I just want to point things out for people.

Rainbowdash and Scootaloo aren't sisters, Scootaloos relatives haven't been shown yet.[1][2]

Luna did not give birth to Blueblood, he was 52 times removed from Celestia's family tree, besides he is not an alicorn(or pegacorn/winged unicorn), presumably he is a unicorn so he is not immortal and he would've have to live 1000 years.[3]

Octavia is not related to Pinkie Pie, unless Hasbro wants to do so.

Spitfire and Soarin' are the only officially named Wonderbolts. Hasbro sees them as background characters.[4]

The Ponies ages are never said so far (unknown if Hasbro will) but Lauren Faust sees them as 'maturity levels' instead of actual ages. The only thing said by age is that Fluttershy is a year older than Pinkie Pie.

Currently (and possibly it will stay this way) there is little or none shown about the sexual orientation of the ponies. The only ones shown are:

  1. Rarity's love for Prince Blueblood.
  2. Spikes love for Rarity.

If there are any more speculation i would be happy to post facts.


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