight could ever ask for (younger or older). So do I really need to say much else about their sibling relationship?

#16: Applejack

Applejack 'Huh, then I'll be an apple crisp' S3E3

She's one of MLP's most underrated characters and probably the most underrated of all her Mane Six friends. She also has to have both the best residence (being Sweet Apple Acres) and family (the Apple clan) of the six, not to mention she knows how to be her element (that is of honesty). Appearing in more MLP episodes than any other character (including Twilight, the show's main protagonist), by means of Ashleigh Ball voice acting in more episodes than any other voice actor/actress, it's quite a surprise that she gets the most out of the show. And although she isn't my personal of all six elements, she definitely kicks just as much tail (if not more!).

#15: Sunset Shimmer

Sunset writes to Princess Twilight again EG3

Love her or hate her, Sunset is one of my favorites for how she changed for her own good after her defeat from the Mane Six in the first EG film. It also impresses me that she's a much better version of Starlight Glimmer since her development and redemption weren't rushed, unlike Starlight's in The Cutie Re-Mark. Did I mention she's also a better extra member for the Mane 6? Let's not forget when she helped her friends defeat The Dazzlings... oh yeah, and she defeated the transformed demon Sci-Twi.

There's just so much to adore about her that I think it would be nice if she returned to Equestria for at least ONE episode (if not more often!).

#14: Rainbow Dash

Rainbow "headed by General Firefly" S4E21

While she can be a little too hard on others because of her tomboy-ish attitude (much like Daring Do), she's still (as she'd consider herself) 20% cooler because she has true loyalty (as you obviously know) for any good character, and I think she's great because she's had spectacular moments like her rainboom, her adventure with Daring Do, how she unexpectedly caused her friends to get their cutie marks, and many other great things...

She may be overrated because she tops so many lists of the best characters of Friendship Is Magic, but she's by no means an awful one at that, and truthfully, she really IS the best flyer in all of Equestria. It's surprising that she had inside jokes with Discord once and that she taught the Wonderbolts something, so you gotta give her at least some credit.

#13: Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle wants a balloon flamingo S5E19

By now you had to have guessed that she'd be my personal favorite of The Cutie Mark Crusaders. She might be flawed for a few upsetting moments like when she snapped at her sister in For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, but what makes so adorable in both her personality (and appearance) is how determined she is to help others find their true destiny, like Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

From moments like saving Rarity's future from the episode I just mentioned, to others like finding her true calling in life with her friends in other episodes, she's just so cute in every sense of the way...

#12: Maud Pie

Maud blank stare S4E18

I'm not exactly sure just who's my most personal MLP character, but Maud has to be one of them since she's like me when she's often expressionless but loving for her family just like I am, though nothing extremely dangerous (like a giant rock about to fall on and kill one of my family members) has happened to my family (just yet). She's also not very social so I feel the same way about my friends, but you could say I don't have any NEW ones now since I moved from my hometown nearly an entire year ago.

As much as I am with Discord in any episode soon, I can't wait for Maud's next episode in the episode right after the Season 6 premiere (The Gift of the Maud Pie). It pains me to say though that she disappointed me when she made Discord look stupid in Make New Friends but Keep Discord.

I may be neutral towards her and Pinkie's family, but minus their relatives, both sisters make great siblings and like I said, I still just can't wait to see her come back in the next two weeks.

#11: Tirek

Tirek "You really think she'd do anything for them?" S4E26

Arguably the best villain of not just this current generation, but also the whole franchise in general, this nasty, and monstrously unfriendly, magic-stealing centaur is very powerful for an antagonist if not the most intelligent. I also rank him as the best villain of My Little Pony because he's appeared in one generation before this.

Other villains like The Dazzlings and Chrysalis may be awesome, but Tirek is like the most original due to being a part of more than one generation of MLP. Hands down his greatest moment ever comes from the fight between him and Twilight in the 2/3 of, by far, the show's best episode ever. And I don't care who else hates him, he's just that awesome of a villain!

