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I'm just in the writing mood, so lets see what i can write, also have a recolor by me. This is written in my perspective and can be seen differently.

Friendship is Magic part 1 and 2 - Twilight is seen not wanting to socialize at all, being her internal problem with the rest of the main characters in the first episode until the end when Nightmare Moon appears to make night eternal. This causes another outside conflict that is not in Twilight's reach, so she sets out to defeat Nightmare Moon interdependently, with the main cast that is forcefully by her side, Nightmare moon throws obstacles in their path. Which ultimately leads to them earning their Element of Harmony and defeating Nightmare Moon.

The Ticket Master - Twilight is now stuck in an internal conflict with herself as she cannot decide who to give the Gala tickets to, while her friends give her unwanted favors, she gets more upset until her friends see her breakdown into saying she can't decide.

Applebuck Season - Applejack is set with an external and internet conflict as she wants to harvest all apples by herself with no help because of Big Macintosh's injury, the external conflict being she had to buck all of the apples before the season is over, the internal conflict is her forcefully staying awake until she begs for help from her friends.

Griffon the Brush Off - This is an internal conflict within Pinkie Pie as she seems jealous but is misunderstood by Twilight and thinking that Gilda is a nice and understood person until Gilda gets upset at her party and Rainbow Dash had to make a decision of weither she would be with Gilda or her new friends.

Will construct more soon.