Techno chrome

aka jerry

  • I live in toontown, and equestria
  • My occupation is being cool
  • I am a toon/pony
  • Techno chrome

    i made mah own mlp fandom, my little techie, dazzlings are magical, it starts when techno chrome, [me] enters the everfree forest with twilight sparkle, she needs to find zecora to deliver books, yada yada yada, the story of the blanks story... in part 3 (when i escape), i meet adagio dazzle, sonata dusk, aria blaze, twivine, and u know who, we meet (in part 4) a BIG thing we never should've done, we turned u know who and a monster (srry no pic, it's secret) into ponies. in part 5 we must cure them, in the s1 conclusion we find out we had fun all those days. on s2 begining, we encounter Discord, he, (like from the normal one) corrupts my friends, we stop him, cure them, we are safe, as s2 concludes, kissasheep marries big macintosh, kissas…

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