What I Hate That You Might Like

The Liked Character I Hate the Most: Tree Hugger (She steals Discord's spotlight, speaks in a monotonous way, and has no real backstory whatsoever)

Dishonorable Mention: Derpy Hooves (Lacks personality and is completely overrated)

The Liked Episode I Hate the Most: Feeling Pinkie Keen (Twilight gets tortured, Pinkie's Pinkie-Sense is cliched, and the moral is really controversial)

Dishonorable Mention: Scare Master (Fluttershy just went out of herself)

What I Like That You Might Hate

The Hated Character I Like the Most: Iron Will (He honestly has a cool concept to him and I feel he deserves something better.)

Honorable Mention: Flash Sentry (Does he really deserve so much hatred? Honestly, he didn't do anything wrong, nor does he deserve hatred just for his lack personality; He's the perfect mate for Twilight)

The Hated Episode I Like the Most: What About Discord? (Discord bonds with his 5 other friends and Twilight honestly deserved most of her shunning for not giving him a chance despite making him feel left out breifly at the end)

Honorable Mention: Hearts and Hooves Day (Hilarious dialogue by Big Mac and Cheerilee and a mature moral at the end)

Do you agree with my picks?

What episode and character do you hate that most others might personally like?

What episode and character do you like that most others would personally hate?

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