Discord raises his eyebrow at Spike S6E17
Now for a different topic; what would it take for Discord to impress you if he either hasn't already or just did something to make you so disappointed with him (like his portrayal given by Neal Dusedau) nowadays? I obviously would like him to earn his own throne before Friendship Is Magic ends. And maybe even at the same time, change Starlight forever and spread his personality into her if that's what it took to properly turn her into his female unicorn counterpart/clone; like Discord 2.0. This may be an odd question for me to ask, but whether or not you have problems with him now, what would it take for him to be an even better character in your book whether or not he already (and still to this day) is? I especially ask this to those of you who now hate him for whatever reason(s) but I'm just curious as to what you'd personally what to come of him in the future...

If you're gonna say something like "I just want him to be gotten rid of forever", I don't wanna hear it. (You can either express that with me on my talk page, or just keep it to yourself as I'd fully suggest).