#10: Countess Coloratura (a.k.a. Rara)

Coloratura "kind of like me, Rara" S5E24

Guest star actors literally make minor characters (for at least one episode only) awesome. One prime example has to be Lena Hall for her character in The Mane Attraction. Hall also has an amazing singing voice much like Britt McKillip and Weird Al Yankovic (but more on them later though), which is what makes those three songs that her character sings so awesome. Did I mention Rara's backstory with Applejack was impressive as well?

I wouldn't mind her and one other character on this list, whom (Spoiler Alert!) is my 4th favorite of all time, coming back for even more because they just scream "awesome" in their songs, personalities, and guest star voice actors (both of which are also talented in singing as you may know). So if there are at least two Season 5 characters that I find to be the best, it would be both her and flippin' Moon Dancer.

Speaking of...

#9: Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer "how did you get into my book" S5E12

Yup. I prefer only Moon Dancer over Rara/Countess Coloratura in terms of Season 5 characters. Like Pinkie's sister, I can relate to her for some (but not all) of the same reasons. I'm not so social, I focus too much on what I do most (only I do electronics than I do studies with books), and sometimes even my attempts to make friends just don't turn out so well. That's also what makes Amending Fences an amazing masterpiece of an episode (although not my favorite of M.A. Larson, Season 5, or the whole series in general), and it's what also gives it a heartfelt feel to it.

Like Trouble Shoes and Gilda, she's just so sympathetic that her breakdown before the party is thrown for her just breaks your heart and makes you cry (unless you're a heartless person). It was a little hard for me to decide just how good of a character I'd consider her, let alone where to put her in my Top Ten, but for how I can relate to her and that she's one that you'll just cry for (if you're a REAL man), Moon Dancer is one of my favorites and is easily the best (newcomer) character Season 5. Period.

#8: Spike

Spike 'Oh no she wasn't' S3E01

I'm not sure if I'd have to call either him or one of the Crusaders the cutest character of MLP, but he's no doubt one of the best of MLP. I just love how brave of a character he was in both The Crystal Empire and Equestria Games, although some writers just wasted out on his development and moments of him in messes like Just for Sidekicks, Owl's Well That Ends Well, and of course, Dragon Quest.

So to sum him up as briefly as possible; he's one of Equestria's biggest heroes, he's Equestria's one and only lovable dragon (although I strangely feel a little sympathetic for that giant red dragon in Dragonshy), and he's one of the show's best characters of all time...

#7: Cadance

Cadance 'We don't have to be so formal' S4E11

Out of all three princesses in Equestria, she has to be the most underrated. What gives her a spot in my Top Ten here (besides for other obvious reasons I could talk about), is her awesome moments with Twilight in Three's A Crowd, and that she didn't mind Discord getting in their way when they were having a joyful time together. Not to mention that it's also why TAC is in my Top Ten overall favorite episodes.

Oh and she also has a stellar song in A Canterlot Wedding (which is why Britt McKillip is so talented as well) so there's more to her than just power and determination to be a true princess like her sister-in-law when Twilight became one in Magical Mystery Cure, and I sure can't wait for more of her in Season 6 too!

#6: Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie wide grin EG

You can't argue that Pinkie Pride is one of the biggest reasons why she makes my list and for how humorous she can be most of time. She also has an emotionless, but hilarious sister, as well as a great feel of laughter as you already know. My only problem with her though is how much of a total jerk she was in Filli Vanilli. Sure, she might have just been... well, "Pinkie Pie" at the time, but despite FV being a part of my favorites, I still can't handle her part when she's emotionally torturing poor Fluttershy.

Some may hate The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows for "non-existent" humor, but I digress cause she was at least trying to hold the secret inside herself. She used to be my favorite of the Mane Six before I rejudged my list of them and my overall favorite when I made my first "final" decision when I started the show off, but now that I've rejudged it, I can only call her one of my favorites, but that's by no means a bad thing because I still love her as a whole despite any flaws and problems I might still have with her.

#5: Rarity

Rarity Drama Queen S2E3

She would have been lower, but when I reexamined characters like her strongly, she became one of my biggest favorites. I mean we have her obvious generosity element (although I'm more like Pinkie since I make people laugh sometimes), she's a total fashionista, she's the perfect mate for her little "Spikey-wikey", she gets HER OWN BOUTIQUE up in Canterlot (besides her own in Ponyville), and even helps prove Rainbow Dash innocent as a femme fatale detective.

Her interactions with her friends only go to show that she is a true friend and when she gives stuff to her them just for no particular reason really goes to show that an amazing character like her really can avoid both greed and selfishness. I may not be very generous like she is, but sometimes characters like her really can teach me to do so.

#4: Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich's hat flies off S4E12

Yes. I rank Cheese Sandwich higher than Pinkie, and for good reasons. On top of being inspired from Pinkie to become a Super Duper Party Pony, Cheese's portrayal by Weird Al Yankovic helped make me a brony, but I wouldn't say he's one of the most relatable characters for me... He gives a crazy awesome performance of the Goof Off (the scene of Pinkie Pride that made me a brony...nearly 3 months after Joshscorcher's Top Ten Music Battles), he knows how to throw a great party like Pinkie, and most characters who plan to throw any particular parties become impressed when he helps them out.

He may not be my favorite overall pony, but I'll call him my favorite earth pony because of how Weird Al portrays him and how much of a great party-planner he is. He even has an awesome song of his own (The Super Duper Party Pony) near the beginning. If Cheese ever comes back for another episode, I'm going to be so super, mega, ultra, out-of-control psyched. He's also the perfect mate for his inspiration who made him who he's like; Pinkie Pie, so Cheese Pie is one of the show's best shippings...not to mention it'd also be great for them to get together as a whole and just date for their eternity...

Love or hate him, Cheese is by no means forgettable and you can't deny that he gave the show at least something good. And aside from Weird Al being a part of it, I also have former (expert) writer Amy Keating Rogers to thank for writing Pinkie Pride, since both the episode and Cheese, as I said made me a brony who's a part of this fandom. So I just can't wait to give my many thanks to both of them.

#3: Celestia

Princess Celestia reunite with my sister S3E13

There was just NO way the ruler of all Equestria could not make my list. She's like the perfect ruler because she's done things like turn Equestria's spirit of chaos and disharmony back to stone once, having a school for gifted unicorns in Canterlot, and lots of others to name. Unlike Luna (and partially Cadence with her sister-in-law), she never got an episode of her own despite being only a fantastic supporting role in episodes like Make New Friends but Keep Discord or most two-parters, so an episode where she's the main character more than anypony else would be really nice...

She would have made some episodes like The Cutie Re-Mark (at least a little) better if she had a much bigger role and not just a non-speaking background-ish role, but even still, she's an awesome character in pretty much every episode she's ever appeared in. My only problem with her is when she told off Twilight just like Twilight's friends and older brother which is obviously why I don't watch the very end of Part 1 of A Canterlot Wedding, but that isn't even enough to ruin the episode's perfection. But no matter what else (unless I'm proven wrong), she will just never get off my best characters list and will never make my worst. I mean really, who am I kidding?

Aside from the two things I already said about why she makes a great ruler for all of Equestria, she's also the best teacher her most faithful student Twilight Sparkle could ever ask for (no doubt). Speaking of...

#2: Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle in mild amusement S5E20

Really? How could she NOT make my countdown of Friendship Is Magic's best characters ever?! This friendship-teaching, magic-elemental, bookworm nerdy-ish, alicorn princess (of friendship) protagonist is up there with the likes of Timmy Turner and Ben Tennyson (two other protagonists of which were also played by Twilight's voice actress). She's not perfect to me for some moments like being a part of the rest of town in Ponyville Confidential when shunning the Crusaders or even spending an ENTIRE weekend reorganizing books countlessly in her new castle library (instead of a bonding activity with her friends and a reformed antagonist), but putting those aside thinking about only the good things she's done like in some two-parters, she's that awesome and no matter what you think about her, I'll always consider her a part of MY own list at least...

So moments like fighting off a Tatzlwurm (with her sister-in-law/Cadence), restoring her friends but to their normal-selfs with their actual cutie marks and even fighting a giant montorous, magic-stealing centaur (all while defeating him with her friends with extreme Rainbow Power) have to be some of Twilight's biggest highlights. Oh that, and she also has a lovable personality to herself if a little flawed and not the best of the series.

So having her only at Number 2 on my list of the best characters of all time, I'm pretty much even with bronies like The Railfan Brony as I only prefer ONE character over her. But just who is it you ask?

Quick Recap

Let's recap every previous entry before I get to Number 1...

30. Scootaloo

29. Iron Will

28. Soarin

27. Coco Pommel

26. Big Macintosh

25. Spitfire

24. Queen Chrysalis

23. Daring Do

22. Zecora

21. Flash Sentry

20. The Dazzlings

19. Fluttershy

18. Apple Bloom

17. Shining Armor

16. Applejack

15. Sunset Shimmer

14. Rainbow Dash

13. Sweetie Belle

12. Maud Pie

11. Tirek

10Countess Coloratura/Rara

9Moon Dancer



6Pinkie Pie

5. Rarity

4. Cheese Sandwich

3. Celestia

2. Twilight Sparkle

#1: Discord

Discord waves at Twilight S5E22

Yeah, if you know me very well (and have heard me admit it in previous posts or comments on other MLP-related subjects and videos before so), you HAD to have guessed correctly that this was going to be Discord. So I have plenty of reasons that I prefer only HIM over Twilight!

First off, he's got an awesome concept and whether or not you may think so, I'd call him the most powerful being more than any other My Little Pony character. More than even the princesses and Tirek. I say this because in spite of his only weakness being The Elements of Harmony and that he let his guard down both when that Tatzlwurm sneezed on him in Three's A Crowd and when being tricked by Tirek once in Twilight's Kingdom, he can corrupt characters like the Mane Six (in The Return of Harmony/his debut episode) and take the Elements even after Celestia casted a powerful spell over them before taking him to the Mane Six to have Fluttershy reform him in Keep Calm and Flutter On.

The second is that he's totally hilarious even if most of his inside jokes with the Mane Five while leaving Twilight out weren't explained quite enough to make me laugh like that "snake, hose, or stick?" joke, which aside from getting some respect from Twilight's Mane Six friends is one of the numerous reasons why I can take (and at the same time, LIKE) What About Discord?. But in both TAC and KCaFO, he was at his funniest no doubt.

And I think the last reason above all else that I need to point out is that he was reformed, and that when Fluttershy stood up for him and called him a friend at their tea party was just so touching and heartwarming that it tears me up EVERY TIME I watch it nowadays. He may still be going through friendship even after being accepted in Twilight's Kingdom, but even if you hate What About Discord? so much that you'd have to call it your Worst MLP Episode of All Time, you have understand that he's still going through friendship as he said in Make New Friends but Keep Discord!

So I don't care one bit if you call him even THE worst character of the series, but if you think he should be either turned back to stone or terminated (or both), then you absolutely disgust me as neither one of those are acceptable for him or the series in general. So no matter what, he should never EVER be replaced by any other voice actor out there as he's basically an untouchable character via his voice, and overall John de Lancie should keep on portraying him ALL THE WAY to the VERY end. And the last thing I must say is I'm still waiting for Discord to get his own throne- as he questioned at the very end of Twilight's Kingdom. Or even if he gets his own throne in the finale that'd be fine by me.

Just give him his own throne before the show comes to a full close at least.

Honorable Mentions

Do you agree with my list? Who's your favorite My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character?

For more answers to your responses, be sure to leave them here in the comments below.